How to make a wigwam for children with your own hands?

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How to make a wigwam for children with your own hands?
How to make a wigwam for children with your own hands?

Perhaps, sooner or later, all parents have to make wigwams for children with their own hands. This is a building in the form of a cone, consisting of a simple frame and a covering stretched from above. In this case, there is no need to completely close the entire structure. In the upper part, the real Indians always left a hole so that the air circulates better and sunlight enters the room.

Such designs do not take up too much space, and if you install the wigwam carefully, make it folding, you can easily move it to some other place or just remove it. It is from the parental imagination and considerations of expediency that the degree of proximity of the home wigwam to the original design will depend.

Wigwam for children with their own hands

Selection of materials

In the process of choosing the right details, one should not forget about decorative elements, pillows and a bedspread, which will give a home wigwam more practicality. Garlands, pompoms, feathers, beads, pebbles and even appliqués will be wonderful decorations if parents build their own wigwam for children.

Interesting featureswigwam

In children, such designs cause real delight. If the need arises, any wigwam is easy to assemble, disassemble and move the hut to any convenient place. Wigwam can be installed on the street and in the children's room. Caring for these huts is very simple. Wigwams are not afraid of dirt or stains, because if necessary, you can simply remove the cover from the frame and wash it. You won't have to think long about how to make a wigwam for children, since the creation technology is elementary. All manufacturing steps will take several hours.

How to sew a wigwam for children with your own hands?

How to sew a wigwam for kids?

Stock up on thin bamboo or ordinary sticks if you plan to install a wigwam in a residential area. Their optimal number for the most spacious hut is nine pieces. In the place of the proposed intersection, these rods must be secured with a rope. The rods are installed not pressed against each other, but inclined by 25 degrees so that a figure resembling a cone is obtained. Then you need to fix the base with additional sticks, tying them to each rack. To make the wigwam as high as possible, you need to use longer rods. For a better bond, you can drill holes in them and pass the rope through.

The next step is to decide on the coverage of the building. For this, simple pieces of fabric or a specially sewn cover are used. To make the latter, you will need a wigwam pattern for children. The sewing process is very simple and does not require special skills.The segments of such a cover are in the form of triangles. To calculate the required dimensions, measure the openings between the bars.


In accordance with the style of the wigwam, decor elements are being prepared. Tulle or cotton fabric is often used on such occasions.

Wigwam for children do it yourself photo

Designing the entrance

To properly make the entrance to the wigwam for children with your own hands, on the outer edges of the cover you need to cut two semicircles at the same distance from the small central recess for smoke. These holes will connect when assembling the wigwam and form a convenient entrance. To make a door to your tepee, you will have to cut a piece of fabric, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the entrance hole, hem its edges, while inserting some kind of rounded twig to hold the desired shape. A loop must be attached to the resulting product. This makes it possible to hold the door on some stakes after installing the wigwam.

Additional mounts

To make a good wigwam for children with your own hands, you need to provide a way to connect the fabric with the frame. Additional loops are attached to the lower edges of the cover if the wigwam is planned to be installed outdoors. They will provide good tension. Also, additional fasteners need to be built in the central semicircle and at the points of contact with the bars, so that the cover stays on the frame as best as possible.

Tepe top and bottom

To cover the hole in the center of the wigwam, you can use two triangular pieces of fabric. The short side theysewn to a semicircle on opposite sides. Such a device can be used as a chimney and protect the wigwam from rain.

A five-centimeter piece of string can be attached to the center of the straight edge in the semi-circular notch to connect the wooden bars to the tarp. Tent pegs must be stuck into the ground and connected to the lower edges of the cover. Inside the wigwam, you can place the two remaining circles. They will help to remove smoke from the hut when the fire flares up. Now everyone can understand how to sew a wigwam for children with their own hands.

Tepee pattern for children

Which rods can be used outdoors?

To learn how to make a wigwam for children with your own hands on the street, just read the material below. First, let's deal with the elements of the frame, without which it will not be possible to do. You will need a rope, long enough branches or PVC pipes. Ordinary climbing vegetation can also be used.

Sunflower stems can be used to build a frame in the yard. It is necessary to first plant them in the spring along a circle specially drawn on the ground. There is nothing difficult in making a do-it-yourself wigwam for children from plants. Photos of such buildings are presented in the article.

It should be noted that these huts are not used immediately, but after some time. You can start building them at the beginning of the spring period. Pipes or branches need to be installed in the shape of a triangle, and then connect the top with a rope. After assembling the frame,start sowing seeds. In the circle of the planned design, you need to plant abundant climbing plants. When the bushes begin to rise, it is necessary to adjust their further development in accordance with the shape of the frame of the hut.

How to make a wigwam for kids?

PVC pipe hut

You can also build a wigwam for children with your own hands from PVC pipes. Patterns for the cover are created according to the same principle as in the above examples. In fact, such a wigwam differs only in the material from which the frame elements are created.

Using a ladder

An ordinary step-ladder will perform the function of a frame for a wigwam. It is enough just to put the ladder in a place reserved for children's entertainment, and cover it with some kind of cloth so that access to the inside is only from one side. The stepladder can be installed both in the house and in the yard. This version of the wigwam design is distinguished by its mobility.

How to make a wigwam for children with your own hands?


All children need space for fun and play. A wonderful solution for this would be a do-it-yourself hut. The technology of building a frame is not difficult and can be implemented by everyone. Tepee pattern for children is also very simple, so a suitable cover is easily created.

If this is not possible, you can hang ordinary pieces of fabric, tulle, curtains and similar materials that are at hand on the frame. You won't have to spend a lot of money and time on it. Installsuch a hut can be in the house, in the country and in any other convenient place. For greater practicality, you can design a special rain shelter, door and smoke extraction devices. Thanks to the materials presented in the article, each parent can learn how to make a wigwam for children with their own hands correctly.

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