How to use the Indesit washing machine: instructions

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How to use the Indesit washing machine: instructions
How to use the Indesit washing machine: instructions

"Indesit" is a well-known brand of household appliances. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Industrie Merloni, a scale manufacturing company, began operations in the Italian city of Fabriano. In 1985, she acquired the well-known European brand "Indesit". In 2014, Whirlpool acquired a majority stake and became the owner of the Italian company.

On the home appliances market of the Russian Federation, the European brand has one of the leading sales positions. Many are attracted by the durability of devices, high performance, and economical consumption of electrical energy. For trouble-free operation during the period of operation, some rules should be followed.

Connection rules

After purchase and transportation, the washing machine is unpacked and installed. Before connecting, you should read the instruction manual that comes with the warranty card for service in the event of a breakdown and a receipt confirming the fact of purchase. In the guide tousage details the main points explaining how to use the Indesit washing machine for trouble-free operation.

Before installation, be sure to remove the shipping bolts. Level the washing machine as follows: twist the legs under the front of the appliance for a stable position. This will prevent noise, vibration during spinning.

The drain hose must not be kinked. The drain hole is installed at a height of sixty-five to one hundred centimeters above the floor. Dirty water must drain freely and the end of the hose must not enter the water.

The outlet into which the washing machine is connected is grounded. The plug must match the type of outlet. It is not recommended to touch wet parts of an electrical appliance connected to the mains: electric shocks are possible.

First wash

Before using the Indesit washing machine constantly, you should start the first wash cycle. To do this, you need to pour washing powder into a special tray, set the maximum temperature to 90 degrees, without laying laundry. This will remove the possible unpleasant smell of plastic, rubber, metal components.

Opening the machine after washing

Upload Rules

Before choosing a washing mode, you need to sort things by color, type of fabric, degree of soiling. You should not lay white things with dark ones - it is possible to stain light linen. It is impossible to return the color to the fabrics after this.

Before using the Indesit washing machine when washingcotton knitwear, do not set the temperature to high. Rinsing is also done with cold water. Changes in temperature can cause things to lose their shape or shrink in size.

Washing machine

Program panel

Some models of machines have electronic or mechanical control. The panel is located on the top of the front of the instrument. On the left - a tray for detergents, an on / off button, a list of programs, a temperature control, keys with additional functions.

After putting things in, the machine is connected to the network, programs are selected.

How to use the Indesit washing machine control panel:

  1. Press the on/off button.
  2. Select program.
  3. Determine the washing temperature.
  4. Set the spin speed.
  5. After completing all the steps, press the "start" button. During operation, the cycle phase indicators will light up alternately: wash, rinse, spin, drain, end.

It is possible to open the drum after the indicator "hatch lock", graphically depicted in the form of a padlock, is completely turned off.

Washing machine drum

Washing program selection

Models released at different times have differences in control panel, size. The functionality of the updated devices is complemented by new features. Modern models have a number of automated cycles with built-in modes for temperatures, spin, quantity and speed of rotation of the drum during operation.

Old models of Indesit washing machines

In early models, most control panels are mechanical. A feature of these devices is a small depth and ease of operation. Before using the old Indesit washing machine, you should make sure that the electrical appliance is safe: there are no worn out bare wires, and the power source is properly grounded. All Indesit washing machines have leakage protection. However, each model range has some nuances.

Indesit mechanical program panel

About Indesit washing machine IWSB 5085

This appliance is designed for automatic washing of linen, in a free-standing version with a frontal way of laying linen. The largest load is five kilograms. The maximum spin speed is 800 rpm.

Energy class - A, washing - A, spinning - D. Today, most models of washing machines have a lower level of energy consumption.

Before using the Indesit IWSB 5085 washing machine, you should familiarize yourself with the built-in wash cycles.

The list of programs includes sixteen titles:

  • "Jeans".
  • "Express Wash 15 minutes".
  • "Sports".
  • "Sports shoes".
  • "Wool".
  • "Silk".
  • Colored cotton.
  • "Cotton: Heavily soiled whites, delicates, coloreds."
  • "Cotton: Heavily soiled white, heavily dyed colored linen."
  • "Cotton: wash+soak".
  • "Cotton: Heavily soiled white linen."
  • "Synthetics: Heavily soiled, heavily dyed colored laundry."
  • "Synthetics: Lightly soiled, heavily dyed colored laundry."
  • "Rinse".
  • "Spin".
  • "Drain without spin".

A huge plus is the time saving program. This will reduce the consumption of water, detergents.

There is an error indication. They are described in detail in the user manual with explanations and solutions. The delayed start timer can be set up to 12 hours.

Device dimensions: width - 59.5 cm, depth - 40 cm, height - 85 cm, machine weight - 62.5 kilograms.

Simple model, clear operation. According to consumer reviews, it can work for a long time without breakdowns or complaints.

Characteristics of the machine "Indesit" WISL 105

This model is a front loading automatic washing machine. The maximum weight of the pledged items is five kilograms. The highest spin speed is 1000 rpm. Before using the Indesit WISL 105 washing machine, you should weigh or determine the approximate weight of the laundry. Top-loading appliances are characterized by strong vibration and noise during the spin cycle due to the structure, so do not overload the drum.

There are the following additional functions: prewash, extra rinse and easy ironing. You can set a delayed start timer for up to 9 hours, lock the sunrooffrom opening by children.

The panel has the following programs indicating temperature conditions:

  • "Prewash 90°C".
  • "Intensive wash cycle 90 ° C".
  • "Regular wash 60°C"
  • "Delicate wash 40 ° C".
  • "Colored fabrics 30 °C".
  • "Intensive wash cycle 60 ° C".
  • "Regular wash 50°C".
  • "Delicate fabrics 40 ° C".
  • "Daily wash 30 minutes, 30°C".
  • "Wool 40 °C".
  • "Silk 30 ° C".

The dimensions of the household appliance: 59.5 x 40 x 85 centimeters. The disadvantage is the lack of a scoreboard indicating the time until the end of the cycle.

Modern model Indesit

Briefly about the Indesit WS105TX washing machine

This model is another representative of the Italian brand. Type of loading of clothes - frontal. The maximum weight of laundry items is 5 kilograms. The highest spin speed is 1000 rpm. Water consumption per wash cycle is 52 liters.

How to use the Indesit WS105TX washing machine:

  1. Sort laundry.
  2. Put things in the drum of the machine.
  3. Plug in.
  4. Pour washing powder, bleach, fabric softener into the trays designated for each product.
  5. Select the desired program, extra rinse, spin speed.
  6. Press the "Start" button.
  7. At the end of washing, unplug the appliance, remove the laundry.
  8. Rinse the trays from the remnants of the powder, remove moisture from the gum near the drummachine, leave the door open for ventilation.

Among the washing programs are: "Economic", "Express", "Stain Removal", "Prevention of Crease", "Washing Wool", "Delicates". There is a delayed start timer. The dimensions of the machine are: width - 60 cm, depth - 54 cm, height - 85 centimeters.

Indesit washing machines with vertical loading. How to use correctly

The purchase of laundry appliances with this type of laying things is due to the small amount of space in the room for installing the machine. The disadvantages of the models are a higher noise level compared to machines with a horizontal loading method, limited weight of things.

Top loading washing machine

The maximum weight of items is 7 kilograms. The spin speed can be 1200 rpm. The Indesit ITW E 71252 G machines have built-in leakage protection, the drum volume is 42 liters. At the end of washing, an audible signal sounds. Delay start timer is 24 hours.

The list of programs consists of 14 items. Among them there are special ones: "Children's things", "Bed linen", "Jeans". Additional functions: "Rinse", "Easy ironing". The machine is equipped with a screen that shows the time until the end of the wash.

Helpful tips for laundry appliances

In order for the Indesit washing machine to serve for a long time, you should follow some rules:

  1. Don't overload the drum.
  2. It is recommended to use a type of detergentindicated on the clothing label. Do not add hair shampoo or hand wash powder - excessive foam may damage the appliance.
  3. Be sure to observe the temperature corresponding to the composition of the fabric. Otherwise, the thing may become unusable, lose color, shape.
  4. If there are loud sounds, strong vibrations during the spinning process, you should, if possible, stop the cycle and set the machine level. An incorrectly adjusted instrument may break due to strong vibrations.

Before using the Indesit washing machine regularly, it is recommended that you read the instruction manual. Early models are distinguished by ease of operation, high build quality. Many laundry appliances, according to customer reviews, have been operating for more than ten years. The disadvantages of older machines are the lack of sound at the end of the wash and the electronic scoreboard with the end of the working time.

Indesit model in black

Current models have a number of modern functions: "Facilitation of ironing", "Jeans", "Children's clothing". To reduce the cost of water, electricity, detergents, as well as personal time, it is worth choosing appliances with economical washing.

Regardless of the year of manufacture, it is important to know how to use the Indesit washing machine correctly. This will save time and money due to the durability of the device, the absence of breakdowns during operation.

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