Gemlux GL-SM5G: reviews, specifications, photos

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Gemlux GL-SM5G: reviews, specifications, photos
Gemlux GL-SM5G: reviews, specifications, photos

Kitchen machine Gemlux GL-SM5G reviews are mostly positive. The design of the device is classic, with a minimum number of control knobs and buttons. High-quality nickel-plated and paint-and-lacquer coating has no visible defects. The device looks very solid and beautiful.

The Gemlux GL-SM5G table mixer is used for kneading dough of different viscosities, beating eggs, mousses, creams, cream, minced meat production.

planetary mixer gemlux gl sm5g

Planetary mixer operates at 8 stirrer speeds and in "pulse" mode - short-term start at extremely high power.

The device has an aluminum body, painted in a golden hue, the tilting of the working head is provided for easy installation and removal of the bowl and stirrer.

Controls and Features

The handle turns gently, almost effortlessly, fixing at any speed with a barely perceptible click. Above the speed numbers there is an LED indicator of the start and operation of the device. The lifting of the upper working part of the unit is carried out by means of a spring-loaded lever locatedon the left on the same side as the speed control.

kitchen machine gemlux gl sm5g

Introduced a pulse mode (P), which is started by holding the handle in the lower left position and issuing maximum speed. This mode can be described as Turbo.

This function has a short duration. In this regard, when released, the handle will return on its own, not allowing you to continue working in the specified mode after a certain time.

The lower support part of the device is equipped with silicone suction feet (2+4 pieces), the force of which is attached to the surface of the table will be sufficient to ensure complete safety during the operation of the planetary mixer, preventing possible shifts and displacements.

kitchen machine gemlux gl sm5g: reviews

Testing on separation from a smooth tabletop clearly showed that it is difficult to move the unit, and it is possible to lift it only with great effort, given the solid weight of the device itself (8.5 kilograms).

Device package

Included in the package:

  1. 4.5L stainless steel removable bowl with carrying handle.
  2. Protective bowl cover.
  3. Wire whisk.
  4. All-metal flat beater (blade).
  5. All-metal special double hook (patented design) for high efficiency and fast kneading.

Wire whisk

The wire whisk is made of stainless wire, the ends of whichfirmly fixed in a plastic shank.

The latter has a transverse steel fixed rod-finger for fixing the nozzle in the cartridge of the device.

Protective cover

The protective cover is made of tritan (new generation copolyester), which is a lightweight, unbreakable, highly environmentally friendly plastic that does not lose transparency over time.

planetary mixer gemlux gl sm5g: reviews

This is a much-needed accessory for kneading dough at speeds that cause raw materials to be thrown out of the bowl and prevent unwanted splashing of surroundings and the interior of the room. The lid has a wide chute for adding food ingredients while cooking.


The container for kneading and whipping various ingredients is made of stainless steel by cold forging. The inner surface of the bowl is abrasive sanded to give a matte finish. The level of the maximum filling of the bowl (max) is also stamped on the inside. It is fixed in the mixer frame by turning it counterclockwise (when viewed from above) by a slight angle.

If desired and without a mirror, you can even look into it, the outer surface is polished so beautifully!

mixer gemlux gl sm5g: reviews

The cast flat beater and all-metal double hook for quick and highly efficient kneading of yeast dough are made of metal, obviously not an aluminum alloy, as they are quite heavy in weight (feel). Nozzle surfacehas something similar to a protective wear-resistant coating.

The handle is fixed to the body of the bowl by spot welding. The network cable is quite powerful (approximately 75 centimeters long), with a good cross-section and insulation, a Euro plug with grounding.

Planetary Mixer Specifications

Specifications are as follows:

  • number of speeds - 8 pieces;
  • rotate the bowl - no;
  • device type - planetary;
  • power -1000W;
  • turbo mode - no;
  • bowl material - stainless steel;
  • metal body;
  • bowl volume - 4.5 liters;
  • rubberized handle - missing;
  • protective cover on the bowl - available;
  • dough hooks;
  • number of nozzles - 4 pieces;
  • universal chopper – missing;
  • nozzle-blender - missing;
  • whisker - yes.

Additional information: 12 months warranty. During this time, it is not recommended to take any independent actions, even if it seems that everything can be fixed quickly. Otherwise, the warranty repair will be invalid.

Analogues of planetary mixer

Similar models with similar characteristics include:

  • Gemlux GL-SMPH5CR;
  • Gemlux GL-SM5R;
  • Gemlux GL-SM5.5.

Customer Reviews

Gemlux GL-SM5G planetary mixer reviews are mostly positive. And this is not surprising.

For example, some say thatlow cost you can buy a planetary mixer, which is functionally absolutely no worse than the famous "Kitchenade". It is worth noting a very large margin of safety of the gearbox, which is incorporated into the unit by specialists. In this regard, the device can be classified as semi-professional production equipment.

gemlux kitchen machine

According to reviews of the Gemlux GL-SM5G, an electronic method of stabilization and rotation control has been successfully introduced into the mixer. The electronic device closely monitors the rotation speed in any of the 8 modes, and in the automatic mode it is able to maintain the indicator at a constant level, regardless of the load on the working tool.

The experience of using the device for mixing, whipping various components and kneading tough dough clearly demonstrated that the mixer is able to cope with its functions for a solid five.

Some consumers feel that the Gemlux Planetary Mixer has exceeded all expectations and impresses with its robust design and high quality workmanship. Not a mixer, but a valuable purchase for the kitchen.

According to reviews of the Gemlux GL-SM5G, the device is able to beat, mix and knead the dough perfectly. The whisk reaches to the very bottom of the bowl (easily beats many eggs at once). Everything a housewife needs in the kitchen. It is important that the planetary mixer is delivered complete with a protective cover.

According to reviews, Gemlux GL-SM5G is very stable on the surface. There is absolutely no slip, noises are insignificant.

Mostbuyers are happy to recommend everyone to purchase the Gemlux planetary mixer. They believe that the device functions properly, it can cope with the test perfectly, the whites are whipped perfectly.

According to the many reviews of the Gemlux GL-SM5G, this is a comfortable, powerful and good unit, which many in the middle price category consider the best, since no other model has such a functional dough hook.

Perfect for kitchen use. True, people with higher demands need to purchase professional equipment (it is better not to choose at this cost). But otherwise, we can recommend the planetary mixer as an excellent alternative to famous brands. This device combines style and functionality well, given the relatively low cost of such a device.

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