3M Respirator. Respiratory protection

3M Respirator. Respiratory protection
3M Respirator. Respiratory protection

Respirator refers to personal respiratory protection, providing a person with normal working conditions when exposed to harmful gases, vapors and dust. The 3M respirator is very popular with buyers. The company 3M, which produces it, pays great attention to the quality and reliability of products. Thoughtful products allow you to deliver purified air to the lungs without harming our bodies.

Goals and objectives

respirator 3M

Respirators are PPE that have a wide range of applications. For example, for industrial conditions one product is required, for use in medicine - completely different. Some respirators are equipped with valves, some with filters. Accordingly, the degree of their protection will be different. The most important advantages of the models are low breathing resistance and low weight, so you can stay in a respirator for a long time and quite comfortably.

Classification of models

Modern respirator mask is presented in various forms depending on the purpose, device, service life and type of protection mechanism. Depending on the purpose of the product, there are:

  1. Anti-dust. They are needed to protect the respiratory organs from various types of aerosols. They have filters made of fine-fiber materials, most often polymers. Their distinctive features include high elasticity, mechanical strength, high dust capacity.

  2. Gas masks. Such models are designed to protect the respiratory system from vapors based on chlorine and phosphorus, as well as organic vapors in the form of acetone, kerosene or gasoline.

  3. Gas and dustproof. Such respirators successfully cope with the protection of the respiratory system from gases, vapors, aerosols, even if they are present in the air at the same time. Such models are created from polymeric materials that have insulating properties.


The respirator mask is presented in two types. The first is a half-mask, on which the filter element is located on the front side. It is carried out in different design solutions, while similar products differ in degree of protection. The second type of masks has breathing valves and a filtering structure, while sorbents and filters can be changed.

Depending on the mechanism of protection, all respirators are divided into filtering and air-supplied. The filtering respirator assumes that the air passes through a special layer in which the air is purified from harmful impurities. At the same time, such models are supplied with detailed instructions, which indicate what is the minimum particle size that can be retained by the filter. A respirator with a supply implies a supplyair or through an individual cylinder, or through a special cartridge, where its production is carried out through a chemical reaction.

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Features of 3M products

The 3M Respirator is a great way to protect your respiratory system and keep air circulating in dusty or gassy environments. Under this trademark, a number of products of various designs are produced - from a filtering half mask to a full mask. The distinctive features of the products of this brand include the following:

  1. All personal protective equipment is created on modern and high-tech equipment, and each stage of production is carefully controlled.

  2. The company offers a wide range of respirators to ensure user comfort.

  3. The 3M respirator is based on a special multilayer fabric that provides effective filtration with reduced breathing resistance. Using quality materials is a guarantee that you can protect your respiratory organs from harmful substances.

  4. The light weight of 3M models makes them comfortable and easy to wear. Each of them has high-quality flat elastic bands that provide a secure fit. Exhalation valves also provide comfort.

  5. Respirators of this brand can be used at any temperature conditions.

3M Series 9300

respirator photo

Perhaps the most popular 3M respirator is the 3M 9300 model.created to protect the respiratory system from aerosol particles and can be used even at nuclear industry enterprises. The main feature of these models is the unique three-panel design. If we fold it, then we will have a filtering half-mask of small thickness in front of us.

Each respirator comes in sealed packaging for easy transport. The unique design and the use of high-quality filter material ensure low breathing resistance and comfortable wear.

Main differences

This 3M Particulate Respirator features the following features.

  1. Three-panel design and quality materials, so you can find a mask for each user.

  2. Inside the mask there is a clip that gently fixes the respirator on the bridge of the nose.

  3. The inner part of the model is made of hypoallergenic fabrics, which ensures the safety of its use.

  4. Low profile allows for unobstructed visibility.

Increased comfort

The 3M 9332 respirator attracts attention because it is able to provide effective protection against fine dust, oil and water mist, and metal fumes. It is advisable to use this model in conditions of high dustiness, when working with heated metals or asbestos. This model also has a three-panel design, which ensures a comfortable fit to the face. Special parabolic valve, which is built into the respirator,removes moisture and heat in a timely manner, so you can avoid fogging glasses.

9300 series is a premium product. In this series, another half-mask respirator attracts attention - 3M 9925. It is designed to protect the respiratory organs from welding fumes, while the models are lightweight, efficient, and comfortable. Due to the convex shape, the product is comfortable to wear, and a special exhalation valve removes moisture in time, which is very important when working with high temperatures. This model can also be used to filter unpleasant odors, such as paint or varnish.

filtering respirator

Economy class models

The 3M 8101 respirator is one of the most affordable (it costs only 20 rubles). At the same time, the model effectively protects the respiratory system from dust, liquid and solid particles, smoke and fog. This mask has an activated carbon filter layer, while its design is cup-shaped, due to which the mask fits well on the face. There is no valve in this model, but its advantages include:

  1. Effective protection, even when it is required in conditions of high or, conversely, low temperature or humidity changes.

  2. The mask has found wide application in industries such as iron production, steel casting, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, home and agriculture.

  3. Special filter material works stably.

  4. Provides reliable protection against dust, water and non-volatile particles.

Model ZM 8101

Another affordable model is 8101. For such a 3M respirator, the price is about 20 rubles. This model successfully copes with the protection of the respiratory system from fine dust particles, heavy substances that are contained in the air. Its use is advisable in medical institutions and laboratories, agriculture and mechanical engineering, during repair work.

In the low price segment (up to 50 rubles apiece), a respirator with a 3M 8112 valve is presented. It is convenient, widely used in various production processes, as well as in construction work. Handles moderate soiling well. Special protective equipment is expressed in the presence of a parabolic exhalation valve, sweat-absorbing pads on the nose clip, an elastic hypoallergenic inner layer. The straps can be attached to 4 points, which ensures a good fit to the face.

9320 Models

respirator 3M 9332

The main task of respirators is to protect the respiratory organs. A reliable model is 3M 9320, which is used to protect against polluted air, dust, fog, smog, oil mist. The features of this model include the following:

  1. Low breathing resistance.

  2. Filtration efficiency.

  3. Breathing easier.

  4. Original design.

  5. The ability to select a mask for the features of your face.

  6. Possibility to combine with goggles.

This is a very comfortable and easy to use respirator. The photo shows how securely it is fixed on the face, which gives a good and comfortable fit.

Full face masks

3M also produces full face masks, which are economical, easy to maintain and use, and light in weight. A special mounting method allows the connection of a wide range of lightweight filters. They are needed to protect the respiratory system from various harmful effects. The distinctive features of such products include:

  • soft and hypoallergenic;

  • wide view;

  • resistance to mechanical impact and shock;

  • special cooling valve to minimize heat and sweat buildup;

  • Double filter design for low breathing resistance.

Features of half masks

half mask respirator 3M

Another popular product of the 3M brand is bayonet-mounted half masks. The main advantage is the ability to attach a wide range of lightweight filters that will protect against harmful substances in various forms. The mining industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and laboratory research are the main areas where such a respirator is used. The photo shows how comfortable this mask fits the body.

Respirators that forcibly supply air are very popular. The main task of thesedevices - to provide the respiratory organs with clean air, which is convenient when working in industrial areas with hazardous pollutants. 3M has developed a range of industrial respirators that have a special filtration system and forced air supply for use in hazardous industrial environments.

Features of models

The main advantage of such models is reliable respiratory protection, so that labor productivity in your production will become even higher. A well-thought-out air supply system, combined with various protective functions, ensures that the worker's body is reliably protected from harmful effects.

Special attention deserves a light, loose-fitting respirator. The photo shows that this is a very comfortable thing. The company itself says that such respirators and hats are created using a computer so that it is possible to come up with new options for fitting and adjusting sizes. And this, in turn, serves as a guarantee that each mask will be worn comfortably.


aerosol respirator 3m

3M brand respirators are high quality products that require minimal maintenance and are characterized by stable protective functions. Thanks to the lightweight design, even when wearing masks for a long time, there will be no feeling of discomfort, and besides, a comfortable view will open.

Elastic and hypoallergenic fabrics are used to create parts adjacent to the face, which will not harm or lead tothe occurrence of allergies. In addition, in a wide range of 3M models you will find respirators with various types of filters. Three sizes allow you to choose a model for the features of the face of a particular user.

Special cooling and ventilation systems ensure free breathing. And various types of filters are an opportunity to choose a product that will serve as an ideal protection in a particular aggressive environment. The basic rules for choosing a respirator include the following:

  1. Determination of the degree of danger.

  2. Determining the degree of risk in accordance with existing security standards.

  3. Choosing the right model to fully or partially protect your face.

  4. Studying the rules of operation. Respirators need to be able to put on correctly, ensuring a tight fit to the face.

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