How to form a money tree: care features, how to prune, tips

How to form a money tree: care features, how to prune, tips
How to form a money tree: care features, how to prune, tips

Over time, the fat woman, which is popularly called the money tree, can become naked and frail. To prevent this, you need to know how to form a money tree correctly. Some of the suggestions below can help with this. Supplement your floral design with an exotic element through competent pruning - even an inexperienced grower can do it.

How to form a money tree: pinching and pruning

First you need to decide what you want to get as a result from your plant, and then, in accordance with this, proceed with the necessary manipulations. If you need to make the trunk thicker, and at the same time its crown is thicker, then it is necessary to pinch and trim the tips of the shoots. When the branches on the fat woman become too long, then do not be afraid to cut them. To do this, you need to make a small incision 2.5 cm below the place where new leaves will grow. Before you form a money tree, you need to take notethe fact that pruning on a regular basis contributes to the return of excess energy to the trunk, as a result of which it begins to thicken over time.

Young fat girl

How to prune so that the plant grows into a stem

For a money tree to grow into a stem, you need to cut it right above one of the brown rings near the trunk, which is called a leaf scar. This procedure must be done with a sharp knife or secateurs. As a rule, new shoots grow at the site of such a cut, this should be taken into account before determining the stem to be cut. The choice will be based on exactly in which interval it is necessary to make the trunk of the fat woman wider and the foliage thicker. This pruning method is good for those plants that have a fairly developed stem, as well as a small amount of foliage.

If you are interested in how to shape a money tree in this way (so that it directs its nutrients to the stem), then you should cut off bulky branches with small scissors or pruners until you reach the desired shape of a fat woman. You need to do everything in stages. If necessary, it is also recommended to give the plant the opportunity to rest a short time between pruning.

Fat girl in a pot

Removing large leaves

It should be noted that it is imperative to remove large leaves so that access to light is opened on the inner areas of the crown, where new leaf plates will grow. Cuts should be neat and straight. Scars and pits sometimes causedecay.

How to form a money tree in a pot? It should be noted that light shearing once or twice a week should also be done to control the growth, size and density of new buds. In this case, too large leaf plates or eyes should be pinched off, which grow in undesirable places, for example, on the lower part of the trunk. To remove cut parts, you can use long tweezers. A more clearly decorated money tree can be seen in the photo.

Money Tree

When forming a money tree, in no case should you use garden var. It is recommended to let the cut parts dry and create their own film. Various pathogenic bacteria can penetrate the garden var into the plant, causing decay. During trimming, it is also mandatory to sterilize the blades of all tools. Moreover, sterilization is carried out after circumcision. To do this, you can use ordinary alcohol. Thus, it will be possible to prevent the development of various diseases, especially when work is carried out on several houseplants at once.

Features of pinching

How to form the crown of the money tree? To do this, you need to properly pinch the tips of the stem. This is done with the index finger and thumb to remove the end of the branch. However, before that, you need to decide how you want the money tree to look in the future in order to choose the right site. As a rule, after pinching in this placetwo new stems are formed. This method is very effective on short twigs or young plants if you want an even thicker crown on the Crassula.

big money tree

Position after trimming

After pruning, the plant is best placed in a sunny location. For this, the southern window sill is ideal, where the fat woman will receive at least 4 hours of sunlight daily. As for the air temperature, during the day in the room it should be from 18 to 23 degrees. At night, the air temperature in the room should be between 10 and 13 degrees. Also, the money tree must be protected from drafts. In no case should the leaves touch the window frame and glass. If such conditions are provided for the fat woman, then her crown will quickly become thick and beautiful.

Soil selection

The money tree should grow in well-draining soil. Also, holes must be present in the pot without fail. A fat woman should be transplanted once every few years, if necessary. Sometimes these plants are not transplanted at all. This is due to the fact that the change of location significantly slows down the growth of the money tree due to the adaptation process.

Fatties in pots

Irrigation features

Quite often, plants should be watered during the summer and spring to keep the potting soil moist but not wet. Otherwise, the root system may begin to rot. In winter, the soil should be allowed to dry out between treatments.glaze. The soil is moistened so that water does not fall on the leaf plates of the plant. If proper, regular watering is provided, then the branches and trunk will thicken much faster.

Money Tree Bonsai

If we talk about how to properly form a money tree, then the most effective option for it will be pruning using the bonsai technique. First you need to carefully examine the plant, and then remove the branches that do not match the selected shape. Consider how to properly form a money tree, step by step:

  • Need to remove small branches first. In this case, cuts are made close to the stem or along the trunk.
  • Do not leave open spaces or make concave cuts. Rot can settle in such pits. They need to be immediately treated with activated charcoal.
  • Next, you need to determine the branches that will form the bonsai. To do this, pinch off the buds and greens along the stem.
  • At the same time, small leaves are left to grow at the ends, the remaining leaf plates should be removed.

Another important point - how to form a flower - the money tree likes repeated pruning, it contributes to the development of more closely spaced buds. Thus, with each procedure, the houseplant becomes more and more like a bonsai. The incisions should dry and tighten. Do not lubricate them with garden pitch, as this can cause rot to develop.

money tree leaves

Cut leaves and branches are removed very carefullyfrom the inside of the crown of the plant with long tongs or tweezers. The use of a special tool provides a great view as well as better control when trimming in small spaces.

Before you form the trunk of a money tree in a bonsai, the grower should be prepared for the fact that pruning will have to be done weekly. But it's worth it. As a rule, with each such successful procedure, the leaf plates become smaller, and the tree begins to take on a chic look.

Features of care during the formation of bonsai

In no case should the plant be deficient in nutrients. This is necessary so that the fat woman retains its small shape. To do this, you need to regularly fertilize and water the money tree, and cut off its roots and branches. Thanks to this, its shape is preserved. By pruning during transplantation, the formation of thinner root shoots will be stimulated.

As a rule, the roots after pruning grow more densely to each other, and can also receive the necessary amount of substances for full development even in the smallest container. Only thick roots are trimmed. Thanks to this, a fibrous root system can be formed.

As for the pruning itself, this procedure is performed during transplantation. In the money tree, the roots are very sensitive to pruning, therefore, at a young age, the fat woman should be transplanted only once every 2 years for the first time, and then once every 3-5 years. In this case, you should not remove more than a third of the root system, butalso disturb newly formed roots.

fat money tree

Wire winding

To accustom long branches to the desired shape and direction, you can use soft copper wire for this. Such twisting of the stem should not be too tight. This is done carefully, over the course of a week, so that the tree gradually takes on its shape. As a rule, the plant responds to such twisting quite quickly, as a result of which it is possible to achieve the necessary configuration in 3 weeks.

If the copper wire leaves marks on the branches, they will disappear after a while, as soon as moisture fills their tissues after it is removed.

Possible problems

The root system of bonsai, which were formed from a fat woman, may begin to rot if there is no good drainage layer in the pot, and the soil will not pass water well. Such a problem can cause the death of the entire plant. Too much moisture in the soil will force the air out, causing the roots to die. If there are any pathogenic bacteria in the soil, they can get into the dead root system and harm the entire tree. During transplantation, if soft, dark roots are found, they must be cut off, and the soil in the pot should also be replaced.

If the trees do not grow at night, you need to find out the reason, make sure that the fat woman is well watered, fed, and also grows in a pot of the appropriate size. By following all the recommendations of experienced flower growers, you will provide yourplant proper care.

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