Baths "1 Mark": customer reviews, specifications, photos

Baths "1 Mark": customer reviews, specifications, photos
Baths "1 Mark": customer reviews, specifications, photos

Choosing a quality and functional acrylic bathtub is not easy. Today, the plumbing market presents a wide variety of proposals from manufacturers. Often, the buyer, finding himself among such an abundance and variety of goods, simply does not know what to choose.

1 bath brand customer reviews

Manufacturer of bathtubs “1 Mark”

Russian production and trading company "1 Marka" was founded in 2001. The production complex and the main office are located in Kazan. The staff includes more than five hundred specialists who work on the manufacture of European quality products that are not inferior to the highest standards of world brands.

The presence of our own design office, the use of modern technologies, the latest equipment, the availability of high-level specialists, as well as the desire for continuous improvement and development guarantee the excellent quality of manufactured products, which is combined with modern and original design solutions. importantThe advantage of the products of the company "1 Marka" is the affordable cost of manufactured goods.

This manufacturer specializes not only in the production of acrylic bathtubs, but also other sanitary ware. The company is developing products from scratch, taking into account all the needs of consumers. If desired, you can even make an individual order using your drawings. A wide range of prices (from 4000 rubles) makes products affordable for all segments of the population.

According to customer reviews, "1 Brand" baths produce excellent quality. Consumers appreciated the high quality of these products and real prices.

bathtub 1 brand modern


1 Marka manufactures and sells a full range of first-class sanitary ware and bathroom accessories:

  • bathtubs made of cast acrylic, custom-fitted with chromotherapy, hydro and air massage systems, cascade mixers, RGB lighting;
  • showers;
  • shower trays, corners;
  • shower panels;
  • sinks and miscellaneous bathroom furniture;
  • lots of bathroom accessories;
  • molded plastic products;
  • polymer concrete sinks.
bathtubs manufacturer brand 1

Bathtubs from 1 Marka

Plumbing products from 1 Marka have always been in demand. A large selection and the highest quality did not leave many consumers indifferent.

On the website of this company you can buy acrylic bathtubs of variousshapes and sizes.

Rectangular models

The most common models are rectangular baths. The company produces products not only for spacious, but also for very small rooms. Rectangular models can have original shapes, a comfortable headrest and handles.

direct bath


Angular models with a streamlined shape fit perfectly into any interior and create comfort. Baths "1 Marka" received the best reviews. Users noted that the bathroom in which such a font is installed looks just great, and it is a pleasure to take water procedures in it.

bath photo brand 1


The manufacturer pays great attention to models of asymmetric shape. According to reviews, "1 Marka" bathtubs have a unique and original appearance, which allows you to completely transform the room. An important advantage is that you can order a product of any configuration from the manufacturer. True, the cost of a custom order is higher than for products of standard models.


If the room is spacious enough, a round model from this manufacturer installed in the center of the room will look very effective. According to reviews, “1 Marka” bathtubs are very comfortable and roomy, so quite large people and even couples in love feel great in them. If you additionally buy hydromassage equipment, then a room equipped with a round-shaped font will become a wonderful place for a comfortable stay.

bathtubs 1 brand installation

Also, 1 Marka produces deep and comfortable jacuzzi bathtubs with the possibility of bathing together. Most of the models have a relief anti-slip coating, which protects against a possible fall, and also has a massage effect.

Distinguishing Features

Brand 1 bathtubs are different:

  1. Improved frame design.
  2. Strong structural steel.
  3. Protective polymer coating.
  4. Optimal arrangement of bearing supports for more even distribution of loads.
  5. Double safety margin (up to 1000 kg).
  6. Wide leg height adjustment range.
  7. Zinc plated studs.
  8. Optimal ergonomics.
  9. The depth of the acrylic bath (up to 58 cm) and improved ergonomics allow you to get the maximum effect and comfort from water procedures.
  10. Convenient removable panel.
  11. Spring panel fastening developed by the company's specialists, which ensures ease of installation and, if necessary, quick dismantling.
  12. Reinforced bead construction.
  13. Extra resilience. The presence of wall fasteners gives the tubs additional stability.
  14. Improved water flow. The horizontal planes of the product are made with slopes that ensure the runoff of water from the sides of the tub.
  15. Great selection of hydromassage features.
  16. Turbo mode for 50% more hydromassage power.
  17. A new generation compact pump withextended service life.
  18. Adjustable water jet direction with closing function.
  19. Filling the bath through nozzles, which provides additional comfort, noiselessness and preventive cleaning of the hydraulic system;
  20. The ability to install a protection system against starting without water, for example, in case of accidental actions of children.
  21. Using only quality materials.
  22. Compliance with all necessary standards in the manufacture.
  23. Reliability and thoughtful design.
  24. Attractive appearance.
  25. Democratic prices.
  26. Manufacturer's responsibility.


You can hear a variety of user reviews about 1 Marka products, ranging from unpleasant to the most enthusiastic. Most consumers say that they have never regretted such a purchase.

Baths "1 Marka" reviews received the following. Among the advantages, users noted low thermal conductivity. In the bath, the water cools rather slowly, and the surface remains warm for a long time. Good resistance to various chemicals is also noted. Plumbing manufactured by 1 Markoy does not rust and does not lose its original luster. In addition, there is the possibility of restoration of products. If defects appear on the surface, they can be easily removed by grinding and liquid acrylic. Also noted are such advantages as smoothness, due to which fungi and bacteria do not multiply on the surface of the bath. Pleases users and a wide variety of shapes and sizes, a ten-year warranty period, low weight,strength and good price. Installation of bathtubs "1 Marka" is quite simple. In addition, the products do not sag under heavy weights.


Baths "1 Marka" reviews are also negative. Among the shortcomings, users noted the following:

  1. Incorrect use may cause deep and fine scratches.
  2. Using strong chemicals when cleaning your bath can damage the abrasives in the powder.
  3. There is a risk of destruction of the acrylic bath from the fall of sharp or heavy objects, especially metal. Cracks may occur and the product will need to be repaired.
Bath Modern

Modern Bathtub

1 Brand Modern acrylic bathtubs are ideal for small spaces. They are elegant, simple and very comfortable. Thoughtful classic design and ergonomic design make it easy to fit into any interior. Despite the small size, the bath is quite roomy. Its volume is 130 liters. If desired, you can choose additional equipment (hydromassage installation, decorative elements, accessories), which will easily turn a traditional bath into an exclusive sanitary ware.

This acrylic bath "1 Mark" received the best reviews. Users noted the following pluses:

  • 100% cast acrylic for strength, whiteness, durability;
  • availability of improved frame design;
  • optimum ergonomics for maximum convenience and comfort while bathing;
  • reinforced bead structure;
  • convenient removable panel;
  • Special wall mounts provide extra stability;
  • improved water flow due to the fact that the horizontal planes of the product are made with a slope;
  • 15 year warranty.

Acrylic bathtubs "1 Mark" (photos provided in the article) are not only beautiful and modern plumbing, but also a guarantee of he alth and well-being for many years.

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