UV lamp DIY for home

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UV lamp DIY for home
UV lamp DIY for home

Many different UV lamp choices are available on the market today. This allows buyers to focus on the relatively low cost of such goods. Despite the availability, it is always necessary to be interested in the power indicators and additional features of the purchased devices. The UV lamp for home use can be assembled by yourself if you don't want to part with money.

UV home lamp


Segments of the electromagnetic spectrum of high energy power are called ultraviolet. There are different types of radiation. The ultraviolet spectrum is divided into three main groups according to wavelength. UVC rays pose a danger to living beings, the wavelength range is 180-290 nm. UVB - vital for reptiles, medium range - 290-320 nm. UVA - long wave, 320-400 nm.

Varieties of ultraviolet lamps

UV lighting elements differ in length, spectrum, power and shape. They are available in the form of tubes, incandescent lamps or metal vapor lighting fixtures. Thanks to the diversitycharacteristics, the list of possibilities for using ultraviolet sources is expanding. All devices have a different working distance. The length of the product always corresponds to its power.

Indoor UV lamps can be used for a variety of purposes. Samples from 15 to 80 watts are available on the modern market. A variety of shades of lighting are simulated due to color and spectral characteristics. The high power of the luminous flux is provided by mercury lamps. They are characterized by long-term preservation of the working property. The use of an ultraviolet lamp is always relevant in the design of terrariums for reptiles.

Using an ultraviolet lamp

How long will the UV lamp last?

Reviews about operational terms are always only positive. An ordinary ultraviolet light bulb can safely work throughout the year. In some cases, it is recommended to change them more often. It depends on how you use it. The fact is that the fluorescent composition burns out during operation. The spectrum of illumination changes. Excessive burn-in should not be allowed if, for example, it is necessary to provide a source of ultraviolet light to keep a reptile alive.

Light quality

Indoor UV lamps can vary in quality and light intensity for better or worse. The color of visible light and the color temperature are determined on the Kelvin scale. The color rendering index affects the distribution of intensity and the quality of the waves. Concepts are important for developers"warm" and "cold" light.

The ratio of qualitative and quantitative indicators must be taken into account when creating an ultraviolet lamp. With their own hands, masses of people assemble simple devices. If you take into account all the parameters indicated above, the product will perform the necessary functions for a very long time.

Do-it-yourself ultraviolet lamp

UV lamps for reptile terrarium

The quantitative characteristics of ultraviolet in this situation require attention because this type of illumination is important for the life of reptiles. The duration of illumination should correspond to their photoperiod in real conditions. High intensity required. Fluctuations in biological processes in the body of turtles change throughout the year. The circadian period must be simulated by each UV lamp. With your own hands, you need to create natural conditions for development. Reptiles need visible, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation to keep them alive. Each terrarium must be equipped with the necessary equipment.

How is a do-it-yourself ultraviolet lamp going to illuminate the system unit?

There is a simple way to construct a backlight from several resistors and an ordinary window thermometer, in the scale of which you can make several holes for ultraviolet diodes. You will also need foil. The diodes are soldered in parallel by 3. The thermometer is assembled back, and the result is a ready-to-use ultraviolet lamp.

UV lamp forhome use

Bactericidal light fixture

A do-it-yourself germicidal ultraviolet lamp can still be created. To do this, you need an ordinary mercury gas-discharge lamp DRL 250. With such a lamp, storage facilities, basements, workshops, etc. can be disinfected. The device allows you to save on the purchase of expensive chemicals that require appropriate precautions.

To make such a device, you will need a DRL 250 lamp, a cartridge, wires and a choke. To fix the structure, you can use a wooden stand. The choke is installed first, then the cartridge and plug are attached to it.

UV lamp reviews

Creating an ultraviolet lamp

DRL 250 consists of several shells. The outer protective layer does not transmit ultraviolet light. This shell must be carefully broken so that the inner part is not damaged. For example, you can wrap a light bulb in a wet rag and clamp it in a vise. The outer shell will burst, unable to withstand the pressure. What is found inside is treated with an alcohol-based solution.

A 30W bactericidal lamp in a store costs from 300 rubles, and a 250W DRL-250 costs only 100. A larger volume is being processed. Such a UV lamp for home use is cheaper and more efficient.

Indoor UV lamps

Another cleaning lamp

To achieve the same goals, you can resort to another solution. Non-polar high voltageThe capacitor can be used as a current limiter. You also need to turn it on sequentially. A cut bottle can be used as a protective coating. The ultraviolet home lamp is fixed in its upper part. The gap between the walls and the plinth is filled with electrical tape. A wonderful ultraviolet emitter is ready for high-quality sanitization of premises.

In addition to cleaning basements, these lamps can be used to create artificial lighting for cultivated plants. Only before use, it is imperative to find out about all the conditions and possible consequences of using this type of device for such purposes. Plants need to be fed in the correct proportions, formed by optimal indicators of light intensity and duration.

From the history of DRL-250

DRL-250 burners were used in the processing of memory chips for erasing them. A Soviet-made electric kettle was used as ballast. The process of boiling water in a filled container was used as a reference to determine the completion of the chip erasing procedure. The kettle was used as a timer, while the erasing device was an ordinary ultraviolet lamp. Reviews of experts agree that when a capacitor is used as a ballast, the electrodes are destroyed. For this reason, industrial designs are characterized by inductance. There are no capacitive devices among them.

UV drying lamp


Ease of use, efficiency and, of course, affordability are typical of today's modern UV lamps. They can be used at home, as well as in various areas of medical practice. Discoveries of the properties of varnish polymerization have even led to the fact that today an ultraviolet lamp is widely used for drying nails in beauty salons. Such a device is easy to assemble by yourself.

The use of ultraviolet emitters must be approved by doctors. These items are still medical equipment. Many people may have contraindications to exposure to ultraviolet rays. The operating instructions and the permitted operating mode must always be observed. It is recommended to buy ultraviolet lamps only in special stores, because the characteristics of this type of product define them as medical equipment. The safety and reliability of lighting products can only be guaranteed when purchased from specialized stores.

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