Siemens built-in microwave ovens: types, classification, specifications, selection tips, instructions for use, owner reviews

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Siemens built-in microwave ovens: types, classification, specifications, selection tips, instructions for use, owner reviews
Siemens built-in microwave ovens: types, classification, specifications, selection tips, instructions for use, owner reviews

If harmoniously selected furniture is responsible for the comfort in the kitchen, then all the responsibility for convenience lies with household appliances. It's nice when a new miracle of technology, selected with special love for the household, succinctly fit into the interior. But it is even more pleasant to replace the "stuffing" of the kitchen entirely, using the vision of modern designers. So, in the life of a housewife, electric assistants appear, which are mounted according to certain rules, this keeps the maximum working space free.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of embedded technology experts call its practicality and convenience. The characteristics of such household appliances allow you to save electricity. Kitchen shelving works as soundproof enclosures, greatly reducing noise. Some housewives fear the difficulty of repairing or replacing equipment in the event of a breakdown. Installers assure that it is much easier to install a built-intechnique than its heavy counterpart.

A significant disadvantage of such devices is the high cost. It is also believed that the amount of time spent on selecting the appropriate design of built-in appliances is several times more than buying individual segments of kitchen utensils.

What can make life easier in the kitchen?

Undoubtedly, the best representatives of cooking equipment include the following appliances brands Tefal, Moulinex, LG, Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, Siemens: built-in microwave, oven, hob, extractor hood, refrigerator, dishwasher.


Indispensable in the kitchen will be household items placed on brackets and additional surfaces: a multicooker, a bread machine, a toaster, a juicer, a yogurt maker. And if everything is not so difficult with small items, then the choice of basic assistants imposes a certain responsibility. So, the most commonly used household appliance after the kettle is the built-in microwave oven.

Siemens is recognized as a leader in the optimal ratio of price and quality of goods. The most expensive brand in the world of household appliances is Miele. And Bosch equipment is especially popular in Russia.

Siemens range

Siemens range

The company positions itself as a manufacturer of aesthetic household appliances produced according to world standards. The basis for the success of products are not only design ideas, but also technical innovations. Yes, in mostSiemens built-in microwave ovens use an inverter system that reduces preheating and defrosting times by 1/3. For sale on the Russian market, the manufacturer offers a dozen types, classified by power, volume of the working chamber, overall dimensions, color and design. Most of them are assembled in the UK, which increases the cost of the goods several times. Budget options are completed in China. Almost every version of the brand has found its client. The most famous modifications today are Siemens HF15M564, BE634LGS1, BF634LGS1, BF634LGW1, BF525LMS0 built-in microwave ovens.

Siemens HF15M564

One of the cost effective options made in China. The original mix of colors, black and steel, will perfectly fit into modern design. Small overall dimensions of 38, 2x59, 4x31, 7 cm expand the range of embedding the furnace. The volume of the working chamber is 20 liters. The microwave has 5 different powers from 90 to 800 watts. For convenience of management, a multifunctional clock with a timer is built in. The package includes a 24.5 cm swivel tray and a 1.3 m Euro plug cable.

Siemens HF15M564

In the line of Siemens built-in microwave ovens, this option is quite difficult to mount. A qualified assistant or an experienced specialist in completing household appliances will easily cope with the task, and installing the appliance on your own will make the owner of the kitchen a little nervous. The average person will first have to unscrew 2 screws from the device, and thenattach an additional plate for greater stability. Other difficulties in installing and using the oven are not expected.


  • fair price;
  • heats food well inside;
  • complete with fan;
  • enough features;
  • strict colors;
  • non-irritating signal;
  • touchpad.


  • no automatic cooking mode;
  • small chamber volume;
  • fan noise during operation and a few seconds after cooking;
  • no strap to close the side gap;
  • stained due to easy fingerprints.

Siemens BE634LGS1

Siemens BF634LGS1

The Siemens BE634LGS1 built-in microwave oven belongs to the category of the most expensive Siemens representatives. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • assembled in the UK;
  • touch control;
  • automatic cooking in normal and combined mode;
  • presence of a grill function and an additional grate;
  • max power 900W;
  • with overheating protection;
  • glass tray instead of turntable.

According to consumer feedback, the oven heats food evenly and does a good job of cooking frozen convenience foods such as pizza or pasties.

A significant disadvantage experts call the regulator scrolling with clicks and a sharp sound when closingmicrowave oven. Some housewives also complain about the need to press several buttons in a row to set the desired mode. Over time, this shortcoming fades into the background. After several months of using the kitchen assistant, turning on any of the functions comes to automaticity.

Siemens BF634LGS1

Siemens BF634LGS1

If the buyer is not ready to spend money seriously and picks up household appliances of the middle price category, then he will be interested in the Siemens BF634LGS1 built-in microwave oven. In terms of overall dimensions, chamber volume and weight, this model does not differ from the first two representatives. Produced in the UK, it also has 5 power levels with a maximum level of 900 watts. The furnace is characterized by an inverter heating system and touch control. The multifunctional watch is equipped with many useful features. Automatic cooking of fresh and frozen vegetables, potatoes and rice is possible, but there is no grill and combination cooking function.

The microwave oven boasts a stainless steel interior, a special display that can be read from any angle, and bright yet economical lighting.

Siemens BF634LGW1

Siemens BF634LGW1

The main difference of the Siemens bf634lgw1 built-in microwave oven is the white color of the case. Some buyers find it stylish, especially when paired with a glass front panel. Others are afraid of whitekitchen, third, such a color scheme simply does not fit the design. Nevertheless, the oven has earned a lot of positive feedback.

Firstly, the inverter cooking system is considered the most advanced today. Secondly, many automatic heating and cooking programs will satisfy the most demanding housewife. Thirdly, interior lighting and light indicators on the panel greatly facilitate the culinary process. Also among the advantages, reviews note a special coating that protects against fingerprints. With it, household appliances always look perfect.

Siemens BF525LMS0

The budget options include the Siemens BF525LMS0 built-in microwave oven. The cost of this modification is two times lower than analogues with inverter heating. Given the Chinese assembly, buyers do not regard the oven as a serious helper in the kitchen. However, the equipment is not inferior to other Siemens representatives in terms of power, overall dimensions and volume of the working chamber. The manufacturer notes a lot of advantages:

  • CookControl function;
  • possibility of automatic cooking in normal and combined mode;
  • memory function;
  • cooling system;
  • child lock.

The inconvenience of using the oven can be called:

  • touch control;
  • no grill;
  • rotating stand.

How to choose your oven?

Design solution

Embedded installers recommendpurchase household appliances based on the design of the kitchen, ergonomics and the wishes of the housewife. Only she knows exactly how to save time in the kitchen. The preparation of meals and their serving should be accompanied by a minimum of expended energy. The built-in Siemens microwave oven will intelligently facilitate the cooking process. Family members can easily not only reheat food, but also prepare simple meals at home. Using a modern kitchen gadget will help to eat comfortably not only for lovers of semi-finished products, but also for adherents of proper nutrition.

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