Faberlic dishwashing detergent: customer reviews, composition, application features

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Faberlic dishwashing detergent: customer reviews, composition, application features
Faberlic dishwashing detergent: customer reviews, composition, application features

The question of which detergent is best to use worries many housewives. Most importantly, the composition is characterized by increased foaming, and also does not cause irritation on delicate skin. If you believe the reviews, Faberlic dishwashing detergent is not only quite economical, but also safe to use. It even helps to get rid of stubborn fat in old pans and is gentle on hands.

Classic Dishwashing Detergent

Ideal for girls with sensitive skin. The composition of the detergent is of plant origin, so it does not irritate the hands. However, natural ingredients perfectly fight any kind of dirt on the surface of dishes and cutlery. Alsothe product can be used to clean glass, porcelain, stainless steel, plastic and even silver. Contains aloe vera gel to help hydrate hands.

Concentrate for sensitive skin

Judging by customer reviews, the Faberlik dishwashing detergent is very economical. Some housewives diluted it in a separate bottle of water, but even after that, the composition foamed well and removed difficult greasy stains. In addition, the product does not leave streaks, so buyers actively use it to wash glass glasses, wine glasses, windows, because the composition is effectively washed off even with cold water.

Lemon Mint Detergent

This concentrated product can be safely diluted with water and used to wash dishes and cutlery. One vial usually contains 500 milliliters of the substance, which should be divided into five equal portions. Mix detergent with water in a ratio of 1:9. That is, for every 100 milliliters of concentrate, there should be no more than 900 milliliters of water. This composition is even suitable for cleaning baby bottles and nipples.

Concentrate with lemon and mint

Thought about what buyers write in their reviews? Faberlik concentrated dishwashing detergent was very much liked by housewives who appreciate its aroma. In addition, mothers actively use it, because the composition is safe for washing children's cutlery. In addition, housewives emit excellent profitability. One bottle of concentrateuse about the same amount as four bottles of regular product.

Eucalyptus Concentrate

This product contains only natural ingredients, including eucalyptus. Thanks to this, the concentrate is characterized not only by increased foaming, but also by a gentle attitude to the skin of the hands. In addition, the detergent perfectly fights with any kind of pollution and has a good aroma. Suitable for peeling dirty vegetables and hard-skinned fruits, as well as washing baby bottles.

Detergent with eucalyptus

Consumers leave a lot of feedback about Faberlic dishwashing detergent with eucalyptus flavor. Most people were satisfied with the purchase and boast that they managed to wash even the stubborn dirt in old pans and cauldrons. However, you can find a few negative reviews about this concentrate. Some people claim that the smell of eucalyptus is more chemical than natural.

Faberlik with the aroma of ripe apples

But the smell of this detergent should please the vast majority of housewives, because it is very similar to the aroma that can be heard in the summer garden. In addition, customers note that the concentrate is not only economical to use, but also significantly reduces the time required to wash dishes due to increased foaming. There are so few negative reviews that it would be unfair to take them into account.

Image "Faberlik" with bioenzymes

Worth itIt should be noted that all Faberlic products are absolutely biodegradable and do not harm the environment. The detergent is ideal for cleaning vegetables and fruits purchased at the supermarket from paraffin, fertilizer residues and even wax, which is abundantly smeared on fruits so that they look more beautiful. Well, the aroma of apples will make the process of washing dishes not only fast, but also pleasant.

Raspberry cleanser

Relatively recently, a new concentrate appeared on the market. It will appeal to many housewives who like to combine business with pleasure. The product perfectly removes dirt and food residues from dishes, and can also be used to wash smooth surfaces (tiles, plastic, varnished wood, etc.). Just imagine how nice your kitchen will smell after wet cleaning.

Image "Faberlic" with raspberry extract

Thought about how to dilute Faberlic dishwashing detergent? The reviews that consumers leave will allow you to fully answer this question. If you plan to carry out wet cleaning of the premises, it is best to dilute the concentrate in a ratio of 1:6. However, for washing dishes that are not too greasy, you can do it more economically - one part of detergent should be enough for 9 parts of water.

Dishwasher Gel

Concentrated Faberlic dishwashing detergent can also be used for dishwashers. However, it is best to purchase a special gel that takes care ofdevice. In addition, the phosphate-free composition ensures that a person will not receive any harm to he alth if they use dishes washed in a machine with this gel. A very simple and convenient product that can even be used to clean steel.

Dishwasher chute

However, many customers note that dishwasher gel is too expensive compared to conventional concentrate. A bottle of 500 milliliters will cost about 280 rubles, but the gel is enough to wash about the same volume of dishes as in the case of a conventional detergent. Although this is not surprising, since there is always a price to pay for ease of use.

Aloe Vera Concentrate

For especially delicate hands, you can use a special cleanser, which includes aloe vera extract, which is gentle on the delicate skin of the hands. Concentrate consumption is about the same as for previous products. However, a feature of the composition is a neutral pH level, which does not allow the skin of the hands to dry out after washing. Well, a pleasant natural aroma helps to make the cleaning process as comfortable as possible.

Concentrated detergent

Well, what do customers say about this detergent? As a rule, consumers leave reviews only laudatory. Housewives like that the natural composition helps to moisturize the hands. Some girls note that they have always had dry skin, but after using the cleanser several times, the situationchanged drastically. The palms became softer, more tender and silky.


We hope that now you better understand what Faberlic dishwashing detergents are. Reviews from housewives indicate that the concentrates fully meet the declared characteristics from the manufacturer. Excellent product quality, combined with a relatively low price, provides Faberlik with a good position in the market. Natural natural composition, gentle care for the skin of the hands, excellent economy and unobtrusive aroma - what other qualities should an ideal detergent have. Every housewife will love this product.

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