DIY shoe cabinet - features, interesting ideas and recommendations

DIY shoe cabinet - features, interesting ideas and recommendations
DIY shoe cabinet - features, interesting ideas and recommendations

The design for shoes is a mandatory attribute of the hallway, regardless of its size. What are the varieties of cabinets for shoes, where and how to place them correctly, and how to make such an element of furniture yourself? See the article below for tips on installation and additional decoration.

Varieties of shoe storage in the hallway

The choice of shoe racks on the furniture market is quite large. They differ not only in size and color, but also in the material of manufacture, shapes and additional accessories. The size of the shoe storage space is selected depending on the free space in the room. It can be a narrow design (up to 30 cm wide) for a small hallway or a wide cabinet (up to 90 cm).

The shoe cabinet can also be open in the form of shelves and closed. The closed version looks more aesthetically pleasing indoors, and in order to prevent the smell from spreading, you can install a light bulb inside the structure todrying.

If you make your own shoe rack, then you can save money. In addition, you can create a custom design depending on individual sizes.

Closed cabinet with seat

The most practical and popular shoe storage options in the hallway:

  • Classic rectangular. It is chosen in most cases due to its ease of assembly, installation and maintenance.
  • Suspension is attached with cables, straps or rails, but is designed for a small number of pairs of shoes.
  • Corner is a great solution to save space.
  • Floor installed in a large hallway, because often its dimensions are quite large.
  • Cassette - shoes are stored vertically on the door, which saves space, but this design is usually made quite high.

Material of production

In the manufacture of nightstands for shoes, various materials are used, which directly affects its service life and ease of use.

  • cardboard is the easiest option for making a shoe rack that will not last for a long time;
  • wood or MDF is the most suitable option, characterized by durability and practicality, but when making a wooden cabinet, you should know that this material requires additional processing with paints and varnishes;
  • metal - most often it is an open and heavy structure, but it will require special welding skills to make it;
  • plastic is the cheapest andpractical material that is characterized by a riot of colors and shapes, but the construction of it is short-lived;
  • fabric or oilcloth - most often such designs are hinged, but due to the fact that shoes can be put dirty, it is difficult to clean such a shoe.
  • Varieties of designs

Location and optional accessories

Before you make a bedside table for shoes with your own hands, you should decide on the availability of free space in the corridor where the structure will be installed. It is important that it does not block the passage in the corridor and does not prevent a person from dressing or undressing while in the room. Also, the shoe rack should not be installed far from the front door due to ease of use.

The most harmonious look bedside tables installed near or immediately under the mirror. Additionally, you can decorate this piece of furniture in the hallway with various elements. It can be hangers for an umbrella, a beautiful carving of a wooden door. Can also hang hooks for bags or photos. It all depends on the imagination and skills of the master himself.

Design and colors


Before choosing a nightstand for shoes, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • dimensions - depend on the availability of free space in the room;
  • design type - closed, open or corner, with or without seat;
  • color - it is important that all furniture elements in the corridor are made in the same style and match the design of the room as a whole;
  • convenience and ease of care - there must be a material of manufacture that is easy to clean, because shoes can often get dirty.
  • open cabinet

DIY shoe cabinet: how to make?

Before you start making and arranging a shoe rack, you should take measurements. Then you need to recreate the arrangement of furniture in the corridor, taking into account the dimensions of all the elements on paper. This will allow you to visually assess how the hallway will look in the future and whether there is enough space for the passage.

If the cabinet is made of wood, it is important to pre-treat all the components of the future structure with varnish before installation. Also, to make a bedside table for shoes in the hallway with your own hands, you will need small self-tapping screws that will fasten the structural elements. The stability of the rack depends on the dimensions of the fasteners.

The width of the shelf, as a rule, is a maximum of 35 cm. Depending on the length of the bedside table, the bars are cut out of wood in the amount that how many shelves will be installed in the future device. If this is an angled design, then the edges are cut diagonally. It is important to treat all wooden elements with paints and varnishes so that they do not deteriorate under the influence of moisture. It is enough to make the distance between the shelves 30 cm, and the height of the cabinet itself - up to 80 cm. A fiberboard sheet is attached to the back wall of the cabinet.

An easier way to make your own cabinet is with a rectangular open design that even a beginner can handle.


With seat or without?

Shoe cabinet with seat is convenient and practical, especially for families with small children or elderly people. In this design, you can not only store shoes, but also sit on them as needed.

Most often, such a shoe is made of wood, which can withstand a rather large weight of a person. This can be a rectangular design with a hinged lid or opening doors, which is the most commonly used.

For a modern design and if there is free space, you can choose a bright soft ottoman in a variety of colors that opens up. This interesting shoe storage idea has become more and more popular lately.

Looking at this pouf, not a single visitor will guess that shoes are stored there. But due to the fact that such a cabinet will not be ventilated, the products must be placed there clean and dry.

Also, usually such elements, although aesthetically beautiful, but they fit a small number of pairs, therefore they are used as additional storage space for everyday shoes or those that are rarely used.

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