What is threadlocker?

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What is threadlocker?
What is threadlocker?

Threaded connections when performing various repair or construction work come across very often. And in most cases, you can't do without them. To improve the performance of such connections, you can use a special adhesive - thread lock. It can significantly improve the performance of such connections.

Working principle

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Threadlock Adhesive is very easy to use. It should simply be applied to the bolt. After drying, this liquid bonds metal surfaces, which provides a reliable and durable connection.


- Non-removable thread lock. It is also called red, since it is usually indicated by this color. Such glue is able to withstand high temperatures. It is commonly used on high temperature and rotating applications.

- Removable thread lock. It is usually blue, rarely green. It is used on low-temperature units, where the probability of spontaneous unscrewing is small. With its help, threaded connections are protected from untwisting during vibration exposure.

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Before applying threadlocker to a bolt, make sure that this measure is necessary. To do this, you should read the manual of the unit being repaired or try to independently assess the relevance of this operation. If there is one hundred percent confidence in the need to use this special fluid, then you can get to work. Glue from the tube should be applied to the thread of the bolt in the place where the nut will subsequently be located, i.e. Do not lubricate all fasteners. This will be an irrational use of a rather expensive material. During the tightening of the nut, the locking agent will spread itself over the mating surfaces, thereby ensuring uniform distribution.

Loosen bolts

Thread lock is used to make loosening of bolts difficult, and in some cases even impossible. But it happens that the fasteners for some reason need to be dismantled. It’s good if a blue fixative was used when twisting. In this case, for dismantling, you will have to make a little more effort than with the usual unscrewing of the bolt. If it does not lend itself in any way, then it can be slightly heated. This will allow you to easily remove it.

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In the case of unscrewing the bolts seated on the red retainer, you can’t do without a burner. Fasteners should be thoroughly warmed up, and then immediately unscrewed. Otherwise, after cooling, the red fixative may re-seize. If next to the unscrewed bolt there isplastic elements, then for their safety it is necessary to make a screen. For these purposes, a piece of asbestos cardboard is suitable. If it is not available, then tin is also suitable for the task.

What do consumers think about threadlocker

Reviews are one of the most effective ways to get the most accurate and critical information about the product you are interested in, about its actual performance during operation. Opinions about this glue are unanimous in that it is easy to use and also reliable. And this already says a lot about its weighty merits.

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