Samsung SC4140: reviews, specifications, features, photos

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Samsung SC4140: reviews, specifications, features, photos
Samsung SC4140: reviews, specifications, features, photos

Judging by the reviews, Samsung SC4140 is considered a real helper in the house. According to consumers, the vacuum cleaner has good power and thoroughly cleans the floor, carpet, and furniture. Has a beautiful design. Mobile. Has good technical characteristics. It is convenient to use and easy to maintain. Able to serve more than one year without complaints.

Description of the vacuum cleaner

If you believe the reviews, Samsung SC4140 is considered a quality household appliance. According to the owners, he is reliable and perfectly copes with his duties. Allows you to remove dust from the most inaccessible places.

The Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner is modern and high quality. Able to serve properly for a long period of time. It is equipped with two filters: standard and fine cleaning. It is intended for dry cleaning of the room. Powerful. The power parameter is changed by the regulator.

The device has a built-in option for automatic cord rewinding. The device is light in weight. Compact. Equipped with a convenient dust suction tube that is adjustablein height. The hose rotates 360 degrees for easy cleaning. This feature allows you to clean all places in the room without moving the vacuum cleaner.

This device also includes:

  • blowing function that allows you to clean the most hard-to-reach places;
  • dust bag full indicator;
  • dust brush used to clean the most vulnerable places;
  • 2-position floor and carpet brush equipped with switch;
  • crevice nozzle designed to clean the narrowest areas in the house;
  • double parking system, it can be used to fix the unit in two positions.

In this vacuum cleaner, all the collected debris goes into a reusable dust bag, which, with heavy wear, is replaced with disposable dust bags.


Samsung sc4140

The Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner, according to people's reviews, is considered inexpensive and of high quality. Some users note the blowing function, which helps to take care of computer equipment. They say that not only this option, but all other functions in this device work smoothly and efficiently. Completely fulfill their purpose.

The model of this machine is classical. The main color of the device is blue, the additional color is black. This unit is designed for dry cleaning only. Its power consumption is 1600 watts. The type of dust collector used is a 3 liter bag. Power is regulated on the top of the vacuum cleaner. Electric wire length 6 m,and the service radius is 9.2 m. The household appliance is made in Vietnam. Has a 12 month warranty.

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner

According to customer reviews, the Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner is considered stylish and mobile. It is said to meet all the necessary requirements, but does not have those innovative and completely unnecessary bells and whistles that are equipped with more expensive models.

Vacuum cleaner samsung sc4140 reviews

The household appliance has an oval shape. Its body is made of impact-resistant plastic, which does not crack or burst when colliding with furniture. On the sides of the vacuum cleaner are two large black wheels. On the top panel of the case there is a button for reeling the hose, and a power regulator, in which the on / off button is built. At the top of the device is a handle for carrying the device.

In the back of the vacuum cleaner, on the right, there is a hole where a hose is connected for blowing. The hole for it is hidden by a flap. When connecting the hose, it is removed. On the left is a hole for winding the power cord. An electrical plug "peeps" out of it.

In the central part of the body there is an indicator that indicates the degree of filling the bag. Red indicates that the dust bin is full.

At the top there is a hole for connecting a flexible suction hose. At the bottom of the device there is a rotating wheel and a table is pasted, which contains all the necessary information about the vacuum cleaner. next to the button forautomatic cord winder is a compartment for storing a dust brush. At the end of the case there is a connector for attaching a hose for vertical parking of the device.


The Samsung SC4140 dust collector vacuum cleaner (reviews confirm this) is considered reliable. Even after many years of use, it does its job admirably.

Vacuum cleaner samsung sc4140

This household appliance is very popular. It is sold in major hardware stores. Includes:

  • the vacuum cleaner itself;
  • flexible hose 1.5m;
  • expandable metal pipe;
  • brush for cleaning floors and carpets;
  • dust brush;
  • crevice nozzle;
  • instruction manual;
  • warranty card.

There is a reusable dust bag inside the vacuum cleaner. It also comes with a household appliance. When it is worn out, you can buy disposable bags in the store that are suitable for this particular model.

Using the implement

The Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner needs to be assembled before first use. The suction hose is connected to the appropriate socket on the housing. A metal pipe is connected to it, on which the desired nozzle is put on.

Vacuum cleaner with dust collector samsung sc4140 reviews

Before cleaning, pull out the electrical cord and connect it to the mains. Adjust power. The minimum is used for the care of the fabric surface, the maximum for cleaning the carpet and floor.The suction force is controlled by an air damper. To increase it, the element is closed; to decrease, it is opened.

To use the blowing function, disconnect the suction hose from the main body and connect it to the blowing compartment at the back of the vacuum cleaner.

After all the above manipulations, press the power button and start cleaning the room.

Basic care

samsung vacuum cleaner

Caring for a vacuum cleaner is not particularly difficult. As it fills, empty the dust bag or change it to a disposable one. Dust bags for the Samsung SC4140 can be purchased at any home appliance store. The need to replace the bag is indicated by an indicator that turns red when it is full.

The inlet filter needs to be cleaned from time to time. To do this, open the lid of the vacuum cleaner. Remove filter. They should gently knock on the bin and try to knock out the dust from it. Next, the filter must be installed back.

Samsung sc4140 dust collectors cleaning

As it gets dirty, the body of the device, metal pipe, nozzles are wiped with a soft cloth without the use of chemical aggressive agents.

Possible problems

Problems may occur during operation of the appliance:

  • The engine does not turn on. The problem may occur when the device is not plugged in or overheated.
  • Decreased suction power. This problem occurs when the hose, tube or nozzle is clogged.
  • Cordpower supply is not completely unwound. This situation occurs when the cable is twisted or laid in a chaotic manner.
  • The device does not draw in dust and dirt. This problem occurs when there is a crack or gap in the suction hose.

If troubleshooting failed on your own, you should contact a specialist at the service center.

Cost of household appliance

The Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner with a dust collector has an affordable price, which fluctuates around 3.5 thousand rubles. The cost, depending on the margin in the distribution network, may vary in one direction or another.

Samsung SC4140 cleaner: reviews

Vacuum cleaner with dust collector samsung sc4140

There are a lot of positive user reviews about this vacuum cleaner. People note the compactness of this model. Its maneuverability and lightness, because the device weighs about 4 kg. These persons claim that this unit is ideal for cleaning a small apartment. It helps to get rid of not only dust, but also construction debris.

Users attribute ease of use to the pluses, because the device is equipped with the most necessary functions. Has no frills. The power of the vacuum cleaner is regulated by one movement of the hand. The controller moves smoothly. A small touch is enough for him to change the parameter. Cleaning the dust container is fast. The lid opens easily, and the bag is removed without much difficulty. Users also attributed the small cost of the device to the pluses.

Reviews about Samsung SC4140 are andnegative. Users of this category note that in order to clean the fine filter, you should unscrew the cover, which many do not like. According to them, the vacuum cleaner does not clean synthetic carpet surfaces well. Flips when moving fast. These people point out that the carrying handle is uncomfortable, and the smell of dust is in the air during and after cleaning.

In general, this vacuum cleaner has proven itself quite well. It has high performance, long service life and convenient operation. In user ratings, it scores 4.5 points, if the rating is made on a five-point scale.

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