How to make a tree house for children with your own hands: drawings and materials

How to make a tree house for children with your own hands: drawings and materials
How to make a tree house for children with your own hands: drawings and materials

Every parent wants to make their child's childhood bright and interesting. Adults in childhood built places for themselves in which to retire, from chairs covered with sheets on top, from tree branches, from cardboard boxes. Remembering the wonderful moments spent in these structures, you can understand that the treehouse will definitely please your daughter or son. The main thing is to come up with a design and draw up a detailed drawing.

Tree house for a child

What is a treehouse for?

Every person, regardless of age, sometimes wants to retire and be with himself. It is the treehouse that will help the son or daughter:

  • Be alone.
  • Create your own corner.
  • Feel like a hero of a real fairy tale.
  • And also equip a play corner where all the toys, dolls and favorite books will live.

These are just some of the reasons why you should build a tree house for your child. BesidesThere are tons of design ideas to use to make every child's dream come true.

What materials can a house be made of?

There are many options for what materials to build a tree house for children. But nevertheless, wood occupies a leading position, because the design of such material looks the most harmonious and advantageous. In addition, it is easier to work with such material and you can use all your imagination to create the most unusual and creative design of the structure.

Treehouse Design Ideas for Kids

House construction options

When equipping a tree house for a child, the most important thing is to make it safe so that it does not collapse and is firmly fixed on the branches. There are several basic variations for attaching a structure to a tree:

  1. Building a house on a platform. In this embodiment, the supporting part is strong tree branches or a plant trunk. To fix the platform, you need to prepare self-tapping anchors. They will fix the lower part of the structure in the right place better than other parts. And also they will additionally fix the platform with oblique profiles, which should rest against the tree trunk. But profiles are installed if anchoring seems insufficient and the structure looks shaky.
  2. Another option is to fix on piles, while the house should be frame. This way of attaching a treehouse for kids is great for those who want to create a cozy nook without touching or damaging the tree trunk. In this casethickness, height and number of piles should be determined based on the weight and complexity of the structure structure.
  3. There is also such a mounting option as a suspended platform. In this case, cables, chains or ropes are firmly fixed on the branches of a tree, and the structure of the house is attached to them. To bet on this type of fastening, you need to be sure that the tree is strong and can withstand the load of the structure and the people who will be inside the house. Such a treehouse can hardly be called reliable, because there is a risk that the branches under the weight can simply break. This option for fixing the house can only be chosen if the tree trunk is at least thirty centimeters in diameter, and also has strong thick branches. Otherwise, such a "magic" house can become dangerous for children.
Tree house mounting options

Before you make a treehouse for your child, you need to make sure the plant is strong, and also think over the design in detail, because the safety of the child depends on it. Also, after the construction, you should independently check the reliability of the building and only after that present a wonderful place for playing to your child.

Materials and tools for a treehouse playhouse

Before starting work, you need to prepare everything that can be useful in the process. To do this, you should study what materials and tools are used when construction is carried out. Be sure to consider what method of fixing the treehouse with your own hands will beused, it depends on what fixing materials to purchase. Regardless of the fixing method, you should buy:

  • Wood of the selected species.
  • Screws or nails.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Glass or clear plastic for house windows.
  • Moving mechanisms for door structure.
  • The platform on which the house will be installed.
  • Hammer.
Materials and tools for building a treehouse
  • Saw to size the wood.
  • If necessary, insulating material.
  • Adhesive for connecting small parts.
  • Roulette.
  • Drawing sheet.
  • Pencil or marker.

These are the basic materials needed to build without a hitch. You should also have all the necessary accessories and decor items available.

Features of creating a drawing

To create a great house for your son or daughter, you need to first think about how it will look. A drawing of a treehouse in this case will come to the rescue. The main thing is to compose it correctly. In order to correctly create a project, you need to make the following measurements:

  • Measure the height at which the house will be located.
  • Determine the length of the beams that will make up the house.
  • You should also decide what shape the roof will be, and calculate how much material will be needed to assemble it. To do this, you also need to take measurements.
  • Another parameter that needs to be determined is the height of the fence, which willensure safety while at home. Be sure to install a fence if a treehouse is being built on the site.
  • Another important measurement is the size of the front door. It is better to do it in such a way that the son or daughter, standing at full height, can freely go inside the house.
tree house drawing

Windows should also be marked on the drawing, indicating their size

If, before making a tree house, draw a detailed project manually or in a special program indicating the dimensions of each part of the structure, the process of building a fabulous house will become elementary.

How to make a house unusual?

A place to play, built on a tree, in itself will delight a boy or girl. To make emotions even more vivid, you can create a project of an unusual house. For example, build a treehouse with your own hands in the following forms:

  • Keg-shaped.
  • Like a castle.
  • Pirate ship.
  • Science Lab.
  • Fairy house for a fairy.

The main thing is to take into account the interests and hobbies of the child, creating a structure for games, fixed on the branches of a tree. Even if it is an ordinary rectangular or square house, boys and girls will be delighted with such an idea.

Interior decoration of the house on the branches

If the structure is built of wood, then the interior decoration itself, without additional surface treatments, will look beautiful. However, you can experiment withdesign. The interior decoration of the treehouse can be as follows:

  • Wallpaper.
  • Paint.
  • Walls covered with colorful curtains.
  • You can also paste over the wall surfaces with posters with your favorite cartoon characters.
Treehouse Lighting Options

Even if the result does not match the original ideas, you can redo everything. The interior decoration of the house should be carried out both before mounting to a height, and when the structure is already at the top.

How to make lighting in the house?

A child may want to visit the "fairytale" house both during the day and at night. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance how the space will be illuminated. There are many options, just choose the one that is most suitable for both parents and the child by age:

  • You can lead a stationary lighting device (chandelier) to the house. In this case, all safety measures must be taken into account, since this lighting option requires electrical wiring to be connected to the house.
  • Also, an option is to place table lamps in the house, powered by an outlet. To do this, it will be enough to stretch the extension cord to the house at the right time and plug the appliances into the outlet.
  • If you want to create a holiday feeling for your child, you can decorate the building with a garland and turn it on when it's dark outside.
  • Fairly safe option for lighting a treehouse are lanterns. When it gets dark outside, you can go to the pre-prepared fixtures inside the house andfix battery-operated flashlights outside.

A tree house built by the people dearest to a child is the perfect solution for showing love and care. Such a structure will allow boys and girls to unusually spend time alone or in the company of friends.

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