Warm and reliable one-story log houses

Warm and reliable one-story log houses
Warm and reliable one-story log houses

Compactness and convenience are the first characteristics of a log house. You can live in it with the whole family all year round or use it as a summer cottage - come there only for the summer period. These buildings are very popular in low-rise construction, as they are very strong, reliable and cheap. One-story log houses are built in a very short time, so ready-made housing can be received within a couple of months after the start of work.

one-story log houses

The main material - glued laminated timber - is an alternative to wood, which has a number of advantages. It consists of pre-finished and dried boards that are glued together, while the output is a durable product with a smooth surface. Bars in production are given the desired shape and suitable dimensions. This material has excellent heat andsoundproofing properties, easy to process and easy to install. Thanks to special additives and impregnations, glued laminated timber does not rot and has high moisture resistance, and mold does not form on it. The walls of the building are able to withstand high temperatures for 60 minutes, and this indicates a high fire resistance of the entire structure. Therefore, one-story houses made of glued laminated timber are superior in performance to ordinary wooden ones, and are also much safer than those made of expanded clay concrete, gas blocks or foam blocks.

one-story log house

Elderly people, young families and middle-income people cannot afford to buy an apartment or large spacious housing, but they still have the opportunity to build a small one-story house from glued laminated timber. The optimal cost of work, flexible payment terms, the possibility of lending are a few more pluses in the treasury of such buildings.

An extensive catalog of finished projects clearly shows that one-story log houses can be built for every taste. The main thing is that inside there is everything necessary for a normal life: a bathroom, a kitchen, an entrance hall, a living room, a bedroom. The number of rooms depends on the estimated area chosen by the client. The ease of installation of the beams leads to the implementation of the most daring design ideas, the presence of arches, niches and terraces.

houses from glued laminated timber, one-story

In summer, in such a house you can hide from the unbearable heat and sun, and in winter, its windproof and warm walls will warm its owner. One-story log houses will be yoursstrength for many years, because this new building material has a warranty period of 25 years or more. The house, built from environmentally friendly materials, which is based on spruce, pine and cedar, emits resins and essential oils that are beneficial to the he alth of residents. In it you will always be charged with positive energy and cheerfulness.

Another advantage of glued beam buildings is the fact that there is no need for interior and exterior finishing work. This material both outside and inside looks beautiful. Single-storey timber houses are ideal for those who want a warm, safe, strong and reliable home at an affordable price. You can order a dacha, cottage or townhouse for your whole family and enjoy life in it every day.

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