Eucalyptus Nicoli in floristry

Eucalyptus Nicoli in floristry
Eucalyptus Nicoli in floristry

Flower decoration of the celebration is an integral part of decoration. Take her out of the organizational slack and the picture will look incomplete. Flowers, herbs, greens - all this is actively used in floristry. And speaking of Nicoli's eucalyptus, it should be noted that this plant is especially popular with brides when combining wedding bouquets, live flower decoration of the hall, arches, etc. With the help of such an extravagant and slightly exotic plant for our region, it will be absolutely possible to create an original and exclusive a song you won't be able to take your eyes off of.

Botanical Reference

Eucalyptus Nikoli is a plant with densely growing, long and narrow leaf blades, which are 5-7 cm long and about 0.5 cm wide. They are located on thin graceful branches. This plant emits a pleasant light aroma of eucalyptus, literally breathes freshness from it. A light cascade of green frames, resembling olive or willow branches, will serve as the best airy decoration.


Features of eucalyptus

This plant enhances the positive impact on a person, which not many people know about. Fresh eucalyptus pairs best with sweet or bitter orange, lavender, rosemary, and complimentary scents such as geranium and vetiver.

The branches are suitable for combination with any flowers and give a bouquet or flower arrangement saturation and volume. It is best combined with large roses, both in delicate pastel and bright shades, hydrangeas and other equally spectacular flowers: strict and majestic callas, exotic orchids, delicate lilies. The lush pine needles and Nikoli eucalyptus are one of the options for the most profitable flower neighborhood, distinguished by sophistication.

Can I grow at home?

Growing eucalyptus began in ancient times in Africa. It was used as a means to combat viral diseases in the wet swampy regions of Africa. The plant had a double effect: it coped well with viruses and prevented the reproduction of mosquitoes, which carry terrible infections.

Today, eucalyptus can be grown even at home. This is made possible by the cultivation of special stabilized trees. So, for example, Nicoli's eucalyptus, a low decorative tree, will become an accent in the interior.

Eucalyptus nicoli

As you can see in the photo, Nicoli's eucalyptus is indispensable in decorating and organizing flower arrangements. This plant will perfectly complement the combinationflowers and will be indispensable in the florist's arsenal.

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