How to make a plywood stool with your own hands

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How to make a plywood stool with your own hands
How to make a plywood stool with your own hands

The stool is the simplest type of furniture. Therefore, if you want to learn how to do something yourself for arranging the interior, you should start with it. We will try to consider how to make a simple plywood stool with our own hands. Everyone can make a simple, but high-quality product on their own. But, of course, you will need a minimal set of tools.

Main parts of the stool

This primitive piece of furniture has only two main elements - legs and a seat. No backs and extra accessories. More complex designs have reinforcement - at the bottom of the proleg, and at the top of the tsargi. That's all the terms, now you can start describing the dimensions. After all, in the manufacture of furniture, you need to decide on the size in the first place. If you don't have any ideas, check out the finished product options.

plywood stool photo

The next step is the design of the circuit. Measure the height and other parameters of the stool. Optimal sizes:

  1. Adult seat shouldhave size 30-45cm.
  2. For children - 25-28 cm.

It is worth noting one feature of homemade stools - they should be much more comfortable than standard ones. After all, in the manufacture you can adjust all sizes clearly for yourself. Make your own drawing so that it is in front of your eyes when making a stool.

Materials for making

You need to use high-quality materials in the manufacture. The most reliable are forged products. But they are expensive and working with metal is more difficult. Wood is a fairly reliable material, as it is durable and easy to work with. But be sure to dry the tree before starting work at a temperature of 20-30 degrees. Drying wood in the chamber causes it to crack.

do-it-yourself plywood stool photo

Hard wood shows itself well - birch, maple, hemlock, wenge. As an option - to make at least the legs of wood. After all, these elements take on a huge load. The requirements for the seat are not so strict, so it is allowed to use plywood or chipboard. A birch plywood stool will be reliable and easy to work with.

Features of materials

The cheapest option is chipboard. It is worth noting that this material is not reliable. True, the plates can be strengthened to reduce the pressure on them. But it is unlikely that it will be possible to get rid of the second drawback - the formaldehyde resins contained in chipboard are constantly released into the surrounding space. And completelythere is no way to get rid of them.

stool drawing

MDF board is much stronger. And most importantly, it is durable. But it is best combined with hardwood. As a rule, MDF is used only for the manufacture of the seat. An excellent replacement for wood is plywood. This is a durable and environmentally friendly material, it can be used to make all the details of the structure. You can literally make a simple stool out of 3-4 plywood elements.

What tools are needed

Tools need to be selected based on what material you are working with. First, decide on the dimensions of the plywood stool, then purchase the materials and prepare the tools according to the list:

  • Roulette.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Wood screws.
  • Square.
  • Electric or manual jigsaw.
  • Chisels.
  • Wood glue.

And after that you can start making.

Production procedure

So, it's time to start making a stool. Prepare a sheet of plywood, wood bars (if you decide to make the legs from natural material). If you do not have the opportunity to purchase an electric jigsaw, then you can use a manual one. As an option - buy a thin blade for a hacksaw for metal. With it, you can easily cut a blank of any shape from plywood.

plywood stool dimensions

First of all, you need to cut out patterns from paper. These are templates for all parts made of paper or cardboard. They must exactly follow the contours of all elements. However, if you have a goodfantasy and eye, then you can not make patterns.

So, let's start making all the details:

  1. First, we prepare the legs of a square section 50x50 mm. To do this, you need to saw off 4 identical pieces of 450 mm each from a whole bar.
  2. Now cut out a piece of plywood under the seat - approximately 380x380 mm in size. It is advisable to use boards with a thickness of 20 mm.
  3. Now you need to cut out the sides and legs to connect the legs. You will need 4 elements in total.
  4. You will also need 4 bars to connect the seat and sides. To do this, you need to cut spikes on the edges of the tsargs, and grooves on the legs. The length of the grooves and spikes should be 20-25 mm. Similarly, you need to do with prolegs.

Finished production

It is necessary to process all elements of wood with emery. The initial assembly must be carried out without glue. If necessary, you need to adjust the elements. At the end, you lubricate the parts with carpentry glue and assemble them into a single structure. The bars located between the sides must be fixed with self-tapping screws to the bottom of the seat. If you wish, you can make the seat soft. To do this, you will have to buy fabric and foam rubber (the piece must have the same dimensions as the seat). The upholstery fabric must be fixed with a stapler.

Other types of stools

There are designs that are much easier to make than the classic ones. The most common are structures consisting of a seat, two wide legs and a jumper. The assembly of such a stool can be carried out both from wood and from chipboard, MDF,plywood.

do-it-yourself plywood stool

The structure is fastened with furniture screws and wood glue. Please note that the crossbar should be trapezoidal and have a bevel of about 5 mm. In this case, the stool will be as stable as possible.

There is also a lightweight version - without the tsarg. In this case, the legs are placed directly into the grooves on the seat. One point should be noted - the seat will have to be made of thick plywood. It is possible to fix bars in the places of attachment to the seat, in which grooves are made. The legs should be slightly thicker than with the drawer side.

You can make another simple plywood stool design with your own hands. A photo of such structures is given in our article. Two legs need to be made from plywood, they need to be placed at an angle of 90 degrees. A seat is fixed on top of them. After that, you can carefully sand all the elements of the stool and process it with paint and varnish.

Stool design

And the final stage is the design. It directly depends on the room in which it will be used. You can take a stencil to apply a pattern to the surface. For this, it is most convenient to use an aerosol can. From above, of course, be sure to apply varnish.

plywood stool

As an option - make decoupage. This is a complex process, but it is quite possible to do it yourself. To do this, you will need PVA glue, napkins with a beautiful pattern, and acrylic varnish. If you don't want to spend a lottime for decoration - it is enough to decorate one seat. And for inspiration, look at the photo of plywood stools.

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