How to make a ceiling from boards with your own hands

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How to make a ceiling from boards with your own hands
How to make a ceiling from boards with your own hands

Increasingly recently, ceilings are finished by applying whitewash, paint or sticking photo wallpapers. These options are used in apartments, while in private and country houses, ceiling boards are used. This gives the room warmth and comfort. In addition, wood is a natural material, which means it creates a good microclimate. Before filing the ceiling with a board, you must select the wood. It must be even. Otherwise alignment will be required.

Which board to choose

unedged board ceiling

Quite often, consumers are wondering which ceiling boards to use. The most popular today are grooved board and lining, the last of which is also called eurolining. The usual lining is narrow and has a relatively weakly expressed texture. Its surface can be painted, achieving an interesting effect of alternating stripes. The material will have a different tone.


If you want to create a slatted beam structure, you can use a deck board. Sometimes choose parquet or laminate. To decorate the interior space, you can use a chipped beam. With its help, a unique pattern is created on the surface.

Preparation for work

board ceiling boarding

At the first stage, you need to take care of the availability of a tool, namely:

  • square;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaws;
  • cord;
  • pencil;
  • with a hammer.

Hacksaw can be replaced with a chainsaw if you have one in your arsenal. Such a tool can even be rented. When filing, lumber is most often used, which is a planed tongue-and-groove board. Its width should be 100 mm, while the thickness can vary from 16 to 22 mm. A wider board is easier to mount. Usually the basis is coniferous wood. The ceiling is thermally insulated only if the house has an attic without heating. The roof should be insulated. If the attic is planned to be insulated, soundproofing is laid on the ceiling between the room and the attic. To do this, the filing is nailed to the laid beams of the attic floor.

If you plan to mount the ceiling from the boards, then you need to take care of maintaining the skin after installation. To do this, paint or colorless varnish is applied to the material. When arranging a draft ceiling, the first thing to do is to attach to the floor beamsvapor barrier. An unedged board is attached on top, observing a certain distance between the layers. Thermal insulation should be laid on top of the boards. After that, you can start processing the overlap on both sides.

Features of work when creating different designs of wooden ceilings

house ceiling board

If you want to create a ceiling from boards, you should choose one of the existing options for its device. The first involves the creation of false ceilings. This technology is the most reliable, but it is expensive. For laying finishing materials, floor beams with thick bars or hewn logs should be installed. These items are expensive. Their installation is carried out on the crown, and taking into account the type of roof, it is possible to mount to the walls. Boards are nailed to the beams. This design looks quite massive and durable.

You can fill lumber from above, as a result of this, moving around the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe roof or ceiling will be safe. When filing the ceiling, steam, heat and waterproofing should be laid.

The ceiling of the boards can be arranged according to the principle of laying the panel system. This technology involves the assembly of shields from two bars, which are installed in parallel. Boards must be filled transversely. Shields should be raised to the ceiling and strengthened. Outside, if desired, you can lay heat and waterproofing. If beams are used to create the foundation, this option will be the most preferable, because it has the required strength.

Panel ceilings, however, have a drawback. Heis that the design will have significant weight. In order to raise the shield, you should enlist the help of several people. The structure will need to be held for some time until it is strengthened. The ceiling of the boards can be arranged according to the principle of the flooring system. This method is the easiest in the case of using the board. The technology is relevant if the span is not more than 2.5 m. In this case, lumber is fastened simultaneously at both ends. It will be impossible to move along such a flooring.

According to experts, when repairing the ceiling, it is better to prefer the third option, since it is less laborious and does not require impressive financial costs. If the house is being built, saving is not recommended. In this case, it is better to stick to the first method. In this case, the floor beams will also be the base of the roof.

Using the floorboard

board the ceiling

If you want to finish the ceiling with a board, you can use floor material. This option is an original solution and involves the use of grooved boards. This technology has a great advantage, because the floor boards have mounting grooves. Due to this, with differences in humidity and temperature, cracks and cracks will not appear at the docking points. When using a grooved board, you will get a flat surface. If there are differences, they will be completely invisible.

If you want to sheathe the ceiling with a floorboard, then some nuances should be taken into account. For example, for a ceiling, purchasetoo thick lumber is not worth it. A thickness of 20 mm is sufficient, in some cases the board should have smaller dimensions. As an alternative solution, you can use a durable parquet board, because such material will give the room a special atmosphere.

You can also choose parquet, this allows you to achieve original solutions. When buying a board, you should pay attention to the quality of processing building materials. Wood must be protected from mold and parasites. When processing has not been carried out at the production stage, you must take care of it yourself.

Using unedged boards

do-it-yourself plank ceiling

Unedged board ceiling is relevant in the utility room. Such material does not have an attractive appearance and is intended for decoration of the ceiling surface of special-purpose premises. When choosing lumber for a poultry house, barn and similar objects, unedged boards can be dispensed with. When laying, you should be guided by some rules, as the material has an irregular shape.

To avoid the appearance of cracks on the ceiling surface, it is necessary to select boards in such a way that they match in shape. There is a technology according to which the unedged material is processed and then varnished. In this case, the boards can be used for finishing. An unedged board ceiling can look very attractive if you decorate it antique.

Sheathing technology

finishingceiling board

Sheathing the ceiling with light boards is a fairly simple process. But this may take a long time. First, you will have to work with your hands raised above your head. Secondly, boards usually have a small width of 4 to 10 cm. The connections between the elements should be on beams or rafters. Their location should be marked with a chalk line.

More about tools and materials

board ceiling photo

If you want to install boards on the ceiling of your house, you will need to prepare a machine for cutting the material at an angle. You will need 50 cm and finishing nails. You should take care of a set for driving nails. Make sure you have a 0.6mm drill bit and screwdriver in your arsenal.

Work methodology

The groove of the first board is cut with a circular saw. In order for the cut to turn out neat, work must be carried out from the bottom of the board. The blade should be set deeper than the width of the board by 1.25 cm. The first board is pressed quite tightly against the wall. Then it is moved back by 2 mm so that there is a gap for the expansion of wood.

At the wall, drive a nail into the surface of the board. On the opposite side, the nail is driven into the tongue. Equipping the ceiling of the boards with your own hands, you must measure the distance from the end of the tongue of the last board to the wall. This will ensure that the boards are parallel. These measurements should be taken at a minimum of three locations. Butt joints between boards are located under the rafters or beams. ATboards are pre-drilled to prevent the material from splitting when nails are driven into it.

The ceiling in the apartment

Before you start stuffing the boards, you should prepare the base. The old finish is removed from the floor slab. If there are cracks and obvious differences, they must be leveled. A primer should be applied to the surface. In addition to the impregnating composition, the ceiling in the kitchen should be treated with antiseptics and flame retardants. Before installing the ceiling from the boards in the apartment, the vapor barrier should be strengthened. This layer is mandatory if you want to install insulation. The film wraps around the material itself and the draft ceiling. Laying of sheets is carried out with an overlap and longitudinal gluing of joints. Double sided tape must be used. Before the procedure, the outer and back sides of the vapor barrier should be determined.

Now you can start marking the base. This indicates the location of the frame of the bars. Square bars with a side of 30 cm are well suited for this. Before installing them, the material is treated with a primer or drying oil to prevent deformation and decay. Dowels are used to fasten the bars. It is important to position the frame as accurately as possible. It should be parallel to the floor. The check should be done with a building level. Individual slats need to be adjusted with wood or plastic shims if necessary.

Looking at photos of board ceilings, you can choose the right material. It could be a wagon. After making the crate, you canmove on to cutting it to the size of the surface to be trimmed. Boards must be dry and clean. Nails are used to fix them. Screw heads are immersed in wood and masked. Butt and corner sections must be fitted with a wooden frieze.

Why the ceiling should be sheathed with boards

If you still cannot decide whether to sheathe the ceiling with boards, you should consider the main advantages of such structures. First, this material has high strength. Secondly, the room will be better thermally insulated. Thirdly, lumber is able to soundproof a room. The boards are pretty easy to install. Any home craftsman can handle this. In addition, such ceilings have an attractive appearance.

Why you should abandon the ceiling of the boards

Some of the shortcomings of the described design may stop you from choosing a similar design. This is due to the fact that wood is not resistant to moisture. If water is constantly exposed to it, the lumber will begin to rot. Such a ceiling is difficult to cope with the effects of temperature changes, and special tools will be required to care for it.

When buying expensive wood material, you will have to pay a high cost. Repairs will be very expensive. After a certain time, the ceiling surface may lose its original appearance, which will necessitate the replacement of the structure.

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