Sharpening chainsaw chains: tools and accessories

Sharpening chainsaw chains: tools and accessories
Sharpening chainsaw chains: tools and accessories

Sharpening chainsaw chains is a process that requires the use of a special tool. Anyone can perform it, but the operation is long and laborious. This is due to a particularly complex shape of the tooth: two cutting edges (side and top). One of them has a bevel at a certain angle.

General saw sharpening rules

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The inner contour of the saw tooth is almost a circle, the metal of the chain is soft, so a small diameter round file is used for sharpening. During the process, the tool must be in a certain position, at an angle of 90 degrees in the vertical plane and 10 or 30 degrees in the horizontal (depending on the parameters of the teeth). The diameter of the file is selected based on the chain pitch (usually the value ranges from 4-5.5 mm). Therefore, it is necessary to know all the parameters of the tool. So, for example, the sharpening of the Husqvarna chainsaw chain may differ from the processing of other models.

During the process, movements should be measured and smooth. If all teeth are sharpened, then the pressure on the file should be the same. The number of movements must be oneand the same.

Sharpening with one file is very difficult, almost impossible. Additionally, various special devices are used, which either come with the chainsaw, or are included in a kit that can be bought at the store.

Saw sharpeners

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A standard saw sharpening kit consists of two files: a round file fixed in a special holder and a flat file (grinding the limiter depth), a template and a hook for cleaning the chain from sawdust. When used in everyday life, they are quite enough. The holder, thanks to special marks, allows you to set the file in the correct position. The fixture is also selected depending on the parameters of the tool. For example, sharpening the Druzhba chainsaw chain has its own characteristics.

There are also other tooling kits, but they work in the same way as the standard kit and are used much less frequently.

Saw sharpening machines

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If the saw is dull, it is not always possible to get by with a simple file. For example, if the chain has not been sharpened for a long time, or when working, the tool fell on hard ground, it is very difficult to cope with manual devices. Yes, and the process will be quite lengthy. In this case, chainsaw chains are sharpened using machines, which are divided into manual and electric. Of course, the second type of equipment provides greater productivity and quality. Itequipped with special grinding wheels.

The electric machine is equipped with a setting system that allows you to set the chain at the required angle, and bring the wheel exactly to the edge that needs to be processed. Sharpening chainsaw chains in this case is of high quality. There are also machines that automatically compress the vise when lowering the disc to the chain. This provides her with more quality and ease of processing.

Thus, chainsaw chains can be sharpened using a file and a set of tools, special machines are also used.

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