The smallest microwave oven: dimensions and description. Disadvantages and advantages of small microwave ovens

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The smallest microwave oven: dimensions and description. Disadvantages and advantages of small microwave ovens
The smallest microwave oven: dimensions and description. Disadvantages and advantages of small microwave ovens

Microwave ovens have long won a place among household appliances. They quickly heat food and cook, defrost food, and perform other operations.

What to consider when buying

When buying a microwave oven, you need to decide on:

  • volume;
  • coated working chamber;
  • control type;
  • working principle.

Microwave volume

Varies from 8.5 to 41 liters. For one person who only plans to heat food or defrost food with it, a small microwave oven (10 liters) will be convenient. For a small family, a microwave oven with a volume of 15-18 liters is needed. Microwaves with a volume of 20-27 liters will be appropriate in a large family. Professional ovens up to 41 l are used in the kitchens of restaurants and cafes.

Camera cover

The inside walls are covered with various materials.

  • Enamel. This surface is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Bioceramics. She isscratch resistant and easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel. The surface is durable, beautiful, does not scratch. But the food in it burns.
  • Heat-resistant steel. Easy to clean, high temperature resistant. The disadvantage is that it scratches easily.

Control panel


  • mechanical;
  • touch;
  • push-button.

Mechanical protected against accidental activation, easy to use. Touch makes it possible to program the cooking process. Push-button is more reliable.

Microwave ovens have different functions. Simple ones only heat and defrost food. More complex ones have many programs and modes, many of which remain unclaimed. The price of these devices is much higher. Although the smallest microwave ovens are not always cheaper. After all, the cost is inversely proportional to the quantity of products produced.

Most modern stoves of medium and large size are equipped with a grill: quartz or heating element. The former heat up quickly, are smaller in size, and are easier to clean. The heating elements are cheaper, their position can be changed.

Three types of microwave ovens

  • Traditional.
  • Convection.
  • Combined.

Traditional are cheaper, but the quality of the food cooked in them is lower. Convection ovens have a heater and a fan to speed up cooking. Food cooked in such ovens is much tastier. And if you install a quartz lamp, then the food will taste like baked in the oven. Combined allow you to combine different modesand increase the range of cooked dishes.

Constantly new ideas and solutions appear on the market, more and more interesting. Daewoo has developed a smart microwave that reads the barcode of the food you are about to cook. Having learned the information, the oven contacts the manufacturer and consults with him how best to prepare the desired dish.

Small microwave oven

The dimensions of a conventional microwave do not always allow it to be placed in the kitchen. There is another drawback with modern stoves. They are very heavy. The average weight of a conventional microwave oven is 15 kg. You will not take this not only on a hiking trip, even on a car trip. It was for travel lovers that the first small microwave was invented. It will also be convenient for use in kitchens and offices where there is little space. Holds the smallest microwave oven 8.5 liters. Miniature microwave for offices allows you to warm up a cup of tea or coffee.

smallest microwave ovens

Beanzawave is the smallest microwave oven, measuring 18.8×15.7×15.0 cm. It is connected to:

  • USB port;
  • 220V adapter;
  • batteries.

It can be used on hikes and trains. Turquoise color, round shape. It has a protective screen and automatically turns off when you open the door. A certain level of microwave radiation is selected for a specific product. This contributes to better cooking.

small microwave oven 8.5 liters

Iwavecube Personal Microwaven is another small microwave. Dimensions 25×26×30 cm. The weight of this personal portable stove is about 5 kg. It holds a cup of coffee or a sandwich. Maybe it’s not worth taking one on a hike, but in a car it won’t hurt.

smallest microwave oven dimensions

Slightly larger, 38×27×25.5 cm, SPUTNIK ART-M1 portable microwave dimensions. It works at a voltage of 12 V and 220 V. It has three cooking modes. Made from durable plastic with a carrying handle. Weight a little over 7 kg.

The original form has a small microwave oven, the dimensions of which are 30.5×51.3×42.5 cm. This is a BRANDT SPOUTGF. From a distance, it looks like a children's toy Yulu.

small microwave oven 10 liters

The food placed in the oven is visible through the transparent dome. The product is quite spacious. The inner area is illuminated during operation. The diameter of the turntable is 28 cm. The microwave oven defrosts food. There are three levels of microwave heating, equipped with a clock and a timer (up to 60 minutes) to control the cooking time.

Whirlpool MAX 25 ALU Mikrowelle has a volume of 13 liters. Equipped with steam mode. Table diameter - 28 cm. Electronic stove control. There is a JetStart function - jet start.

Samsung MC285TATCSQ small microwave oven - convection type, with a volume of 15 liters and a weight of 18 kg. Dimensions - 51, 7 × 31 × 46, 7 cm. It has a grill with a power of 1250 watts. It is possible to combinemicrowave, convection and grill in various combinations. Defrosting is automatic, fast and customizable, it is possible to “remember” your own exclusive dish. The oven is equipped with a lock for accidental switching on. The waves are evenly distributed throughout the volume.

small microwave oven dimensions

Daewoo KOR-5A0BW has a volume of 15 liters. Enamelled steel inside. There is a breakdown. Touch switches allow you to select the desired operation.

A relatively small microwave oven, the dimensions of which are 59.4×31.7×36 cm, Electrolux EMS170060X with a volume of 17 liters. Fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. The electronic display allows you to see all the information about the dish being prepared. After defrosting, you can immediately continue cooking according to your favorite recipe or use one of the available auto programs. They will determine the right power for each dish.

Advantages and disadvantages

The smallest microwave ovens are convenient because they can be used as a portable device. They are small and much lighter in weight. But they don't have the features and useful features of a larger oven.

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