Cheap shower cabin: description, dimensions, reviews

Cheap shower cabin: description, dimensions, reviews
Cheap shower cabin: description, dimensions, reviews

Soviet residential buildings have a small bathroom, so the issue of placing the necessary plumbing is quite acute. Instead of an old bathtub, a cheap shower cabin is perfect. Knowing the features of their choice, you can buy a quality product at a low price.

cheap shower stall

Shower features

The main components of the shower cabin are the tray and shutters. The pallet can be made of acrylic or metal. Due to its lightness and practicality, acrylic is used for such plumbing much more often. It is easy to mount (since the pallet is light) and wash. If necessary, you can separately purchase a pallet and install it in place of the old one.

Sashes are made of special glass or plastic. In cheap models, plastic is used for walls and sashes; it is attached to the pallet with liquid nails. Caring for such a structure is quite simple: it is necessary to ensure sufficient air flow to prevent the development of fungal microorganisms, periodically wash the structure inside and out and prevent highhumidity in the bathroom.

Shower cabin 9090 cm is the standard size of the pallet, in which the average adult will be comfortable to take a shower.

shower cabin 90 90

Shower Benefits

Compared to a bulky bathroom, shower stalls have many advantages:

  • saving water consumption - about 5-7 times less than when taking a bath (for comparison: 25 liters of water are consumed in the shower, and about 150-200 liters in the bathroom);
  • saving time - no need to wait for the bath to fill up, which can take about 15-20 minutes;
  • cabin is much more hygienic and cleans faster;
  • takes up little space and allows you to conveniently place all the necessary plumbing in the bathroom;
  • during use, splashes do not appear throughout the bathroom - this also allows you to spend less time cleaning (cleaning tiles, taps, mirrors from plaque).

Cheap shower cabin allows you to comfortably carry out all hygiene procedures without worrying that water will splash.

Shower cabin design

The design idea for the manufacture of shower cabins originates from summer showers, which were arranged by summer residents on their plots. Later, such devices were installed in small-sized bathrooms and dormitories.

The simplest shower consists of a bar on which a plastic film is hung, and a tray. The minimum pallet size is 80 x 80 cm. The simplest design can be even more convenient than tall ones: a shower cabin with doors does notrestricts space so much.

More modern models are equipped with a tray, shower column, plastic walls and sliding doors. This design avoids splashing water during hygiene procedures, but has no frills.

shower cabin dimensions prices

The cost of a cab largely depends on its configuration, so cheap does not mean bad. A cheap shower cabin is not equipped with shelves for hygiene products, hydromassage, hooks for clothes and towels on the outside of the doors or walls, lighting, radio, faucet and flexible hoses.

Varieties of shower cabins

Distinguish between open and closed showers. The first option is a pallet to which two sliding doors are attached, the bathroom walls act as the other two walls. It is convenient to use open low showers in small bathrooms with smooth walls. Installation of an open cabin is not difficult and is almost always done on your own.

Closed cabins are called monoblocks. Their package includes a pallet, doors, walls, a roof, a mixer and a watering can. Built-in shower cabins can be equipped with steam generators, which improve their technical characteristics and extend their lifespan.

shower cabin instruction

Tips for choosing plumbing fixtures: shower enclosure sizes, prices

Wide demand for shower cabins provides a rapid expansion of the range, so everyone can choose for themselvesthe best option. The first thing to consider when choosing is the size of the bathroom.

The standard size of the shower tray is 80 x 80 cm - just such a space is enough for a comfortable shower. The most popular sizes of shower cabins are 90 x 90 cm and 100 x 100 cm. Not only the size, but also the shape of the tray (it can be rectangular, square, triangular) plays a big role in placement.

The cost of economical cabins varies between 18,000-25,000 rubles.

Where to buy a shower cabin?

There are two ways to purchase sanitary ware - directly in specialized stores or ordering through online stores. The latter option is preferable for several reasons:

  • greater assortment;
  • wide price range.

In the online store, you can immediately find reviews of a particular shower cabin that was purchased from this seller. If there are no specialized plumbing stores in the village or there is a small selection, but you want something individual, ordering in online stores is the easiest and most profitable option, especially if you order a cabin during the discount period. A cheap 9090 shower enclosure will be a great purchase for any home or apartment.

Installation of a shower cabin

For installation, it is necessary to prepare a place in the bathroom in advance, clearing it of debris and pre-leveling the surface (if this is not possible, you must purchase legs for the pallet with height adjustment).

low showers

Bathroom walls should be tiled or waterproofed. This will greatly simplify the care of the bathroom and extend the service life. Mold or fungus is less likely to appear on prepared walls, so the shower will be hygienic.

You need to fix a rack or hooks for a hose and a shower head on the wall, you also need to fix a faucet (you can use the one left from the old bath).

The last stage is the assembly and installation of plastic sashes. Since the material is very light, it will be enough to fix them in the pallet with liquid nails. This completes the shower. The instruction offered for any element of plumbing will allow you to assemble the cabin quickly and correctly, so that in the future it will be convenient to use it for a long time.

Reviews of cheap showers

Owners of the shower cabin "Erlit" (ER4510P) are very satisfied with its quality. The glass is durable, no chips or cracks appear during operation, even if children hit the glass with toys. With active use, water consumption is halved. Accordingly, utility bills are also decreasing

Customers leave more negative feedback about River Wisla cabins. Cheap shower cabin of low quality, immediately after installation the paint cracks on the walls. There are problems with glass holders, shampoo shelves, watering can holders. All nozzles clog quickly, so even with good pressure, very thin streams of water.

tall shower cabin

There are known caseswhen pallets cracked in these shower cabins (without exceeding the permissible weight). Therefore, when choosing a shower, it is necessary to carefully analyze the information and find out true reviews from people who are not interested in selling a particular product. And then the acquisition will please for many years.

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