Mirror apron for the kitchen: design, photos and reviews

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Mirror apron for the kitchen: design, photos and reviews
Mirror apron for the kitchen: design, photos and reviews

Apron over the work surface is an indispensable attribute in the design of the kitchen. It not only protects the surface from drops of water and grease, but also performs a decorative function. The coating can be invisible or become the main highlight of the interior. The mirror apron for the kitchen looks especially impressive. We will talk about it in this article. We will pay close attention to the features of the material, its advantages and disadvantages, and also study reviews of mirror aprons for the kitchen. Photos of stylish interiors will show the beauty of such a bold design decision.

Material features

An apron in the kitchen is primarily needed to protect the wall above the work surface from dirt. It is almost impossible to clean plaster or wallpaper from traces of grease or lime stains. Traditionally, ceramic tiles are used to clad the wall above the work area, but materials such as artificial stone, tempered glass, plastic and metal have already taken root in modern design. Mirrored aprons look incredibly stylish forkitchens. They organically fit into any design trend, be it minimalism, hi-tech, loft or classic.

Mirror aprons for the kitchen (photo below) are made of tempered glass. Its feature is increased strength and safety. Even if the apron breaks, no one will be hurt: it shatters into small, non-sharp fragments.

Manufacturers offer both light mirrors for cladding and tinted ones. With wooden facades of a kitchen set or a worktop, an apron with a golden tint will look attractive, and in a minimalist kitchen with a black one. For a classic interior, a mirror version with matte patterns obtained by etching technology, or artistic painting using stained glass technique, is suitable. Of course, decorated surfaces are more difficult to care for than a smooth mirrored panel.

mirror mosaic

Such material in the interior is used to expand the space, so when decorating a small kitchen, such an apron will come in handy. A reflective surface will also help improve the proportions of the room. For large kitchens, preference should be given to mirror tiles or mosaics. Their shape may vary.

Mirror apron for the kitchen will make the room brighter. Several built-in lights above the surface can replace the local lighting of the entire area. Mirrors will "double" the number of light sources.


Like any other material, mirrors have advantages and disadvantages, ohwhich you should know before making a final decision on finishing the kitchen. The advantages of coatings include:

  • Smooth and no pores. Thanks to this, all dirt is easily removed from the surface with a glass cleaner.
  • Resistant to aggressive impact. A mirror apron for the kitchen will only suffer if hydrofluoric acid, which is not used in everyday life, gets on the surface.
  • Hygiene. Features of the material do not allow mold and mildew to settle on the kitchen apron. Any microorganisms can be easily removed from the panel using disinfectants. The mirror surface will not be affected.
  • mirror tiles
  • Durability and safety. An apron made of modern tempered glass, installed in compliance with the technology, is very difficult to break. Even if you try to do it on purpose. With proper care, this finish will last for decades.
  • Stylish appearance. A mirrored apron is able to decorate and make even the simplest kitchen original.


The finishing material also has disadvantages:

  • Despite the special properties of tempered glass, it is still less impact resistant than ceramic, stone or wood.
  • Scratches. The surface must not be cleaned with abrasive substances. Small scratches will make it cloudy and unattractive.
  • Frequent care. On the mirror surface, dirt, drops of grease and water look more noticeable, so the apron will have to be wiped more often.
  • Order.The reflective properties of the material visually "double" the number of objects on the table, and the room looks cluttered. A kitchen decorated with a mirrored apron should be kept in perfect order.


Mirror aprons come in three types: panels, tiles and mosaics.

Panels are a continuous canvas up to 3 meters long. A corner or U-shaped kitchen can be decorated with cast material, while the joints will be only in the corners. The canvas is produced light, with tinting, etched pattern. You can decorate it with stained glass painting. The classic white kitchen with a mirrored apron looks very impressive. The room looks stylish and elegant.

Mirror tile for kitchen backsplash is also a popular solution. It is made in standard rectangular and square shapes. The tile imitating brickwork looks original. Caring for it is more difficult than for a solid panel. The fact is that the joints between the elements are covered with silicone sealant, the surface acquires a relief, and dust and grease collect on the seams. Removing dirt from recesses is more difficult than from a glass plane.

mirrored "brickwork" in the kitchen

Mosaic is suitable for spacious kitchens in loft or classicism style. It is a set of small elements assembled on a flexible plastic mesh for ease of installation. A kitchen apron with a mosaic assembled from particles of different shapes and sizes looks amazing. The light is refracted in the edges, and the wall shines as if strewn with crystals.

beautifulmosaic in the kitchen


An apron made of mirror tiles or mosaics is installed using a technology similar to working with ceramic tiles. The seams are covered with transparent silicone sealant.

Panels are hung or mounted on tile adhesive. In the first case, the wall is leveled, covered with an antifungal compound. Holes are made in the canvas for fasteners. To do this, you need a diamond drill. During operation, the surface of the mirror must be constantly cooled so that it does not crack from overheating caused by friction. At home, you can do this with a thin jet of water. At the marked points drill holes for fasteners. Next, the mirror panel is mounted to the wall using special fittings. The attachment points are covered with decorative caps. Corner joints are covered with silicone.

The process of installing the panel on tile adhesive is similar to laying tiles, however, it requires preliminary leveling of the surface.

antique apron

Care and reviews

Caring for a mirrored apron is easy. Use glass cleaner or a soft cloth to clean it. The most heavily polluted places are located next to the stove and sink. Due to the fact that the surface of the apron is not afraid of chemical attack, it can be cleaned with conventional means to remove grease and limescale. The main thing is that they do not contain abrasive particles that can scratch it.

According to the reviews, the mirror kitchen apron looks incredibly beautiful and easy to use.Some owners report that the matt patterned panels are difficult to maintain and that the silicone between the mirrored tiles is darkening.

mosaic apron


Mirror apron in the interior of the kitchen is a stylish and original way to decorate the room. With it, you can make a small kitchen visually larger and lighter, and harmoniously combine the space in a spacious one.

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