Laminated hardboard - universal material

Laminated hardboard - universal material
Laminated hardboard - universal material

There are a large number of versatile materials that are used in various industries. Laminated hardboard also belongs to this category. It is actively used in the furniture business and in construction. It has a lot of advantages, which largely determined its popularity.

laminated hardboard

What is laminated hardboard? Material properties

Hardboard is understood as sheet material, which is produced using the technology of hot pressing of wood fibers. They are made from various woodworking wastes, such as sawdust, shavings, wood chips. Also, the composition of this material includes special binders, which significantly improve the physical and mechanical properties of the fiberboard.

Fibreboard surface is rough. Such plates are also called unfinished. They are usually used in rough finishes. Laminated hardboard is a fiberboard, at least one side of which is covered with a special protective layer. Such a hardboard is called ennobled. On the front side of such material canbe also applied a decorative pattern.

Laminated hardboard has the following advantages:

  • Durability. The service life of the material exceeds 20 years.
  • Resistant to mechanical stress. This material is not easy to break. Of course, it all depends on the thickness of the material. In addition, high-quality laminated coating is resistant to various scratches.
  • Fire resistance. The presence of various modifying additives ensures poor flammability of the material.
  • Moisture resistance. This indicator is very important. It means that the laminate flooring can be cleaned with wet cleaning. This makes it much easier to care for him.
laminated hardboard for tiles

Use of laminated hardboard

As mentioned earlier, laminated hardboard is a versatile material. It is actively used in the manufacture of furniture. It is used to make the walls of cabinet furniture, as well as the bottoms of drawers. Also, this material is widely used in the manufacture of interior doors.

In construction, laminated hardboard has also been widely used. They cover walls and ceilings. In some cases, it is even placed on the floor. Laminated hardboard "under the tile" is often mounted in kitchens. This is due to the fact that outwardly such a decorative coating looks decent and at first glance it is not even always clear that the wall is sheathed with sheet material, and not lined with real ceramics. And, most importantly, the laminated coating can be washed. And in a room such as a kitchen, the possibility of wet cleaningwalls are vital.

The use of this material in construction was largely determined by the ease of its installation. Walls or ceilings do not need to be leveled first. It is necessary to make only a crate. And then a hardboard sheet is attached to it, which covers a large surface area.

laminated hardboard price

The cost of the material also affects its widespread use. The price of laminated hardboard depends on many factors. This is the thickness of the product, and the presence or absence of a decorative pattern, and the content of various additives in it that improve performance. So, laminated hardboard with applied decoration and dimensions of 3, 2x2745x1700 mm costs about 380 rubles.

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