Useful life hacks for life: ideas and tips

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Useful life hacks for life: ideas and tips
Useful life hacks for life: ideas and tips

In everyday life there are many situations from which it is sometimes difficult to find a way out. However, with a few tricks in mind, you will be able to deal with any inconvenience that creates discomfort. Useful life hacks for life will become your assistant, which will allow you to find a way out of any situation.

For those who can't bring themselves to read books

Reading is a useful and necessary activity. However, not everyone in a hectic lifestyle can sit down and experience any literary masterpiece. That time is not enough, the mood is not right. Therefore, in order for reading to become a habit, you need to motivate yourself. This is easy to do, you just need to put some goodies instead of bookmarks after each chapter. A worthy option can serve as marshmallow, marmalade, candy. In general, in addition to useful and interesting information from the book, you can get gastronomic pleasure. Over time, reading will become a habit and you will no longermotivation will be needed.

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Disposable razors are no longer disposable

Knowing life hacks, useful tips and ideas for life, you can extend the life of ordinary things. So, if a disposable razor has ceased to perform its functions and has become dull, you can give it a new life. To do this, you need to take old jeans and run a razor over the surface of the fabric a couple of dozen times against the direction of the razor tips. This will help reduce the nicks on the blade, so your disposable razor will last a little longer.

Life hack for working with a drill

If you are used to dealing with repair issues without outside help, you should take note of a useful life hack for life. So that after working with a drill in the apartment there is a complete order, you will need a piece of paper for notes. This piece of paper needs to be folded in half and fixed slightly below the point at which you will drill. Thus, all the dust and plaster will accumulate inside the paper, and not fall to the floor.

How to remove a ring from a finger

It happens that a ring put on a finger becomes impossible to remove. Perhaps it's just puffiness, or maybe you've gained weight, which is why the jewelry tightly and for a long time clung to your finger.

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In this situation, a useful life hack for life will also help. Take it and do as they say. To remove the ring, you need a thread. We pass the endthread between the finger and the ring, then tightly wind the thread around the finger. Now the matter remains small, you need to start unwinding the thread from the back, and the ring will slip off your finger by itself.

Lemon for tea

Lovers of drinking tea with lemon will surely like a useful life hack for life associated with the storage of citrus. It is easy to make, you just need to take a whole lemon, cut it into small slices and put it in a container for freezing ice, then fill each cell to the top with water. Thus, you will get a double benefit, firstly, you can always taste your favorite drink with lemon, and secondly, additionally cool the tea, which you can immediately drink.

Cleaning the faucet

Another useful life hack to give your faucet a new look. If the faucet is rusty and no store-bought products help, take a paper towel and soak it liberally in vinegar.

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Then wrap the faucet with a napkin and leave for 30-40 minutes to act. Then remove the towel and enjoy a clean and shiny faucet that looks like new.

Document storage

Staying unable to find documents at the right moment? This is not surprising, especially if important papers do not have their place. In order to forget this problem, use a useful life hack for home. Purchase a large folder with a binder. Put a lot of files in it. Then onattach stickers with inscriptions to each file. Enclose receipts, documents for the apartment and other important papers in each separate file. Everything you need will always be at hand.

Clothes storage

Another useful life hack for the home will help you comfortably store things in the dressing room. If clothes keep falling and slipping off the hangers, just fasten the rubber bands around the corners, after which all wardrobe items will be in place.

How not to cry from onions

If you constantly shed tears when cutting a vegetable, then the following life hack will be important for you. Before cutting onions, take mint gum and chew it, inhaling the aroma of menthol.

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This will make you never cry while cooking.

I don't know what to give you

Another interesting and useful life hack will help you choose the perfect gift for your girlfriend. Say that you have already bought a present, and ask to guess what it is. She will surely name what she has long dreamed of. Well, you, in turn, go to the store and get something that will really give her pleasure.

How not to forget something important

Going to visit or just go to work and want to take some important thing with you? Put it under a mobile phone or under the keys to an apartment or car. Then you will definitely not forget what you need.

How to turn off intrusive Jehovah's Witnesses

To your house oftenvisited by those who are eager to drag you into a sect? And they have control! After their question about faith in God, tell them that they are behaving indecently. Tell them that asking people about their faith, political preferences and salary is the edge of indecency. Perhaps obsessive sectarians after this will begin to bypass your apartment.

How to find out a person's age

Sometimes it happens that it's very interesting to know how old your interlocutor is.

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Of course, asking about age directly is indecent. Therefore, unobtrusively ask in the year of which animal the girl or guy with whom you communicate was born. Later, you can check how old the person is, the error will be 12 years, but this will help to have an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe approximate age.

There are many interesting and unknown things in the world. A person cannot know everything without exception. However, if you learn useful life hacks for life, many things will become more accessible and easier. In addition, many things can be done more deliberately and faster. Do not reinvent the wheel when everything has already been invented for you. And if you have found a new way to make your life easier, then be sure to share it with your loved ones.

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