Tree sapling requires careful handling

Tree sapling requires careful handling
Tree sapling requires careful handling

Gardening is a troublesome business that requires not only considerable effort, but also a lot of knowledge. You cannot create a beautiful garden by planting trees on the site. Yes, and it still needs to be done correctly. Where to buy tree seedlings, how to plant them, when is the best time to do it - these and other questions the gardener has to solve regularly.

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Pick up time

A seedling of a tree or shrub must be planted in spring or autumn - during the dormant period. In the spring, this is done before bud break, and in the fall - after the cessation of growth. Planting seedlings in each of these seasons has its own benefits.

Spring method provides good survival of plants. At this time, there is a large supply of moisture in the soil, which makes it possible for seedlings to get used to a new place. The plant has time to get stronger before the onset of the summer heat. This procedure is best done immediately after the soil has thawed.

Autumn planting helps to improve the conditions for the formation of new roots. The presence of a largethe amount of moisture helps the plants to take root. However, an autumn tree seedling is more difficult to keep from rodents and freezing roots.

The right choice

There are several rules that are recommended to follow when purchasing seedlings:

  • shop only from nurseries or speci alty stores;
  • do not take plants with mechanical damage or underdeveloped;
  • roots should not be dry and brittle.

A he althy two-year-old tree seedling should have at least three branches up to 30 centimeters long, a developed bud and a stem thickness of at least 2 cm. Branches on the trunk should be evenly spaced, 40-60 centimeters long.

Preparing in advance

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The landing hole must be dug in advance. For spring work, it is necessary to prepare a recess in the soil in the fall, and before autumn planting - a few weeks before planting.

A tree seedling requires a hole about 80 centimeters deep and 1 meter in diameter. Shrubs need a smaller recess - 60 centimeters in diameter and half a meter deep. The large size of the pits is necessary so that the young and not yet strong roots of the plant grow in soft soil, and do not break through the dense layer of the earth.

When choosing a place to plant, you first need to remove the top layer of soil and lay it on the edge of the pit. The bottom layer is folded separately. Then a pre-prepared fertilizer is poured into the pit, consisting of double superphosphate, potassium sulfate and potassium chloride, wood ash,fluffy lime and 1-2 buckets of compost or well-rotted manure.

Where to buy tree seedlings

It all mixes well with half of the topsoil. The third part of the resulting mixture is taken out of the pit to be used later. If the soil on the site is heavy, add a few buckets of sand to the extracted soil. With sandy soil, clay should be poured into the bottom of the pit.


In the pit we make a mound and place a tree seedling on it so that its root collar is several centimeters above the level of the edge of the recess. It is necessary to monitor the uniform distribution of the roots in the planting hole. It is necessary to fill up the earth so that there are no voids. Then we compact the soil around the seedling, but we do this very carefully so as not to damage the roots.

After planting, we make a hole around the tree, into which we pour one or two buckets of water. Watering will ensure good contact of the roots with the soil.

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