How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: ideas with photos

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How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: ideas with photos
How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen: ideas with photos

In the kitchen interiors of modern living quarters that are not connected to a central heating system, it is very often necessary to have a gas boiler. However, the appearance of this unit most often does not fit well into the surrounding design. Nevertheless, its installation is regulated by certain standards, as well as safety rules. In this regard, such a unit cannot be installed in any convenient place, and the question of how to hide a floor-standing gas boiler in the kitchen will become very relevant.

In most cases, there is a desire to remove it from the eyes, completely hiding it, or making its presence the least noticeable. Such a need arises if the room is decorated in a classic or country style. There are a number of recommendations that allow not only to remove an unwanted element from the eyes, but also to add attractiveness and functionality to the atmosphere. A photo,how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen are presented below.

how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen with your own hands

Ways to effectively hide

Before implementing the intended solution, it is necessary to take into account several important points. The gas boiler has a constantly working burner, and its operation periodically needs adjustments and adjustments. Therefore, it is very important not only to leave free access to the unit, but also to ensure reliable air circulation near its location. To solve this problem, you can use several options:

Use the design features of the room. Niches or columns are well suited for this purpose

Build a drywall structure that meets all requirements and allows you to decide how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen with your own hands;

  • Integrate the boiler directly into the working space of the kitchen set. To do this, you will have to create an individual item that provides the required conditions.
  • how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen with your own

It is important to remember that you must first establish the original location of the boiler, agreed with the relevant services. Only after that it is possible to make a decision on how to hide it from the eyes, having received preliminary consultations from competent specialists. How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen in a house made of timber? Photos, ideas - later in the article.

Use the possibilities of furniture

This solution is best suited if a parapet is installedboiler. This type of unit is not at all difficult to hide in a specially made cabinet. The design feature of this model of boilers is the method of air intake and exhaust gases. The thing is that both of these processes are carried out through one multifunctional pipe, so deciding how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen will not be difficult.

how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen with your hands

As a rule, this pipe goes into the wall from the rear plane of the unit, so it can be easily covered with a furniture cabinet. For this purpose, furniture items are most often made to order. If desired, you can build such a structure yourself, which will help you decide how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen.

Drywall construction

This method is best suited if the boiler is located in the corner of the room. In the case of installing a parapet boiler, there are no particular difficulties, because around it you can build a box of any configuration and supplement it with a functional door. However, if a unit of a different system is used, it is unlikely that it will be possible to build a compact box. It remains only to decide how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen in the corner.

hide the gas boiler in the kitchen with your own hands

In this case, it is recommended, having stepped back a regulated distance from the vertical wall of the boiler, to install a small thickness drywall partition. The height of the partition is arranged from floor to ceiling, and its width is determined by the width of the kitchen set adjacent to the other side. Access to the boilerwill remain free, but it will be in a niche, hidden from view, and the question of how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen will be resolved.

Other ways

It is best to select a heating boiler that best suits the interior of the room. However, manufacturers of this technique do not offer a large selection of shades. Only white colors are available, less often chrome options. It is good if the color of the kitchen set is made in light colors, allowing you to successfully use white equipment. If this condition is not met, first of all, care must be taken that the boiler is not in the most visible place.

how to hide gas in the kitchen with your own hands

The best way to change the color of the boiler to match its surroundings is to cover it with self-adhesive PVC film. When working with this material, follow the manufacturer's instructions and use caution. As a result of gluing, no air bubbles should remain on the surface. As an alternative, it is proposed to use heat-resistant paint of the desired shade, which will also be an acceptable solution to the question of how to hide the gas boiler in the kitchen.

Requirements for the location of the boiler in a private house made of timber

The current SNiPs dictate strict conditions related to the installation of gas boilers located in wooden buildings. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a clear refusal to put the system into operation. Basic Requirements:

the device must be provided with a chimney ifits design does not provide for an alternative way to remove exhaust gases;

installation is allowed in a separate room with an area of ​​at least 4 square meters, based on each individual unit;

room height must not be between 2.2 and 2.5 meters or higher;

width of the entrance doorway - at least 80 centimeters;

walls of the boiler room are allowed to be built from heat-resistant materials that do not support combustion, and a window must also be installed;

window size - at least 50 square centimeters;

the room must have an emergency exit to the outside;

there should be a vent at the top of the wall;

prohibited access to the living quarters

Only mandatory items from a long list of requirements are presented, which are dictated not only by the services of various departments, but also by existing SNiPs, as well as the fire inspectorate. Therefore, the question of how to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen in a house made of timber is losing its relevance.

like a gas boiler in the kitchen with your own hands

Methods for locating a gas-fired heating boiler

In modern conditions, two well-known methods of placing gas boilers in wooden buildings are used. One of them involves the installation of equipment for the heating system directly on the prepared floor surface. The second is designed to place the unit on the wall of an existing boiler room. When choosing one of the options, you must comply with separate requirements in each case.

Floor version

A gas boiler that involves this type of installation may only be installed on a platform made of concrete or steel sheet. The edges of the specified platform must have a release of at least 30 centimeters beyond the edges of the gas unit. In addition, among the mandatory conditions there is a rule for the location of the boiler, which prohibits placing it closer to the front door than one meter. The recommended distance from the installed equipment to the door is between 1.3 and 1.5 meters.

Wall mount

In practice, most often users come to the conclusion that it is more profitable to use a wall-mounted gas boiler in a wooden structure. There are several significant reasons for this. Firstly, the very location of the heating unit is more convenient.

how to hide the boiler

Secondly, most modern equipment has a low dead weight, as well as fairly compact dimensions. Depending on the height of the device, it can be located from 1.3 meters above the floor to 1.6 meters. The main advantage of this model is a shortened version of the chimney. In some cases, the pipe may extend from the back of the unit straight into the wall.

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