How to wash grease on kitchen cabinets: household chemicals, a steam cleaner for the home, useful tips

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How to wash grease on kitchen cabinets: household chemicals, a steam cleaner for the home, useful tips
How to wash grease on kitchen cabinets: household chemicals, a steam cleaner for the home, useful tips

The kitchen is a place that is often polluted. Housewives have to regularly clean, wash walls, furniture, floors, not to mention dishes. Fortunately, a lot of tools and devices are presented on the modern market, and folk recipes are also effective. How to wash the grease on kitchen cabinets, consider further.

We clean the fat in the kitchen

Effective detergent formulations

For cleaning from particularly difficult contaminants, many use special tools that are highly effective. Among them are several popular and proven brands. For example, Anti Grease Cleaner is a concentrated blend that is great at removing stubborn grease from a variety of kitchen surfaces, including cabinets and sinks.

Along with high cleaning and degreasing efficiency, the product also has a pleasant aroma. The advantages of "Antigir" include a minimal aggressive working environment, as well as the absence of streaks after operation. Before using the concentratediluted with water in a ratio of 1:4, sprayed onto the surfaces to be treated with a special gun, and then wiped dry with a clean rag or sponge.

Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner

This preparation is universal, it can be used to clean all surfaces, including ventilation structures, porcelain utensils, tiles, the inside of the "microwave". After processing, the disappearance of even ingrained contaminants, as well as pathogenic microorganisms, is noted. A pleasant citrus aroma remains in the kitchen.

The following recommendations apply to most spray cleaners:

  1. The container with the composition is shaken.
  2. Spraying is carried out at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the surface to be treated.
  3. The vial or gun must be held vertically.
  4. At the beginning of the manipulation, the composition is applied to a small piece of furniture to check the reaction of the facade material.
  5. Preferably use protective gloves and goggles.
  6. It is not recommended to mix different drugs with each other.
Removing grease from kitchen cabinets

Shumanit and Silik Beng

To the question: “How to wash the grease on kitchen cabinets?” many experienced housewives answer: "Shumanite." This liquid is designed to get rid of stubborn dirt from boards and smooth furniture fronts. Since the composition does not include abrasives, the product can be used to treat household appliances. "Shumanit" optimally combines efficiency and affordable price,however, not suitable for everyone due to the strong smell.

The Silik Beng Cleaner perfectly cleans modern materials from oil and grease residues. The use of the specified composition on wooden and hot surfaces is not allowed. The effect is enhanced if the composition is left for 30 minutes, then wiped off the surface to be treated.

Folk ways

There are also many different combinations in this category of products. Do not know how to wash the grease on kitchen cabinets? Start with baking soda, as it mixes with various ingredients. Among them:

  1. Vegetable and essential oils mixed with soda. Used for processing various kinds of surfaces. In addition to fatty deposits, such compounds do an excellent job with plaque on the sinks. A combination with eucalyptus and spruce esters gives a good effect.
  2. Laundry soap combined with soda. Suitable for cleaning sinks, walls of kitchen furniture and household appliances. Soap should not have fragrances, rubbed and poured with warm water. The prepared liquid is treated with problem areas, and soda is applied on top. After a few minutes, the dirt is removed with a sponge. Then they wipe the place again with clean water, then dry it.
  3. Vegetable oil. This component in the amount of two tablespoons is mixed with a spoonful of baking soda. Then the mass is applied to the contaminated areas with a sponge. After 30 minutes, the slurry is removed first with a damp, then with a dry cloth.
Soda for cleaning grease

Other handy tools

How to wash faton the kitchen cabinets yet? Options:

  1. Solution with vodka. Strong alcohol is effective against fatty acids. The tool copes well with old dirt, especially in combination with vinegar (1: 2). To flavor the composition, add a few drops of lemon juice.
  2. Vinegar. It is quite simple to treat kitchen surfaces with this ingredient. Fresh dirt is carried out with a sponge; for efficiency, you can add alcohol (2: 1) and a little essential oil. This solution removes old fatty residues well.
  3. Dry mustard. This powder cleans deposits from tables and cabinets well. Mustard is poured onto the surface pre-moistened with water, rubbed several times with a dry rag, washed with a damp and dry sponge. For materials such as MDF and wood, mustard powder is not suitable.

Rating of the best steam cleaners for the home

On those surfaces that are not afraid of moisture, you can perfectly cope with fat using the specified device. Under high temperature, the pollution dissolves well, after which it is removed without problems with a damp cloth.

The following is a ranking of popular and effective steam cleaners:

  1. Kitfort CT. All-in-One Home Helper.
  2. Kärcher SC1. Compact low cost model.
  3. "Endever Odysseus". Pressure up to 8 bar allows you to remove dirt of any complexity.
  4. "Mie Bello". Powerful model with many attachments.
  5. Kärcher SC2. Powerful with vacuum cleaner design.
  6. "Grand Master GM". Convenient devicewith horizontal steam function.

Let's consider the characteristics of these units in more detail.

Kitfort KT-908-2

Judging by the reviews, this model got into the rating of the best steam cleaners for the home due to its versatility. With its help, you can clean not only kitchen appliances, but also steam clothes, clean glasses, disinfect, use as a washing vacuum cleaner. Such a wide functionality is achieved due to the large number of nozzles. The version is presented in floor version, steam supply is carried out at a pressure of 4 bar, and in hot and dry form.


  • beautiful design;
  • fair price;
  • capacious tank;
  • light weight, even when loaded.

Among the minuses are a short cord, brittle plastic, prolonged heating, pressure drop after 10 minutes of operation.

Karcher SC 1

With the help of this unit, it is not difficult to wash kitchen facades from fat. This is one of the best manual steam generators, combining optimally affordable cost and high quality. The light weight of the unit allows even children to cope with it. Also with the help of this device you can clean curtains, clothes, walls. Cord length - 4 meters, tank capacity - 200 grams, warming up the liquid to a maximum - 3 minutes.


  • maximum convenient design;
  • good cleaning of all surfaces;
  • decent equipment;
  • long cable.

Disadvantages includelack of steam adjustment and inconvenience to use with one hand.

Steam cleaner Karcher

ENDEVER Odyssey Q-801

This steam cleaner is ideal for general cleaning of the kitchen. The model has a steam supply up to 8 bar, equipped with a flow regulator. The list of advantages also includes an excellent package. It includes a special glove, a measuring cup, a variety of nozzles, wipes for polishing and cleaning surfaces. The device weighs six kilograms, the heating time is 10 minutes, the capacity is two liters, there is a compartment for storing components.


  • good equipment;
  • diversity;
  • easy operation;
  • stable pressure.

Among the downsides - an unpleasant smell may be felt at first.

MIE Bello

Do you want to know how to clean the kitchen from grease and other dirt? Check out this steam cleaner. It has a high power (1.7 kW), the kit includes nozzles for the floor and hard-to-reach places. Cord length - 2.5 meters, pressure - 5.5 bar.


  • iron included;
  • a huge number of nozzles;
  • compact;
  • high quality and easy maintenance.

Among the minuses are the high cost and a decent mass.

Steam cleaner for home

Karcher SC 2

In appearance and technical parameters, this modification resembles a washing vacuum cleaner. The unit is light in weight,equipped with anti-scale, holds one liter of liquid, the cord is four meters long, transportation is facilitated by wheels and a comfortable handle.


  • quick warm up;
  • long service life;
  • affordable price;
  • availability of air freshener;
  • high build quality.

Among the shortcomings are the lack of a compartment for the cord, fragile plastic, the plug must be removed from the outlet to add water.

Grand Master GM-Q7

Quite high-quality and attractive device is equipped with the option of horizontal steaming. Due to the compact dimensions, it is easy to transport and store. The high power parameter (1.95 kW) makes it possible to process any surface. Working pressure - 5.5 bar, body material - durable plastic, liquid tank capacity - 2.3 liters.


  • multifunctionality;
  • original design;
  • quality case;
  • light weight.

Cons include short cable and high price.

Materials for facades and cleaning methods

Kitchen surfaces are made of materials of different structure. They react differently to different types of cleaning compounds and methods of exposure. Therefore, it is first necessary to study all the features of cleaning facades.

How to wash the fat on wooden kitchen cabinets? Natural wood products are best processed with folk remedies. To get rid of pollution, mustard powder, baking soda, lemon are suitable.the juice. The polished parts are rubbed with a piece of raw potato. The steam generator must be used very carefully to avoid peeling layers.

You can clean grease from MDF kitchen cabinets using solutions containing alcohol. Do not clean such surfaces with materials containing abrasive components. The steam generator is also not very suitable here, as over time the layers will separate.

Plastic is resistant to most cleaning products, but can be scratched after abrasives. Treatment of such materials with compounds with chlorine and wax is not allowed. Glass surfaces are treated with alcohol-based solutions or with soap components.

You can clean grease from veneer kitchen cabinets using a non-aggressive variety. Shiny and smooth surfaces should be cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth.

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner

Preventive action

You can protect kitchen furniture from greasy and other dirt if you regularly care for it, remove dust and stains using the right tools and products.

It is advisable to follow the following rules:

  • keep the room moderately dry and humid so that the furniture does not crack or stain;
  • try not to "slam" cabinet doors;
  • do not open alcohol and coloring solutions on unprotected countertops;
  • fill cracks in a tree in a timely manner using beeswax;
  • fresh streaks and drops of paint or lime immediately clean with a vegetableoil mixed with vinegar.

It is necessary to wipe the elements of the headset daily with a piece of flannel or velvet. From constant use of wet wipes, the material may fade. Lacquered surfaces will not lose their luster if coated with wax, treated with a mixture of water and glycerin, cleaned with a cloth dipped in milk. Zelenka and iodine are good to display with an ordinary eraser.

Cleaning grease on kitchen cabinets

Painted surfaces are recommended to be treated with soap or vinegar, solvents should not be used to remove stains, as the walls will have to be repainted. Paper wallpapers can be cleaned with a rubberized cloth.

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