Collage of magazines: decor and visualization

Collage of magazines: decor and visualization
Collage of magazines: decor and visualization

Does a person, when looking at beautiful pictures, think about an effective visualization method? A magazine collage can be a beautiful picture to decorate your home, as well as a way to make any dream come true. It all depends on the preference and overall style of the apartment.

collage of magazines

Collage as an element of decor

You want to decorate bare walls with bright and eye-catching paintings. One of the types of modern decor is a collage of magazine clippings. Its subject can be anything: sports, cosmetology, vegetables and fruits, children.

After reading another magazine, I don't want to throw it away. And here the technique of making a collage can help. It is so simple that even a child can handle it. With its help, they decorate part of the wall, make panels, decorate boxes.

How to do?

What is needed to create a collage of glossy magazines? First of all, an idea. Think well, develop a composition. If the panel will decorate the wall in the kitchen, it is wise to choose food pictures. If the collage is on the first-aid kit, then the drawings are selected with medicines or doctors.

how to make a collage with your own hands

Having decided onidea, we find the necessary magazines and the following materials:

  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • scotch.

How to make a collage with your own hands:

  1. First prepare the surface if necessary.
  2. Cut out pictures. It is important to choose the right size for them. For a small area - small, for walls - large.
  3. Determine the composition before we get started. We place large pictures in the center, smaller ones - at the edges.
  4. Stick the cutouts on the surface with glue or tape.
  5. Fix with acrylic varnish.

The manufacturing process is quite simple and does not require expensive materials. A magazine collage is an incredibly stylish and trendy decor.

Render effect

Dream collage - this is the name of a self-made picture that helps to fulfill the most secret desires.

collage of magazine clippings

This technique is considered very effective due to visualization. The collage of magazines in this case is divided into 9 parts, each of which marks the sphere of life:

  • prosperity;
  • good luck;
  • love;
  • family;
  • harmony - in the center;
  • children;
  • wisdom;
  • work;
  • friends.

We select beautiful bright pictures for these areas and cut them out. Think positively while preparing your scrapbooks.

To get started, you will need whatman paper, glue and a good mood.

The base is completely filledclippings, leaving no empty spaces. We write wishes with specific amounts and dates, if any. When the collage of magazines is ready, you need to find a suitable place for it. There are some important rules for its use:

  • South side of the room is ideal.
  • You can't turn the collage upside down.
  • The place should be clearly visible. For the visualization method, the bedroom is considered the best.

To make the collage of desires work at full strength, look at it more often. Update pictures as your dreams come true. Imagine that all your wishes come true, dive into a state of happiness.

How to make a DIY collage with kids?

Such crafts are aimed at developing thinking and fine motor skills. Magazine collage is a great activity for kids and their parents. For a child, cutting out pictures will be an incredibly interesting task. For such crafts you will need:

  • Children's magazines, coloring pages can be used.
  • Glue stick.
  • Scissors.
  • A4 thick sheet or small box.

Recharged with a good mood, let's get to work:

  1. We give the child the opportunity to choose pictures and cut them out. We help kids to work with scissors.
  2. For the base, you can use a thick sheet or make a box for children's treasures.

  3. We take a glue stick and form a collage, starting from the center, smoothly moving to the sides. We fill the base tightly so that there are no gaps.
  4. Optionalyou can varnish the craft so that it retains its color longer.

Such activities will help children fantasize, learn to select pictures on one topic, use scissors and glue.

collage of glossy magazines

Using magazine clippings, artists create interesting and unique paintings. The decorative element of their magazine pictures brings a certain carelessness and youthful style to the interior. In addition, such paintings do not require the purchase of expensive materials, so they are available to anyone who wants to make a collage with their own hands.

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