What can be made from an aluminum can. Ideas, photo, description

What can be made from an aluminum can. Ideas, photo, description
What can be made from an aluminum can. Ideas, photo, description

It would seem that empty cans of beer, cola, energy drinks and other drinks can be used for what? No matter how strange it sounds, but this is the most that neither is, ready-made raw materials for a variety of crafts. People manage to make various decorative elements, decorations, roof tiles, sculptures, furniture and even houses out of empty cans! In today's article, we will talk about some very exciting ideas that can be made from aluminum cans. It will be interesting!


The first thing that will be discussed is the lamp. An empty aluminum or tin can is an excellent blank for a lamp. With a little creativity and imagination, you can achieve very, very interesting results.

Here, for example, what kind of lamp can be made from an ordinary can.

aluminum can lamp

All you need to get this result is a marker, a stationery knife, a drill with a small drill, attentiveness and accuracy.

The first step is to cut off the bottom of the jar with a knife. Then a pattern or pattern is applied to the surface of the can with a marker. After the drawing is outlined, you can start cutting it out. It is recommended to carefully cut out large parts with a clerical knife, but it is better to make holes with a drill with a small drill at low speeds.

As soon as all the excess is removed, it is recommended that the “burrs” and sharp edges be lightly processed with fine sandpaper. It remains the case for small things - to screw the cartridge with the lamp to the jar. There is nothing complicated about this, so anyone can do it. Well, the final touch is to hang the finished lamp and turn it on.

aluminum can ceiling light

In principle, several lamps can be made from several cans, with different patterns, and screwed into them instead of an ordinary lamp - multi-colored. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

Interior decorations

The next thing you can make from an aluminum can is interior decoration. Many people prefer to cut out various figures from a jar, fix them on a wire, and then hang them on the wall in order to decorate it.

Here is one such example.

aluminum can butterflies

The author of this craft cut out butterflies from a jar, painted them, worked a little on the shape to make it look more realistic, and attached the craft to the wall. Looks all thisvery interesting and beautiful. So, before throwing an empty jar in the trash, you need to remember that it may well become a decoration for your home.


What else can be made from an aluminum can, besides interior decorations and lamps? Well, figurines. It should be said right away that this is perhaps one of the most difficult types of crafts from a can, since it requires a person to be extremely careful when working with metal, as well as a lot of time. Some figurines may require multiple jars to create.

aluminum can figurine

As for the finished models themselves, then everyone chooses for himself what to do. At first, it is best to take something simple, and when the skill improves, you can take on something more complex. Well, as a bonus, a video on which they make a figurine out of a jar.

Cottage furniture

What can be done with aluminum cans, especially if there are a lot of them? How about furniture for a summer house or a garden? At first glance it may seem that this is impossible. How to make a table or chair from cans? But it is better to remove all these doubts, everything is absolutely real.

aluminum can furniture

To make a chair, you need a large number of empty cans, sand and a very powerful glue for metal products. Each of the cans must be filled with sand, and then glued together, gradually creating the shape of the future chair. Other pieces of furniture are made in a similar way.


Continuing the theme of what can be done with aluminum cans from beer and other drinks. At the very beginning, we already talked about the fact that it is quite possible to make an excellent lamp out of cans. How about a candlestick? In general, everything here is also quite simple and depends only on the imagination of the master.

aluminum can candle holder

The simplest version of a candlestick is to cut off the top of the jar, make patterned cutouts on the sides, then place a candle inside and light it.

A slightly more complex version of a candlestick is an analogue of a Chinese lantern. It is surprisingly easy to do. You will need a marker, ruler and stationery knife.

With the help of a ruler and a marker, we mark longitudinal strips of the same width on the bank. It is important to step back 2 cm from the top and bottom of the jar. After the markup is completed, we cut through all the lines from the top mark to the bottom. All that remains to be done is to flatten the cut can so that all the strips are bent to the side, and then unbend it. Ready. We put a candle inside and rejoice.

Chinese aluminum can lantern

In general, there are many ways to create candlesticks on the net, so if you wish, you can find something even more interesting.


Here's another idea that shows what can be done with an aluminum can of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, etc. - a portable burner. This is a very easy-to-make item that can come in handy on a hike or any other journey. In order not to write a lot of text on how to make suchburner, the best option would be to watch a similar video, where everything is very clearly shown and explained.

By the way, in addition to cans of Cola, Fanta and other drinks, cans of beer will do as well.


Well, the last thing that can be made from an aluminum can is toys. Yes, this is not a joke, people really collect interesting toys from empty aluminum cans, for example, a train, a racing or ordinary car, an airplane, a motorcycle and much, much more. Everything depends on fantasy, as they say.

aluminum can toy

Some toys require several cans, while others only need one. It all depends on the size and complexity of the craft. The only thing you need to remember is that you should not give such crafts to small children for playing, as kids can get hurt.

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