Foiled polystyrene foam: installation tips and an overview of manufacturers

Foiled polystyrene foam: installation tips and an overview of manufacturers
Foiled polystyrene foam: installation tips and an overview of manufacturers

The cold season is accompanied by low temperatures and the desire to turn on the heating to the maximum. However, the cost of heating is quite high, but there is a way out. It consists in warming the premises with appropriate materials. Among others, foiled polystyrene foam should be highlighted.

It has the ability to reflect heat and provides waterproofing, because the outer layer is a material that repels moisture. With the help of such a heater, you can isolate the room from external negative influences. The use of thermal insulation is quite simple. It is easy to install and has high efficiency due to the honeycomb structure. The formed layer absorbs noise, which means it allows you to achieve silence in the premises and reduce the amount of noise coming from outside.

Why Choose Foil Insulation

The material is environmentally friendly. It does not have a harmful effect on humans and does not emit hazardous substances. foilStyrofoam is durable. It is able to serve for a long time, effectively resisting corrosion, rot and rust. Among the additional advantages, elasticity should also be highlighted. This suggests that the material is easy to shape.

Installation Tips

foil styrofoam laying

The use of foil insulation allows you to insulate the floor, walls and pipelines for various purposes. Great efficiency can be achieved with its help by thermally insulating entrance doors and verandas. Before attaching the foil Styrofoam, you must prepare some tools and materials:

  • nails;
  • hammer;
  • construction stapler;
  • nail puller;
  • foil insulation;
  • construction tape.

The head of the nail can be quite large, which is even desirable. It is important to lay the material correctly, turning the reflective side inward. This will achieve a reflection effect when the thermal radiation returns to the room. If you put the insulation on the other side, the expected effect will not be achieved.

Installation Tips

extruded polystyrene foil

Between the foil insulation and the finish, when installing the first one, it is necessary to leave about 2 cm of free space. So, the room will be even warmer. The air will act as an additional insulator, and the design will work on the principle of a thermos. Preferably when laying materialenclose it in a wooden crate.

Sheets never overlap if you cut them from a roll or individual boards. Installation must be carried out end-to-end, fixing the canvas with nails or a stapler. Foiled polystyrene foam can have a self-adhesive layer, so there is no need to additionally fix the insulation. But for longevity, it's best not to forget about nails.

If the material does not have an adhesive coating, rubber or acrylic adhesive can be used for fixing. Its application is carried out pointwise. As soon as all the sheets are laid in place and fixed, the joints must be glued with foil tape. On this, we can assume that the installation is completed.

If you decide to use foiled polystyrene foam for walls, then you need to rid the base of mold. The surface is cleaned before gluing thermal insulation, otherwise the fixation will be fragile. Among other things, the walls are treated with an antiseptic.

Overview of manufacturers

double sided foil

After looking at the photo of foiled polystyrene foam, you can understand what this material looks like. But before you go to the store to buy insulation, you should familiarize yourself with the main manufacturers. Among others, the most popular in Russia should be highlighted:

  • "Folgoizol";
  • "Penofol";
  • "Germaflex";
  • "Isoflex";
  • "Ecofol";
  • "Isolon".

The price of the material will depend on the thicknesspolyethylene. For example, for a metallized roll "Jermaflex", whose thickness is 2 mm, and the area is 50 m², you will pay about 1680 rubles. This is 33.6 rubles. per m². If the thickness of the mentioned material increases to 10 mm, and the area decreases to 25 mm², then you will have to pay 1692 rubles for insulation, which is equal to 67.7 rubles. per m². If you want to save money, you should pay attention to cheaper options for foam foil polyethylene. You can buy them for 18 rubles. per square meter.

Review of "Penofol" type B

foil styrofoam for sauna

If you want to buy foiled polystyrene foam with double-sided foil, you should pay attention to the material from the manufacturer "Penofol". It is produced in the form of rolls and is covered with aluminum foil on both sides. Insulation is used for internal insulation of rooms, loggias and roofs.

To keep warm or cold indoors in winter or summer, you can use an additional layer of foil. This material has a blue color, it is based on closed-cell polyethylene. The operating temperature varies over a wide range from -60 °C to +100 °C. The surface optical reflectance is 90% and the thermal reflectance is 97%.

Review of extruded polystyrene foam from the manufacturer Ruspanel

foil styrofoam characteristics

This is an extruded foiled polystyrene foam that is produced in a wide range of thicknesses. Last parametercan vary from 10 to 100 mm. Insulation is used for interior partitions, interfloor ceilings, exploited roofs, finishing floors, ceilings, baths, saunas, heating systems, refrigerators and vans. Excellent when forming heat-reflecting layers of heating devices.

This styrofoam sauna foil provides 97% reflectance, which helps to protect the room and perfectly insulate it. The material has a low weight, which makes it easy to transport, facilitate the installation process and reduce shipping costs. With this material, you can save on heating costs and get a constant reflectivity.

Insulation provides 100% waterproofing, does not absorb or let water through. The panels are environmentally friendly, they do not contain harmful substances, so they can be used for decoration of premises for various purposes without fear.

Review of foil insulation from the manufacturer "Izolon"

foil styrofoam photo

Considering the characteristics of Izolon foil expanded polystyrene, you can understand which insulation is better to give preference to. The described material has a low density ranging from 26 to 45 kg/m³. It perfectly reflects heat radiation at the level of 97%. The material absorbs sound well up to 32 dB and above.

Vapor permeability can reach the limit of 0.04mg/MhPa. The heat capacity is 1.95 kJ. You may also be interested in the thickness of Izolon, it reaches 15 mm, while the minimum value is 1 mm.Operating temperature ranges from -60 °С to +105 °С. Foil "Izolon" is quite often thermally insulated floors. This allows you to insulate the building and increase sound insulation.

Laying is carried out on the floor in one layer. You can use Izolon in conjunction with a dry screed or as a substrate for flooring. For such work, it is important to choose the thickness of the insulation. An additional advantage of using foil "Izolon" is that, together with it, there is no need to apply vapor and waterproofing, since the material is not afraid of steam and moisture.

Tips for installing Izolon

foil styrofoam for walls

Foil "Izolon" is laid between the finish and the wall, while it is necessary to form an air gap. To do this, wooden slats are stuffed, on which Izolon is attached with small nails. All joints should be glued with aluminum tape.

For such work, the material is best suited, coated on both sides with foil. When insulating concrete floors, it is better to use another material, placing it between the floor joists. After that, the insulation is laid on the main floor.

Quite often Izolon is used as a substrate for laminate flooring. If you decide to use the material when insulating the balcony, then it is better to resort to multi-layer installation. The first fit "Isolon". Its installation is carried out in such a way that the reflection is external. After that, the foam should be laid, then the Isolon layer goes again. At the next stage, the crate is installed, onwhich the finishing materials will be attached.

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