Samsung SC5251: customer reviews, specifications, photos

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Samsung SC5251: customer reviews, specifications, photos
Samsung SC5251: customer reviews, specifications, photos

The Samsung SC5251 vacuum cleaner will become an indispensable assistant in the apartment. Reviews note that the vacuum cleaner is powerful, but not noisy. It has a compact size, cleans the carpet well, stylish and comfortable. Equipped with a reusable bag, mobile and ideal for a small apartment.

Description of the vacuum cleaner

Customers call the Samsung SC5251 in reviews a quality and reliable household appliance. They also note that it has all the necessary functions. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a modern filtration system, inside of which there is a HEPA 11 filter. It is thanks to it that the device is able to clean even heavily soiled surfaces and traps small particles up to 0.3 microns in size.

The vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments. Among them there is a brush for cleaning animal hair. It is indispensable for those who keep cats and dogs.

The device is ergonomic. It has a long handle, the size of which is adjustable. This allows people of different heights to comfortably use the device. Attention is also drawn to the special design of the hose, which ensures it360 degree rotation.

Samsung sc5251 reviews

The device has a convenient power regulator. It moves smoothly and allows you to select the desired parameter with one movement of the hand.


Reviews about the Samsung SC5251 say that the vacuum cleaner can clean any surface. This model has a classic look. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dust bag with a volume of 2.5 liters. Made in red, and its details are painted in black and gray. It is intended for dry cleaning of the room. Its maximum power is 1800W.

Vacuum cleaner samsung sc5251 reviews

The unit is equipped with a fine filter. What other characteristics of the vacuum cleaner can be distinguished?

  • The power regulator is located on the case.
  • Service radius 9.2 m.
  • Telescopic tube.
  • 410W suction power.
  • The machine is powered by electricity.
  • There is a dust bag full indicator and an automatic cord rewind function.
  • The noise level coming from the vacuum cleaner is 84 dB.
  • Electrical cord length - 6 m.
  • The appliance is 219mm wide, 269mm high and 350mm deep.
  • Weight is 3.7kg.

Vacuum cleaner set

Samsung SC5251 reviews prove that this vacuum cleaner can be considered reliable. Despite its small size, it easily copes with its tasks. And performance is not inferior to more advanced and expensive models.

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner is sold as follows:

  • Nozzles for a vacuum cleaner. Among them there is a nozzle for crevice cleaning, for floors and carpets, for dust. Also included is a brush that cleans surfaces from pet hair.
  • Instructions for use.
  • Warranty card.
  • 2.5L Reusable Waste Bag
samsung sc5251 vacuum cleaner

If the bag that comes with the kit becomes unusable, then disposable bags can be purchased at the store to replace it. Samsung SC5251 has a 12 month warranty. Produced in Vietnam.

Using a vacuum cleaner

In reviews of the Samsung SC5251 vacuum cleaner, many people praise it. They say that they did not expect decent power from such a compact device, and the device did not disappoint them. It perfectly cleans surfaces and because of its light weight even a child can use it.

Before use, the device is assembled strictly according to the instructions. Then connect to a power source and press the power button, which is located at the top of the power regulator. Once the dust bin is full, the indicator will change color.

Vacuum cleaner samsung sc5251 red reviews

The power regulator allows you to change the suction power. To reduce it, you need to move the damper of the duct so that the hole opens. At minimum power, those surfaces that need to be handled with particular care are usually cleaned: light carpets, furniture. Set to "maximum" when you want to clean the floor orcarpet.

This model of vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special belt that allows you to carry a household appliance on your shoulder. With it, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean steps, shelves, curtains and other surfaces located at a height.

Using attachments

The red Samsung SC5251 vacuum cleaner is often called powerful in reviews. They say that it fully justifies its price, is reliable and durable.

Before putting the device into operation, adjust the length of the tube. To do this, the length lock is moved from top to bottom. To check for blockage in the tube, shorten it - this way debris will be removed much faster.

vacuum cleaner samsung sc5251

This appliance comes with a dust brush. It allows you to easily clean the furniture. It is also used to remove dust from books and bookshelves. There is also a crevice nozzle included. It cleans batteries, various gaps that are difficult to clean in the usual way.

A two-position brush is used to care for floors and carpets. The nozzle has a lever that moves it to the correct position for the type of surface.

Additional pet hair brush included. There is also a special nozzle that allows you to clean the fabric surface. To collect this nozzle, you need to dock the cover with part of the front housing. After that, the nozzle is installed in place and the lid is closed. And the lock button is set to the LOCK position. This attachment is only for bed linen.


The Samsung SC5251 vacuum cleaner is able to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the hostess. The unit does not require special handling skills and can be used by anyone.

Samsung sc5251 bags

The bag supplied with the appliance must be cleaned every time it is filled. If it is out of order, you should purchase disposable bags that are suitable for this particular vacuum cleaner model, namely VP-54 paper bags.

The outlet filter needs to be cleaned from time to time during operation. To do this, it must be removed from the vacuum cleaner and knocked out by lightly tapping on the edges of the bin. After these manipulations, the filter should be returned back. You should not throw it away, because without it, all the dust will fall into the motor and the device will quickly become unusable.

The case of the device should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth as it gets dirty. They also take care of nozzles and other parts of the unit.


The Samsung SC5251 red vacuum cleaner can be easily purchased at any major home appliance store. Its cost fluctuates around 5 thousand rubles.

Samsung SC5251 vacuum cleaner: customer reviews

Vacuum cleaner samsung sc5251 red

This vacuum cleaner model has a lot of positive feedback. People note that the device is compact and lightweight. It has a large button that allows you to turn on the device with your foot, if necessary. It is also equipped with a convenient power regulator that turns smoothly and does not stick. Thanks to this, you can easilyset the desired mode.

The vacuum cleaner has an acceptable noise level even when operating at maximum power. Users note that the case is solid and durable, well assembled. The price of the device is fully justified by its quality.

Many people like the metal telescoping handle, which is conveniently extended, which allows people of any height to comfortably use this device. It is possible to put the vacuum cleaner in both vertical and horizontal position. A special slot is built into the unit, which allows you to fix the brush with the pipe on the bottom. People also like automatic cable winding. Owners of small apartments say that such a device is ideal for small spaces.

The disadvantages of users include a glossy case, on which scratches remain as a result of the operation of the device. Moreover, this feature is noted even by those persons who handled the vacuum cleaner very carefully. Another disadvantage is the absence of a handle on the bottom of the case, which makes it impossible to move the unit in a vertical position.

Users also note that extraneous noise appears in the fifth mode (there are seven in total). Some do not like the wheels of the apparatus. From their words, they look flimsy and unreliable. Users also attributed the length of the cord to the disadvantages, due to which you have to constantly switch the device.

Summing up, we can say that the Samsung SC5251 is a reliable and compact vacuum cleaner with an excellent price-performance ratio.

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