Wiring diagram for an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent lamp: do-it-yourself modernization

Wiring diagram for an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent lamp: do-it-yourself modernization
Wiring diagram for an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent lamp: do-it-yourself modernization

Without electricity today it is impossible to imagine a normal life. However, the constant increase in prices for such a blessing of civilization dictates its own conditions, forcing a person to look for sources of light with less consumption. For this reason, incandescent lamps gradually began to be replaced by fluorescent and CFLs. And now LED lighting fixtures are being installed at all. But then the question arises, what to do with old lamps from LD? Today we will consider the connection diagram for an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent one.

Conventional CFL

Reasons and reasons for replacing emitters

Despite the fact that fluorescent lamps are quite economical, they have a very big drawback. The flask of the tube is filled with gas, which contains vapors of heavy metals, including mercury. This means that they requiredisposal according to certain rules. Such work is done by special services, but their work costs money. Do not dispose of such light fixtures as household waste.

If you plan to replace lighting in an apartment or a private house, where there are few lamps for fluorescent lamps, home craftsmen throw them away without hesitation, buying new ones, on LEDs. But such actions are an unacceptable waste. Having carefully understood the issue, you can upgrade old lamps with your own hands without much labor and time. At the same time, the rework will not cost a penny.

Dangerous situation

Connection diagrams for an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent one

It is quite simple to make another type of lamp from one type, such work does not require special skills or abilities. If CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) with a conventional base are installed in the room, then no action is required at all. It is enough just to change one light source to another. This is the easiest option. In the event that ordinary tubular lamps are installed, a slight modernization of the fixtures will be required. For each point, a home master without experience in such actions will take no more than 15 minutes. Let's figure out step by step what actions need to be taken.

LDs are not as economical as LEDs

Tool required for the job

To replace fluorescent lamps with LEDs you will need:

  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers (plain, curly, indicator);
  • removal knifeinsulation.

Preparatory work consists only in acquiring the required number of tubes on LEDs of a suitable length. The manufacturer today offers many sizes of such lamps, so choosing the right one will not be difficult. Having prepared everything you need, you can get to work.

Downlight with LED tubes

Algorithm of actions: step by step instructions

Replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs begins with a complete removal of the voltage. Do not think that for this it is enough to press the switch. It is not known if it is mounted correctly. If a neutral wire is connected through it to the gap, the consequences will be disastrous - an electric shock is dangerous to human life. To reliably turn off the power, use the introductory machine.

The next step is to check the absence of voltage on the contacts using an indicator screwdriver - insurance will not hurt. The tubular lamps are removed and the lamp itself is dismantled.

Useful information! After upgrading 3-4 devices, with the advent of experience, all work can be done without removing the device from the ceiling or wall, but at first it is more convenient to work below.

LED tube

All equipment in the luminaire (electronic ballasts, ballasts, starters) is dismantled. Only “cartridges” (seats) should remain in their places. Wiring diagram for LED lamp instead of fluorescent:

  1. On each cartridge we connect both contacts with each other with jumpers.
  2. Fromthe first contact of the terminal block we stretch the wire to one of the sides, from the second to the other.

It is important to understand that the LED tube has two pins only for convenience and similarity with a fluorescent lamp. Inside the case, each pair is connected. Power is supplied from opposite sides - phase on one, zero on the other.

After the upgrade, LED tubes are installed, and voltage is applied to check the performance. After making sure that the assembled circuit is correct, you can install the device in its original place.

For those who want to understand in more detail how to connect an LED lamp instead of a fluorescent one, the following video is offered.

By doing such a simple job, you can save a lot of money, especially when it comes to a small office. Indeed, in such a case, you will not have to spend money on purchasing new housings for LED tubes.

In closing

The realities of the modern world dictate the need for the greatest savings - maximum results with minimum costs. Such modernization is just such a solution. After all, if it is possible to get a new lamp without spending a penny on it, why not do it? In addition, the extra experience for the home master may be useful in the future.

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