Liquid glass

Liquid glass
Liquid glass

A unique, innovative building material - liquid glass - consists of solutions of potassium or sodium silicate with the addition of silicon dioxide obtained from quartz sand. This composition, combining with molecules of alcohol or water, creates a thin film on the surface treated by it, which protects against bacteria and contaminants. The material of this surface does not matter. Liquid glass is a universal antiseptic. Using it, you can not worry about the fact that a fungus, mold or any other microorganism will appear. This material is non-toxic, fire and explosion proof.

liquid glass

The effect of its use is not limited to simple antibacterial protection. The substance prevents the effects of ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures, repels moisture, while allowing the treated surface to breathe Using water glass, whose properties solve many problems, homeowners, builders get real economic benefits.

In particular, this innovative material significantly improvesresistance of the basement and foundation of the house to the negative effects of the atmosphere (temperature changes, humidity, precipitation). Liquid glass is the best option to provide the necessary waterproofing in the building. In addition, it can be used even in the construction of wells and pools. Using it as waterproofing will prevent water from seeping in and leaking.

liquid glass properties

A solution containing liquid glass, cement and water acquires a number of useful, from a practical point of view, properties. For example, using this building material, you can make a special refractory mortar. You can also prepare a primer that will retain all its useful properties. Liquid glass can be used not only as a component of various substances, but also separately as glue. Due to its good adhesion, it can bond cardboard, glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc.

Depending on the purpose of use, the type and shape of the treated surfaces, there are various ways to prepare glass for processing. Currently, it can be purchased both as a separate building material and as part of a specialized mixture or mortar.

liquid glass cement

Sodium silicate solution (water) is used in the manufacture of special concretes with certain properties (heat-resistant, fire-resistant), paints (fire-retardant). It is indispensable in the manufacture of lead silicate, silica gel, sodium metasilicate. It is used for the production of cleaning and washing substances, silicate paints. Found my materialapplication in agriculture, they are treated with trees in case of damage and pruning. In metallurgy, it is added as a binder in the manufacture of rods and molds. It is used both in foundry production as a flotation component and in the enrichment of raw materials. Widespread use of sodium silicate in various forms found in the fat, textile, pulp and paper, soap, textile industries.

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