The best electric ovens: rating, reviews

The best electric ovens: rating, reviews
The best electric ovens: rating, reviews

People who have dachas and country houses spend most of their free time in their comfortable homes. And of course, the most pleasant moments of relaxation in a country house is a visit to the bath or sauna. Many of their owners have long since sacrificed traditional Russian bathing attributes in favor of functionality and comfort.

In this regard, an electric sauna stove is ideal. They do not smoke or smoke, they do not need to be fueled, and thanks to their lightness and compactness, the interior of even a very small steam room can be made cozy and attractive enough. In addition, such a stove is easier to operate, and gives heat no less than a wood stove.


Modern electric sauna stoves are much more durable and stronger than conventional wooden ones. And they also have a number of rather pleasant advantages:

  • Such a stove can be placed in a steam room anywhere - even in the center, even against the wall.
  • Electric stoves for saunas
  • In use - maximumare simple. Just press the button, and you can start preparing for the bath procedures.
  • Modern electric stoves are absolutely safe for baths and saunas: the protective shutdown of heating elements, automation and cyclical operation in them are well thought out.
  • If necessary, you can use different-phase voltage: 220V or 380V.
  • Most modern models have a remote or built-in control panel. And this is very convenient.
  • The steam room with such a stove warms up quickly, the heat is uniform and soft.
  • Many models are designed to maintain the required temperature in the bath without additional energy costs.

Selection Tips

The choice of convenient and compact electric stoves for a sauna or a bath is really huge today. To choose the perfect unit for your favorite steam room and not make a mistake, pay attention to the following parameters.

Sustainability and design

The volume of the steam room. The required power of an electric furnace is usually calculated as follows: 1 cubic meter of steam room volume is equal to 1 kilowatt of electricity. After these calculations, it is necessary to take into account the energy capabilities of the room - so that the plugs do not knock out and there is no short circuit. And also you need to decide on the available voltage - 220V or 380V.

Heater type

This parameter of a good electric oven is perhaps the most important. Heaters can be heating elements, tape or combined.

  • The first type of heater, called tubular, is short-lived due toits fragility, but it is able to heat the bath room up to 800 ° C. Therefore, it is preferable to take paired electric furnaces with heating elements with expensive stainless steel elements. They withstand repeated thermal loads.
  • The tape heater will provide faster heating to the required temperature. It is more environmentally friendly and economical than a heating element, but its surface temperature is much lower and it does not burn air as quickly. And it will last you much longer than tubular.
  • Combined stoves combine both heating elements and tape heating elements. They are much more expensive, but they warm up the steam room very quickly and to the highest temperature that can be reached.

Controls and design

Another important fact when choosing is how exactly the oven will be controlled. It has a remote control or a built-in one - here it’s more convenient for anyone. The main thing is that it can be used to control the heating of the steam room, maintain the temperature for the right time and turn it off at the touch of a button.

Furnace control panel

Kiln design. Modern electric ovens come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. These are corner stoves with a special bracket, and electric heaters for the center of the steam room. The bath itself can be lined with both natural stone and beautiful metal. Moreover, the facing stone itself is not only aesthetics, but also:

  • heat storage;
  • protection against direct infrared radiation;
  • no convection temperature drops;
  • beneficial effect on the human body;
  • single thermal background in the steam room.

And in conclusion, about the choice: when buying an electric furnace, it is imperative to require a certificate for the products themselves and for their fire safety.

Ergonomic ovens

Choose and buy

The modern market for electric ovens is characterized by a variety of price characteristics and forms. When choosing, be sure to consider which steam room you will have: with wet steam or dry. The Russian steam room is famous for its hot and humid steam. Dry steam is an attribute of the Finnish bath.

A small rating of electric ovens will help you avoid many pitfalls before purchasing this device. The main manufacturers of electric sauna stoves are the following famous brands:

  • Harvia.
  • Kastor.
  • Helo.
  • Tylo.
  • EOS.

Harvia Electric Ovens

The Finnish company Harvia has been producing equipment for saunas and baths, as well as fireplace equipment for over sixty years. All heating devices from this brand have a long service life and excellent quality. Due to the high level of environmental safety and the above characteristics, Harvia products are very popular both in the European market and in the expanses of the former Soviet Union. As evidenced by numerous accolades.

Harvia electric ovens

Unlike wood-burning stoves, Harvia's various electric models are both wall-mounted andfloor placement (the place for the stove, of course, must be specially prepared and equipped). In addition, there are several models of desktop electric ovens for very small spaces.

Harvia's electric sauna stoves use stones to keep warm, so these stoves themselves are quite light, and only the weight of the stone mass increases this figure many times over. Therefore, initially you need to choose a suitable place for installation and check it before starting the installation of the furnace.

For lovers of comfort

Another well-known Finnish manufacturer of steam room equipment is Kastor Oy. This company has been producing high-quality stoves for saunas and baths for many years. It is not for nothing that Castor electric stoves are popular all over the world: durability and legendary Finnish quality are combined with amazing convenience and ergonomics. Judging by the reviews, they will serve their owners for many years, which makes purchasing a sauna stove from this manufacturer a profitable investment.

For comfort

Despite the traditional use of wood-burning stoves in saunas, many modern steam bath lovers prefer electric heaters. While a Kastor electric sauna heater cannot create the unique atmosphere of a wood-burning sauna, modern electric models have many advantages.

Firstly, it is the convenience of installation and operation - there is no need to equip a chimney, stock up on fuel, and the process of kindling will be greatly simplified - just press a button onremote control, and by a certain time the steam room will be ready for relaxation.

In addition, Castor stoves are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Their electric heaters are made using a unique soapstone material. This rock has a high heat capacity and great resistance to temperature changes, which makes it an ideal material for lining furnaces. The heat from this stone, which is very important, has an extremely beneficial effect on the human body: it has a positive effect on the respiratory system and metabolism, lowers blood pressure.

Helo brand

Helo is one of the world leaders in the production of equipment for saunas and baths.

  • Firstly, the period of existence of this trademark has more than 95 years. This fact puts the company in first place among the oldest manufacturers of bath equipment.
  • Secondly, Helo is one of the first companies to produce electric furnaces in large quantities. Back in 1960, the first large-scale release was held.
  • Thirdly, this is one of the largest enterprises - it has two factories in the USA, two factories in Finland and one in Germany.
  • Fourthly, the company's products are of unsurpassed Finnish quality, which deserves the respect and trust of consumers. All products fully comply with European and international standards and have certificates.
  • Brand Helo

Helo products have a wide product range that starts with the well-known classics of wood and electric stoves andends with infrared cabins and steam generators for Turkish baths. Fans of the Russian bath are pleased with a truly unique line of exclusive stoves.

Latest technology

Tylo has been a pioneer in countless product innovations for many years, striving to provide customers with even more sauna and bathing pleasure. This manufacturer always strives to achieve high quality and safety of the units they produce.

Today, according to numerous reviews, Tylo electric ovens are the pinnacle of technology in the production of products for steam rooms.

The company has always strived to exercise more control over the quality of its products. Therefore, part of the parts and assemblies of their electric furnaces are manufactured at their own enterprises.

Famous brand

The range of electric heaters is very diverse. It has small units for small domestic steam rooms, as well as equipment for heating large commercial saunas.

All Tylo sauna stoves are designed to stand out from their counterparts.


Sawo electric ovens are high quality steam room equipment. They are quite powerful, efficient and energy efficient. In addition, these heaters will help to significantly save space in the room.

Almost all models have a remote control that allows you to adjust the humidity and temperature.

Sawo electric oven

Judging by the reviews, withWith the help of the Sawo electric heater, it is easy to achieve a dry hot microclimate in the sauna or create an environment with moist steam and moderate temperature. And the air, filled with the smells of aromatic oils, allows you to completely relax after working days.

Today, Sawo brand electric furnaces occupy a leading position in the market for heating equipment for steam rooms.

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