Steam room with their own hands. Just about the main

Steam room with their own hands. Just about the main
Steam room with their own hands. Just about the main

Who doesn't dream of having a good solid sauna on their land, in which they could warm their bones? Of course, the vast majority of the inhabitants of our country. And anyone, even a person who is not well versed in this matter, is well aware that the key link is the steam room. It is not difficult to build a bath with your own hands, it is much more difficult to do it right.

do-it-yourself steam room

Do-it-yourself sauna-steam room is built quite simply. Assembling the box is half the battle, it is necessary to correctly divide the interior space into appropriate zones and properly equip them. And in this matter, special importance should be given to the steam room. Let's talk about that.


You should start by determining the dimensions of the room allocated for the functional area. Firstly, the maximum number of people who can be in the steam room at the same time should be taken into account. Based on such data and your own dimensions, you can easily calculate the requiredsquare. Secondly, a do-it-yourself steam room should have a width sufficient for "exercises" with a broom: taking into account the arm span with a bath tool, this parameter should be at least 2 meters.

Arrangement of the steam room

do-it-yourself steam bath

It is also known from the school physics course that warm air rises. This factor must be taken into account when arranging a steam room. Several levels of seating or lying places should be provided. This approach will allow people with different temperature thresholds to be in the room at the same time.

Reduce heat loss

Steam room, made by hand, should provide long-term heat retention. The walls of such rooms should be built of materials with low thermal conductivity, i.e. they should isolate the heated air and should not heat up themselves. The most suitable material is wood. If the bath is built from timber or logs, then additional wall decoration is by and large not required. Things are quite different if the building is made of stone. In this case, thermal insulation of the walls is indispensable. To do this is quite simple. A frame should be fixed on the walls inside the room, in which it is necessary to lay a rigid insulation. For example, foam. Further, this structure should be covered with a thermal screen and closed with clapboard or wooden lath over the entire surface. Moreover, the sheathing must be done freely in order to leave the lumber the opportunity to expand. As a result, a person should only contacttree. The floor and ceiling should also be insulated to reduce heat loss and minimize the possibility of freezing.

Moisture out

how to make a steam room with your own hands

In order for a steam room, created with your own hands, to please for many years, you should take care of good ventilation. Air flow can be arranged through the door. In this case, not only the steam room, but also the washing room will be dried with a supply of heat.


These are all the key points that should be known to those who are thinking how to make a steam room with their own hands correctly. There are, of course, many other nuances, the knowledge of which may be useful in arranging this functional bath unit. But they are not as critical as those discussed in this article.

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