DIY Styrofoam Christmas Decorations

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DIY Styrofoam Christmas Decorations
DIY Styrofoam Christmas Decorations

During the New Year holidays, I want the house to be filled with light and fun. This is one of the moments that bring the family together, bring a piece of comfort and kindness into the house. Styrofoam Christmas decorations can be made with children during the New Year holidays. It will take a little time to make a simple snowflake, but the child will be happy with his craft and the leisure time spent together with his parents.

backlit styrofoam Christmas trees

Styrofoam Christmas Decoration Ideas

They can be installed not only in the house, but also decorate the yard with them. One of the options for decorations made of foam plastic is bright, funny snowmen, which in the morning will cheer up everyone who is in a hurry to work. And the deer, if illuminated with ice lamps, will create a fabulous atmosphere in the evening.

A perfect gift would be a composition of Styrofoam balloons painted gold or silver and decorated with sparkles, tinsel and confetti. By creating a garland of colorful balloons, you can decorate a room with a large area, such as a conference room.

No less interesting option to createNew Year's decorations from polystyrene foam can be carved white numbers for the coming year, decorated with artificial snow, sparkles or foil. You can also make a symbol of the year out of this material and install it near the front door. He can become an interesting character in the New Year's photo shoot.

How to make your own decorations

To create New Year's decorations from foam with your own hands, you will need: a sheet or blanks of the desired size and shape, a sharp knife, a pencil, a ruler, scraps of fabric, shiny paper or foil, PVA glue, threads, glitter hairspray. From a whole sheet, you will need to cut a blank for future decoration, decorate it as you wish and figure out how and where the product will be attached.

To make the decoration spectacular, you can add LED lights to it, highlighting the figure and giving it a New Year's mystery.

snowflakes on thin threads

Original Christmas decorations

You can create almost anything out of Styrofoam. A beautiful curtain, assembled from small balls and fixed on the loggia, will symbolize the light snowfall that always comes on New Year's Eve. You can cut out a fireplace portal from foam plastic, decorating it with elements of imitation of white stucco molding made of the same material or giving it the appearance of brickwork. You can create a panel by cutting out a Christmas tree and decorate it with real Christmas decorations and a garland. If you approach decorating a house with imagination, you will be able to create an extraordinary interior using only foam.

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