Electric built-in oven: selection criteria. Built-in electric stoves and ovens: reviews

Electric built-in oven: selection criteria. Built-in electric stoves and ovens: reviews
Electric built-in oven: selection criteria. Built-in electric stoves and ovens: reviews

The oven in the kitchen is one of the important tools in many culinary experiments. However, the modern range of household appliances often leads to confusion when you need to choose one thing. Things get especially complicated when an electric built-in oven is required. It is important to know how to make the right choice, as well as what technical characteristics and functions this or that type of equipment is characterized by.


The built-in electric oven is an excellent assistant to the hostess in the kitchen, so it is so important to know how to choose it correctly. The following can be mentioned as the first and important parameter: such devices are distinguished by greater power and functionality in comparison with free-standing ones, as well as their internal dimensions. Of course, the cost of built-in models is an order of magnitude higher, but in the end they justify themselves. Most eminent manufacturers have completely abandoned the release of stand-alone models. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase this option exclusively inin cases where it is not possible to install a built-in oven or there are financial restrictions.

Built-in electric oven


This indicator is very important when choosing, as the efficiency and convenience of working with the device in the future depend on it. An electric built-in oven can be characterized by a power of 2-4 kilowatts, which is enough for most consumers. This indicator has a direct impact on the maximum temperature at which food will be cooked. The coolest models with a capacity of 35 kilowatts or more are, for example, Bosch HBG 76R560F, Pyramida F 120. The maximum temperature in them is 500 degrees Celsius. However, this falls under the category of interesting features, not advantages, since cooking requires temperatures of no more than 220 degrees. Therefore, in the absence of the need to work in high temperatures, it is enough to have a model with a capacity of 2, 503 kilowatts, delivering up to 250 degrees.

Camera volume

An electric built-in oven, the price of which is from $ 350 and above, usually has a volume of more than 50 liters, which is considered normal for solving the tasks, that is, cooking at home. However, there is a technique characterized by smaller sizes, that is, 20-30 liters. The acquisition of such options is appropriate in the case when it is not possible to install a device with full dimensions. For comparison, it can be noted that freestanding ovens are characterized by a volume of no more than 30 liters.

The standard for ordinary cabinets are 60x60x55 cm. At the moment, there are electric built-in ovens 45 cm, which are focused on use in furniture of a special configuration. Also today, models equipped with two independent cameras are offered, but their width reaches 100 cm. The cost of such equipment can hardly be called average, so it should not be considered very carefully. The correct option is to choose a model with standard dimensions, since most manufacturers produce them, which guarantees an affordable price.

Built-in electric ovens 45 cm

Cleaning method

At the moment, there are ovens that are cleaned using one of the methods: traditional, pyrolysis or catalytic. Each of them should be considered in more detail. The essence of the traditional method is that the inner walls of the oven are covered with special enamel. It turns out that to clean the internal surfaces, you need to arm yourself with detergent and sponges and begin the complex washing process.

The catalytic method assumes that the inner walls of the oven are covered with a special enamel with pores that promote the decomposition of fat and its removal directly during cooking. If you liked just such an electric built-in oven, the instruction will contain information about this. However, most often in reality, everything is not so rosy, so you will need to arm yourself with a cloth with detergent again to deal with the remnantspollution.

The pyrolysis method is considered the most efficient and progressive. Electric built-in ovens (45 cm wide) with a similar function save your time and effort. The essence of the method is as follows: when the corresponding mode is turned on, the chamber of the device heats up to 600 degrees Celsius for a short period of time, which is enough for the fat accumulated on the walls to burn out. Then you just have to open the door, let the walls cool, and then remove the remaining ash with a cloth. Equipment equipped with the possibility of pyrolysis cleaning has only one significant drawback - it is much more expensive than conventional devices. There are several models of ovens with this function, which are the most popular: Electrolux EOB 53410 AX, Bosch HBA 23B263E, Gorenje BO75SY2B. There are also more affordable ones: Electrolux EOC 3430 COX, Beko OIE 25500 X, Bosch HBA 63B265F, Siemens HB 63AS521.

Built-in electric oven reviews

Equipment and functionality

Modern built-in electric stoves and ovens are characterized by a fairly rich functionality, including the presence of a timer and convection. The last one is worth mentioning. In fact, convection is provided by the presence of a fan in the oven chamber, which drives air and ensures faster and more even cooking. Some models use double convection, but it does not provide any special advantages over simpler options. The grill function is another modern option that 99% of modernovens. It is with its help that you can get that very ruddy crust on food that many people like so much.

Spit is an option that only some models can boast of. If you are a fan of grilled chicken cooked on a spit, then you should look for such a device. There are several good options with this feature: Electrolux EOC 5951 AOX, Hotpoint-Ariston FH 1039 P IX.

Oven electric built-in instruction

New additions

Manufacturers do not stop there, so in some models you can find functions such as a double boiler, microwave mode, a retractable trolley, a thermal probe, as well as other, even more exotic ones. Very often people succumb to the temptation and purchase the most sophisticated devices equipped with a mass of additional modes, and as a result they use only those functions that can be found in the cheapest options. And here you can give very valuable advice: try to decide before the final choice which of all this is really useful to you. It makes no sense to overpay for the presence of pizza stones or a double boiler in the kit, which you will never use.

Bosch built-in electric oven

Control types

In this case, we can talk about the presence of a certain trend - the higher the cost of equipment, the more electrified its management. It turns out that if you have a device worth $300-400 in front of you, then in 9 cases out of 10 it will be equipped with mechanical control knobs. Such ovenselectric built-in - "Ariston" or another brand - do not have a display, and the indicators used in them are only mechanical. For the appearance of an electronic screen on the device, you will need to throw another 100-200 dollars. There are models that cost more than 700-800 dollars, they have not only a large functional display, but also touch controls.


If we talk about what brand the oven should be, then the situation is similar to choosing any other household appliances. The models of Swedish, Austrian and German manufacturers, which are assembled directly at home, are recognized as the highest quality. Most often we mean Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens. You should be wary of little-known manufacturers, for example, DEX, Mirta, Saturn, Ariete, Vimar. There are also representatives of the middle price category, which include Hotpoint-Ariston, Gorenje, Beko, Zanussi.

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There are certain safety rules that must be observed when operating an electric built-in oven. Reviews of a particular model can demonstrate the features that users had to face. But there is also a list of generally accepted precautions:

- do not allow children to be near the oven and contact the control panel in the absence of adults;

- in the cold season, the oven should not be used as a heating device;

- before turning onappliance, any unnecessary items should be removed from it;

- after each use of the appliance, you should wipe off all stains and splashes that have appeared on the internal panels, and you must also constantly monitor the cleanliness of the grates and baking sheets, periodically wash the appliance from the outside, especially if there is a touch control panel.

Some models have an automatic shutdown feature that activates when the device is used for an excessive amount of time or when it overheats. The Bosch electric built-in oven is equipped with an auto-lock system that can be activated by pressing a special button, which will prevent children from opening the door during operation of the appliance or turning the controls into action.

Built-in electric ovens Ariston


As you can see, there are several simple recommendations for choosing a much-needed device in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what you choose in the end - electric built-in ovens 45 cm or models of standard sizes, the main thing is that the device will serve you for many years. By choosing the right equipment, you can count on the convenience of cooking for the whole family. With the new oven, you can safely master baking recipes that previously scared you because of the discrepancy between the capabilities of the existing device.

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