How to neatly fold things in the closet: useful tips. Hangers for clothes. Order of things in the closet

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How to neatly fold things in the closet: useful tips. Hangers for clothes. Order of things in the closet
How to neatly fold things in the closet: useful tips. Hangers for clothes. Order of things in the closet

How to neatly fold things in the closet and sort out the mess, how to update storage places and get rid of old clothes? This question will come up whenever the closet is full of outfits. Throwing away is not an option, and looking at the rubble on the shelves is impossible.

Storage systems

There are special dressing rooms in which there are separate shelves and drawers for things. They are called storage systems. They can be built-in - thanks to the mechanisms, each system extends from their cabinet. Designers and technology of modern cabinets share the following systems:

  • Compact shoe rack.
  • Retractable niches for ties.
  • Rotary mechanisms for hangers.

The first one will successfully fit into the interior of the hallway. Shelves are also placed at the bottom of the cabinets. The latter will be appropriate in large cabinets where you can install a retractable storage system. The latter are used only in the presence of tall cabinets.

Important! Small walls or slides in the living room are also suitable for storing seasonal items that people use.once or twice a year.

Storage systems

After looking at a lot of interesting suggestions, it becomes clear how to arrange things in a closet using just a few tips and tricks.

Seasonal storage

Wardrobe taken apart twice a year. Winter clothes are sent to the closet after the end of the cold season. Summer is replaced by winter, when frosts and winds come. Therefore, it is recommended:

  1. Use special boxes - the upper shelves will serve as a good place to store things that are not needed at the moment. To make them take up less space, it is recommended to stack them one on top of the other without creases.
  2. Seasonal clothes should be clean and ironed, then you can save space. It must be sorted by material.
  3. Vacuum bags come in handy in a small closet. There are simple and equipped with a hanger.
Coat hangers and coat hangers

If all things are put in a bag on a hanger, it will fit about two or three down jackets, several coats and jackets. How to neatly fold things in a closet using a simple air compression system is described in the video.

It is important to understand that fur products cannot be stored in vacuum bags, since the absence of air will cause the fur to lose its original appearance and become unsuitable for further use. Simple things do not crumple, you can store down and synthetic winterizer jackets. Outerwear always takes up a lot of space, so bags with hooks for hangers are more often bought.

Put things in order

If the closet has the right things and those that are a pity to throw away, they can be sorted. Rarely used ones should be folded deeper into the closet, often put on - closer to the edge of the shelf so that they are easy to access. It is also recommended to properly use the dressing room and various storage systems:

Closet Organizers
  • The top shelves are reserved for large items of clothing only.
  • If there are shelves along the entire height of the cabinet, the lower ones should be allocated for bedding or bedspreads.
  • Baskets for small accessories will always be in sight.
  • The smaller the space, the more difficult it is to fit the drawers.
  • You need to sort by type of material: thin fabrics take up less space, dense and knitted - about two shelves.

To learn how to arrange things in the closet, taking into account the purpose and importance, it is recommended to watch another interesting video.

Fold T-shirts and T-shirts

It is more common to see T-shirts or T-shirts folded in half, which are stored in a closet on a shelf or in drawers. To make them take up less space, there are a few tricks:

  • The wide drawer will hold more T-shirts when placed vertically.
  • Sleeveless shirts don't need to be folded at all.
  • Asos, which sells clothes for adults and children, has come up with an interesting guide to folding and storing things, which you can see below.

Now you know how to neatly fold T-shirts in the closet,organize your drawers properly and use open shelves to store your jeans and trousers.

Sorting smart: how to fold underwear

Organization of space in dressing rooms

There is another problem that concerns mainly the fair sex. It is especially useful for girls to learn how to neatly fold underwear in the closet so that it takes up less space, but does not lose its original appearance. Men are also encouraged to look into underwear and sock storage.

Marie Kondo is a famous blogger who turned her hobby into a story game with order. Now she shares her lingerie storage skills and knowledge:

  1. Pantyhose are folded several times, placed vertically with an edge in a small basket. This way they take up less space and are easy to select by color.
  2. Bras must fit cups to each other. So they will keep their shape and will not wrinkle during storage.
  3. Panties of different shapes are recommended to be folded separately - bikini and bathing suits doubled. Ordinary linen is stored in pairs - by color, material, pile.
Accessory storage baskets

If there are not several drawers in the linen closet, it is recommended to use baskets. Each will serve as a container for storing bikinis, socks. Some outfits and underwear sets can fit in the back of the drawer. And pajamas and peignoirs are on hangers.

Shirts, blouses, sweaters: storage rulesthings

To understand how to neatly fold things in the closet, you need to learn the technique of folding shirts. It is similar to the one used to fold sweaters. The sleeves are folded to the middle of the thing, the buttons are affected. The video shows one way, but you can ignore the nuances by fastening only the top button.

Thanks to this closet ordering formula, blouses and shirts will keep not only their appearance, but also their place. It is important to fold the sleeves behind the back, then fold the hem in half.

Men's long-sleeve shirts are usually stored on hangers, but this method does not allow you to keep the item in perfect condition. The sleeves are wrinkled, the collar is gathering dust. Women's shirts and blouses with short sleeves can be hung on hangers. In this case, ironing will take less time. It is acceptable to use a steamer that does not require time to prepare things - placement on an ironing board, constant steaming of places around the buttons.

How to fold bedding: effective and simple tips

Bag storage systems

The most pressing question: "How to neatly fold bedding?" A drawer usually stands out in the closet, the deepest. There are sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases. One problem still remains: there are sheets with elastic bands. They have a rather specific shape that does not lend itself to the usual halving method.

The video shows two ways to quickly and beautifully fold these sheets. This will not only save space, but also not wrinkle the thing incupboard for long-term storage.

It is necessary to allocate space for bed linen. A good solution would be a drawer under the bed or mounted in the sofa. Such a system allows you to use one or another set, store sheets that are not yet needed.

Use organizers for small items

Organizers not only save space, but help sort small items and accessories. These can be cells and dividers where ties, socks, tights are placed:

  1. Honeycombs or separators are designed to form separate niches for storing small items. Deep and petite fit up to multiple socks.
  2. Horizontal dividers allow you to store underwear in a fixed form. Designed for the dimensions of the box.
  3. Hanging racks with molds will tell you how to store things in the closet on the inside of the door.
  4. Sectional open structures can occupy half of the shelf. This will allow you to zone the space for large items and make it easy to find small accessories.
  5. Sectional compartments on a hanger are also placed on the rails inside the cabinet or on the door.
Cells for boxes

Knowing how to neatly fold things in the closet, you can pick up several organizers for small items and accessories that you need to use all the time. For boxes, you can order the desired size sector with cells. Such devices can be built-in and mobile. The latter are easily removed, and secret items can be placed under them. For example,set of underwear, jewelry or something for a special occasion.

Little closet helpers

Separately worth talking about scarves, belts, belts and accessories for outfits. They also require separate storage space. Today, know-how stores have invented real saviors:

  1. Clothes hangers can serve not only as hangers, but also as tools for storing scarves. There are special rings on which scarves are tied. There can be up to 10 pieces on one hanger.
  2. Clothes for hangers - a convenient use for storing trousers and jeans. The thing is folded in half and hung on a clothespin.
  3. Rods for mounting on cabinet doors. Sometimes pull-out rods are used in open storage systems. Straps are placed on them.
  4. Fabric Velcro bins are an easy way to store bags.

All of these accessories can be made by hand and applied in the field of learning storage methods. So in the closet there will always be order, and the seasonal analysis of the wardrobe will bring a lot of pleasure.

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