What is PVC, and what is its effect on the human body

What is PVC, and what is its effect on the human body
What is PVC, and what is its effect on the human body

What is PVC? This material is polyvinyl chloride. It belongs to the group of thermoplastics - plastic, which, after the molding process of the product, retains the ability to recycle. Pure PVC is 43 percent ethylene. The remaining 57 percent is combined chlorine.

what is pvc

PVC material - what is it? Polyvinyl chloride is released in powder form and is used in many sectors of the economy. The most famous product in the production of which this material is used is metal-plastic windows. For the production of window profiles, special pigments, stabilizers, modifiers and many other auxiliary additives are added to powdered PVC. Thanks to them, the product becomes practically invulnerable to direct sunlight, temperature changes and other environmental factors.

What is PVC? Physical features

The main feature of PVC material is durability. According to its properties, polyvinyl chloride is practically not subjected to deformations.and other mechanical stresses. The very same degree of strength of this material depends on the structure of macromolecules, as well as on the structure of the polymer.

PVC material - what is it? Feature

This substance is characterized as a non-combustible thermoplastic material that can be machined well on conventional machines and easily welded with hot air at a temperature of 200-300 degrees Celsius. In addition, it can stick to various types of glue (often these are products based on perchlorovinyl resin). Moreover, this material can be glued to wood, concrete and metal products. PVC is not afraid of exposure to many types of acids, as well as aliphatic, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons. The strength of adhesive and welded joints is about 85-90 percent of the strength of the material itself.

what is pvc material

Due to its high elasticity and bending strength, polyvinyl chloride is widely in demand among fishermen who make the upper parts of spinning rods in a handicraft way, as well as winter fishing rods. As practice shows, such products do not lose their properties even at a temperature of minus 45 degrees Celsius.

Dielectric properties

Listing the properties of PVC, it is also necessary to note the fact that polyvinyl chloride is a good dielectric (does not conduct electricity through itself). However, when heated to a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius or more, this material quickly loses these properties. In terms of weight, the density of PVC is moreheavy than polyethylene, but lighter than PTFE and phenol-formaldehyde plastic.

The high fire resistance of PVC is achieved through the use of such a component as chlorine in its production. It is he who reduces the risk of flammability of rigid PVC.

Chemical properties

As we noted earlier, PVC is practically invulnerable to certain types of acids. This is true - polyvinyl chloride does not change its properties under the action of alkalis, gasoline, kerosene, s alt and metal solutions.

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Also, up to 60 degrees Celsius, this material is resistant to hydrochloric and formic acid. PVC is resistant to oxidation and the effects of glycerin, fats and glycols. As for alcohols, polyvinyl chloride does not dissolve in ethyl and methyl alcohols, higher alcohols, as well as lubricating and vegetable oils. It is also immune to the effects of acidic sewage.

Where does it apply?

What is PVC, we have already found out, now let's talk about the industries in which this material is used. Polyvinyl chloride has found wide application in the production of flexible plastic sheets (for wall and floor coverings), films, protective gloves and many other materials and products. Rigid unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is used to produce pipes that are invulnerable to corrosion, as well as some parts of doors and windows. In the field of electrical engineering, this material is used to insulate wires. They also make toys, stationery and sporting goods from it. Polyvinyl chloride fibers are used forproduction of fishing nets, medical underwear, knitwear and various filter technical fabrics. As you can see, PVC is used in almost all industries and households.

PVC product specification

On the Russian market, you can most often find such goods made of PVC:

  1. Floor covering (in other words - linoleum).
  2. Film.
  3. PVC panels.

Below, we will briefly review each of the above types of products.

What is PVC Coating? This is a surface in which special PVC tiles were used, designed for laying the floor. They can have both a simple square and a complex shape design.

what is pvc panels

PVC film - what is it? According to its properties, it is a highly transparent, flexible and slightly stretchy material. Like all other products, it is resistant to alcohols and acids, but it has a unique ability to pass oxygen. That is why containers packed in this film do not lose their presentation for a long time.

What are PVC panels? This is a material that is used for finishing ceilings and walls in various rooms. Often used for wall cladding in kitchens and bathrooms.

How does PVC affect the human body?

Vinyl chloride itself is characterized as a very strong poison, releasing toxic substances when burned. On humans, this substance has a terato-, carcino- and mutagenic effect. As a result of numerous studies, scientists haveit has been proven that human exposure to PVC causes cancer in various organs and tissues (including the brain, lungs and liver), and also disrupts the lymphatic and hematopoietic systems. With constant action in high concentrations, vinyl chloride can even cause paralysis of the nervous system up to complete respiratory arrest. However, modern manufacturers have taken into account all these properties and therefore produce PVC using a special technology. Modern products made of polyvinyl chloride (if they are of high quality) do not have such a terrible effect on a person. Therefore, in order not to risk your he alth, when buying PVC products, you should trust only well-known global manufacturers.

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So, we found out what PVC is and what effect it has on the human body.

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