What is a manual bag sealer

What is a manual bag sealer
What is a manual bag sealer

Packaging is essential in any business. Its quality is of no small importance for the general attitude of consumers towards products. Therefore, this aspect of the company's activity should be given great importance. If polyethylene products are used as packaging, and the total volume of products is low, then a manual bag sealer is a useful and even necessary equipment.

General Description

manual bag sealer

Manual bag sealer is a kind of special packaging equipment. It allows you to firmly sew up plastic bags. Outwardly, this type of packaging equipment looks like a clamping mechanism with thermoplates. It is due to these heating elements that the packages are stitched together. The manual sealer is designed to work with polyethylene products with a thickness of no more than 200 microns.

This equipment is characterized by a system of pulsed heating of the thermal bar. That is, an increase in its temperature begins only in the process of brewing the package, at the moment it is lowered onto a polyethylene product. The heating time is usually controlled by a timer, which can be adjusted according towith needs.

manual bag sealer with knife

Different models of devices differ from each other in most cases only in power. At the same time, some products can be supplemented with options, including date stamping and other information data. There are devices that are equipped with a mechanical knife. Such equipment is capable of removing excess packaging material after sealing. The main advantage that a manual bag sealer with a knife has is to get a neatly made container.

Instructions for use

  1. Connect the device to a power source. If it is powered by electricity, then the plug of the equipment must be connected to the outlet. If the manual bag sealer operates on batteries, then they should be installed.
  2. Activate the device by pressing the corresponding button located on the equipment case.
  3. Place the package on the bar and press the lid for a few seconds. Under the influence of temperature, the polyethylene product will be sealed.
  4. In the last step, lift the lid and remove the packaging.


- Mobility. This equipment is small in size and light in weight. These features make it easy to transport the device to the place where you plan to use it.

manual bag sealer price

- Easy operation. Working with the device does not require the performer to have any specialized skills or abilities.

- High quality work. Package sealermanual allows you to get sealed packaging with a neat seam.


The price for a manual bag sealer depends on several factors. This is the manufacturer, the width and length of the seam, the presence of a built-in knife to remove residues, the power of the device and the maximum supported thickness of polyethylene products. So, the simplest copy will cost the buyer about 1,500 rubles.

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