Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven: features and benefits

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Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven: features and benefits
Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven: features and benefits

The stylish modern functional Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven, thanks to its power, quickly heats up cooked food, and can also cook food in a short time. This kind of device has many positive aspects.

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The most significant advantages of this model are the presence of:

  • steaming functions;
  • extensive automenu;
  • three-dimensional microwave distribution systems.

The Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven effectively defrosts food while being energy efficient. Such equipment is directly mounted in kitchen furniture, as a result, the most comfortable working area is created. These ovens are manufactured using innovative technologies that allow the heat generated during operation to be removed without harming the furniture.

Cooking food is quite easy because the appliances are equipped with automatic programs. Duringcooking, the air is not saturated with odors and almost does not heat up. The stove takes up little space, it is much easier to clean than a simple oven. Since the heating time is reduced, more useful microelements and vitamins are retained in the products, for example, no more than 25% of vitamin C is destroyed, and when cooked on a conventional stove - 60%. In the microwave, when defrosting, the cellular structure of products is not destroyed, they do not lose their taste and nutritional value.

Cons include the lack of convection and grill modes, as well as the fact that it is impossible to save your own recipes in memory.

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General Features

Manufactured by Samsung. The dimensions of the Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven are as follows:

  • width - 489 mm;
  • height - 312mm;
  • depth - 350 mm.

The pallet has a diameter of 288 mm. The internal volume is 20 liters. Control type - electronic. There is a display. Such an oven weighs 12 kg.

Design and equipment

This model comes in a silver color design. There is a convenient button to open the mirrored door. The glass is almost black. The walls of the working surface are covered with a special coating - bioceramic, which has antibacterial properties, it is absolutely not difficult to take care of the microwave. This coating does not crack from prolonged heating, and also does not absorb fat. To clean it, you do not need to use expensive detergents. If a dish with a pungent odor is being prepared, then you canset special mode. The fan will quickly prepare the technique for reuse. The model is equipped with a special container designed for steaming.

Design flaw is that fingerprints may remain, but they are easy to wash off. The Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven, which reviews are mostly positive, has very small and not very prominent buttons, you will have to get used to this size.

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Management and programs

Management is carried out using an electronic panel and convenient switches. The working chamber of the stove has:

  • LED display;
  • backlight;
  • timer;
  • swivel table.

A beep will signal that the cooking process has ended. Sound power can be selected. This model is equipped with automatic programs that are used to prepare various dishes, there is also a steam function. There is a quick defrost technology that thaws food evenly and quickly.


Microwaves in the Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven, thanks to I-wave technology, propagate in a spiral. This ensures uniform and deep penetration of heat along the center and edges. There is a child lock feature. The presence of six power levels allows you to choose the optimal program, which combines fast heating and the lowest energy consumption.

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Auto keep warm mode

The Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven has an automatic reheat function that includes three pre-programmed times. There is no need to set the cooking time and power, you can set the number of servings. First place the food on the turntable and close the door. Then press the "Auto heating" button, select the type of dish to be prepared and the size of the serving. The food will begin to cook. As soon as the process ends, four beeps will be heard to remind you that the cooking is finished. The display then returns to the current time. For cooking, you must use utensils specially designed for microwave ovens. Before use, especially for the first time, it is important to read the instructions for the Samsung FW77SSTR built-in microwave oven.

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