Gas 2-burner hob: GEFEST, Bosch. Models and Features

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Gas 2-burner hob: GEFEST, Bosch. Models and Features
Gas 2-burner hob: GEFEST, Bosch. Models and Features

A gas 2-burner hob is the dream of any housewife who constantly cooks, loves to experiment and never lets her rivals into the kitchen. And all because kitchen appliances get used to one owner, like household members to mom's dishes. The most popular firms are Hephaestus and Bosch, which compete with each other not only in technology, but also in design.

Gas panel "Bosch". Comfort, ease and simplicity

The panel from "Bosch" is very convenient to use. Each model in the line is fast, "responsive", economical, very easy to care for, residual heat does not interfere with cooking (as on infrared), and, most interestingly, there is an indicator of spent electricity.

It is used daily, several times a day. Water boils faster than an electric kettle. In addition, there are other benefits:

  1. Convenient adjustment of the degree of heating, nothing burns, and if something escapes and floods the stove, then only one burner will turn off, and not the entire stove.
  2. This function is veryuseful if there are children in the family. When, in confusion, inadvertently, you turn off the hob, all settings are saved thanks to programming.
  3. Food can be cooked "by default" by pressing start paused program.

The main disadvantage is the need for new dishes. Need special and expensive.

Variations of "Bosch" models

Model range of panels

The manufacturer offers a wide selection of gas 2-burner panels that differ from each other in design, functionality and, of course, price. The lineup is represented by three modifications.

Despite the variety of models, they all have common distinctive features, such as:

  1. Compact dimensions (mostly 50x54 cm, but also 54x60 cm), mechanical control.
  2. The presence of a thermometer in the oven.
  3. Able to operate on both natural and liquefied gas.

The differences are in the color scheme (ranging from the lightest to the darkest shades), in the material of the hob coating (enamel or stainless steel), in the material of the burner grate (steel or cast iron), in the presence or absence of a top cover.

Technical equipment

Hob "Bosch"

Most models of hobs are equipped with a gas leak control system and have double heat-resistant glass, electric ignition of burners and / or ovens (automatic or mechanical). Some models are equipped with a gas or electric grill.These are more modern and expensive variations that can be purchased by pre-order. Bosch also offers affordable technology options for small families. True, burners in a horizontal arrangement are more common. You have to "steal" the place of the countertop. After all, by placing it vertically, it turns out to save space for cooking, taking into account the safety rules for placing hobs.

Prices for gas panels

Hob burners

Reviews of Bosch gas stoves are mixed. Some praise them for their simplicity and reliability in operation, others reproach them for certain shortcomings. In particular, unsatisfactory operation of the oven (uneven baking), unstable operation of flame spreaders, enamel corrosion and other minor flaws are noted. However, do not forget that we are talking about a "workhorse" that does not claim to be the laurels of well-known foreign companies.

Main competitor - "Gefest"

Its main purpose is cooking, which the stove fulfills to the fullest, and in terms of price-quality ratio it can be attributed to the leaders. And the presence of an extensive network of service centers throughout Russia inspires confidence that if problems arise, they will be eliminated as soon as possible.

Prices for cookingpanels

Thanks to its beautiful design, Gefest's 2-burner gas hob fits easily into any interior. Very easy to use - you can immediately select the heating level by selecting the desired number. There is a timer, but it is practically not required. There are also disadvantages, like any technique:

  1. High temperature heat - 6-7 modes are enough, but the manufacturer has reached a maximum mark of 9.
  2. Modes 1-3 are practically not used, as their purpose is not justified.
  3. Forced removal of food from the burners - can burn even when the gas is turned off.

But there are also significant advantages. Convenient adjustment of the degree of heating allows you to immediately select the desired mode. If you press "+", this is very inconvenient, since the gradual heating of dishes is selected, and this is convenient when you want to fry, cook or reheat, like in a microwave oven. And the selected mode is immediately marked on the Hephaestus hob.

Adaptation of dishes to the type of surface

Due to the new type of surface, some dishes had to be updated.

Hephaestus 2-burner gas cooking panel is very smart, there are many different types of protection. It has an interesting design, suitable for almost any interior. After some time, it may require a reboot, giving an error EP 22. This is the so-called method of updating programs that need not only to be "downloaded", but also installed only in a specialized technical center.

Gas leakage protection

At the same time herethere is nothing superfluous. Its main drawback is the purchase of new dishes and preferably expensive ones from a branded manufacturer. The main difference from the German manufacturer is the noiselessness that one can dream of. In general, if we talk about accessibility, then a 2-burner gas hob is quite difficult to choose due to its optimal size. Since cooking is possible at the same time, it is important that there is enough space for wide dishes.

"Hephaestus" pleases buyers with novelties, like "Bosch", only the domestic manufacturer is slightly inferior to German quality.

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