Combination of colors in a kitchen set: photos of successful examples, designers' advice on choosing colors

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Combination of colors in a kitchen set: photos of successful examples, designers' advice on choosing colors
Combination of colors in a kitchen set: photos of successful examples, designers' advice on choosing colors

When thinking through the design of an apartment, it is important to choose the right combination of colors in the kitchen set, because this particular room is the most important for the hostess. The shade not only visually expands the space in the room, but also has a psychological effect on the person.

The correct combination of the color of the walls and the kitchen set will positively affect the mood, behavior, appetite of the inhabitants of the apartment (house).

Important points

The combination of colors in the kitchen set is an important step in thinking through the design of this room. To create an attractive and harmonious image, designers recommend using no more than five tones. For large items, soft and muted ones are suitable, and for small accessories, you can choose bright and saturated shades.

The combination of colors in a kitchen set should not be limited to two tones, as this design can quickly get bored.

Combination options

Designers divide the main combination of colors used in the interior into three types:

  • mixed;
  • solid;
  • contrasting

Fans of the first option prefer to buy kitchen sets of the same color, but with a variety of shades. For example, dark, light and pale. This combination of colors in the kitchen set contributes to the creation of a harmonious environment, perfect for a relaxing pastime.

Contrasting combination is suitable for elegant interiors. For example, you can use this technique when decorating a living room, which is combined with a kitchen. Also, a similar technique is appropriate in the studio.

With a mixed combination, one color acts as the main one. The rest play the role of additional.

How to create a beautiful color combination of a kitchen set? Professionals recommend avoiding excessive variegation, but not limited to the monochrome version. When planning flowers, consider the location of the kitchen.

For the north side, you can use warm tones, and for the south, cold shades. Let's take a closer look at the shades recommended for decorating kitchen sets by stylists.

Red color

It is considered a symbol of good luck and love. Red color and all its numerous shades charge with positive energy, help get rid of chronic fatigue and drowsiness. Psychologists believe that it is this color that has a powerful effect on the emotional state of a person. But with an overabundance of it in the interior, you can get the oppositereaction: rage and irritation of the inhabitants of the apartment (house). Designers offer a combination of red kitchen units with neutral beige walls. A great addition to the created image will be small gray accessories. This version of the interior contributes to a surge of new strength, increased mental performance.

Apron design

color combination kitchen set photo

He is an equally important functional component of the kitchen. When choosing a red headset, the apron can be created in a similar color scheme. Glass, brick, ceramic tiles are suitable as a material for work.

Currently, red-colored kitchens are very popular. Such furniture brings gloss and respectability to the kitchen, contributes to a quick awakening in the morning. Manufacturers often make the facades of kitchen sets in shades of red, complementing them with chrome and glass inserts and decorative elements.

Among the advantages of choosing furniture with red facades, mention should be made of its practicality and sophistication. A kitchen made in one color is now a rarity. Designers are trying to combine, for example, a red tint with gray or white, adding dynamism and expressiveness to the interior.

Psychologists are convinced that the red color increases appetite, so it should be present in the kitchen in small quantities.

Advice. You can not oversaturate the space with red shades. Too much leads toirritability, nervousness, constant conflicts between the inhabitants of the apartment

How to make the best combination of colors for a kitchen set? Photo of the finished design - a demonstration of the selection of additions to the red tint.

Orange shade

bright colors in the interior

It is considered a source of warmth and positive energy. It is the orange color that can charge you with a great mood, positive for the whole day. It suits expressive, cheerful people. How can you choose a color combination? The kitchen set, the photo of which is presented above, includes orange and white tones. This combination helps to strengthen the nervous system, increase mental work, relieve stress. An orange set of furniture is a great way to return to a full life after a serious psychological shock.

This headset will not hurt your eyes, will not get bored in a few months. Orange color is suitable for creating a cozy kitchen area, you can complement it with pistachio, peach, brown, gray shades.

Advice. It is not necessary to decorate the whole room in orange, it is enough to limit yourself to the facades of the kitchen set, complementing them with decorative elements on the work apron

By choosing curtains in beige shades to orange furniture, you can count on getting a complete harmonious look.

Green color

kitchen set color combination

Do you like the design in the photo? Is it possible to purchase a green kitchen set? Combination withwhat shades would be the best option for him? To find answers to these questions, we will give a small description of this shade. He is considered a harbinger of prosperity and stability. It is the green color that increases efficiency, tones. Therefore, it is perfect for decorating dining rooms, children's rooms, living rooms.

The photo shows a green kitchen set. The combination of colors of walls, floors, ceilings with furniture allows you to get a complete image inside the room. Numerous shades of color: pistachio, light green, lime, olive - give naturalness and freshness to the interior, bring positive energy into the space of the room.

Designers often combine cool shades of green with white, gray, brown shades, and warm colors complement yellow, chocolate, beige tones.

White tone

red kitchen cabinet combination

It's perfect for matching colors in a kitchen set. The brown shade is perfectly complemented by a white background, it looks solemn and elegant. Against a white background, green tones look bright and saturated. For fans of the classic color combination, designers recommend choosing white furniture with pistachio facades for the kitchen. The interior will become elegant and festive, will not have an irritating effect on the psyche.

Green color can be both the main color of the kitchen interior and an auxiliary decorative element. For example, you can lay out an emerald apron over the working area, pick up curtains, a chandelier in similar colors,other decorative items. The final element of the created image will be beautiful plants planted in green ceramic pots. A wide color palette allows each hostess to choose a variant of this shade, taking into account their taste preferences. It is quite possible to complement the image with LED lighting by placing it on the facades of the kitchen set.

Blue color

Its stylists consider it the color of serenity and tranquility. The blue headset helps to relieve the effects of severe emotional stress, get rid of negative energy, and fight insomnia. Furniture in such shades is suitable for those housewives who suffer from constant migraines. A kitchen set with blue facades will bring freshness and airiness to the interior, visually expand the space. Designers recommend furniture in blue tones for owners of small kitchens.

An excellent solution would be a combination of blue with snow-white elements.

Advice. When choosing a blue kitchen set, you need to be careful, because an overabundance of blue leads to overwork of people in the room

Combination of white and black

In furniture sets, black looks as good as white. A black kitchen set can hardly be called good taste, but in combination with white or gray shades, you can get an excellent result.

The “chess version” of the interior is only suitable for extravagant natures who own spacious kitchens.

Gray and brown colors

choose colors forheadset

Designers consider brown shades to be a universal and calm color. That is why numerous options are used in the design of kitchen furniture. They really look very impressive! It is quite possible to pick up a brown kitchen set in a spacious room. Color combination:

  • gray and chocolate;
  • gray and yellow;
  • grey and orange.

Neutral gray tone can be complemented with any other colors: yellow, black, white, green, orange. For several seasons, he remains a favorite in the design of kitchen interiors. Furniture in this color scheme is chosen by sensible and calm housewives who prefer comfort and coziness in their home.

With the help of brown and gray shades, you can create a harmonious interior in the kitchen, bring individuality to the room. In order for the colors to look organic, designers advise using them in combination with natural solid wood furniture.

Advice. When purchasing a headset in brown shades, you need to understand that such furniture is appropriate only for spacious rooms. In a small kitchen, dark shades will burden the interior

The combination of colors is an important point when thinking through the design of the kitchen, you must take into account all the details: the location of the room, its size, the style in other rooms.

Blue color

royal choice for the kitchen

Delicate turquoise, rich blueberry, bright indigo - these are shades of blue. Designers call it a royal shade. This color scheme allowsadd bright accents to the kitchen interior, fill the kitchen with coolness and freshness.

For many years, it was the blue color, complemented by gray elements, that designers used to design high-tech or modern kitchens.

Advice. To get a complete image, you need to choose high-quality lighting

Deep blue is used by designers in kitchens in combination with white marble. For example, furniture facades are chosen in blue shades, and the floor is decorated with white marble.

blue and blue color combination

Beige shade

Don't like the above tones? Thinking about what else you can choose a combination of colors in a kitchen set? Designers recommend a beige shade to fans of a classic elegant style. Such a headset is neutral, and when you add other tones to it, you can achieve interesting options.

Beige set can be used not only when decorating a kitchen in a classic style, but also when decorating a room in modern or high-tech style.

A few shortcomings include the need for frequent and high-quality cleaning.

Designers advise to "dilute" beige tones with gray, orange, yellow shades. An additional color is selected taking into account the location of the kitchen, its size.


The selection of a headset depends on what kind of hostess wants to see the kitchen after completing all the finishing work. Designers advise limiting yourself to two colors in a set of furniture selected for the kitchen. For example, the upper cabinets are decoratedin beige, and brown for the bottom.

Solid color sets fit perfectly in small kitchens. It is advisable to select one shade as the dominant color, and use additional shades for decorative elements.

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