Rating of manual wood routers: an overview of the best, features, manufacturers, tips for choosing

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Rating of manual wood routers: an overview of the best, features, manufacturers, tips for choosing
Rating of manual wood routers: an overview of the best, features, manufacturers, tips for choosing

A hand router is a great alternative to a bulky machine. Of course, some conveying tasks are easier to perform on stationary equipment, but for artistic and other tasks that require a fine fit, the compact device will cope noticeably better.

Today's market offers an impressive range of equipment of this kind. And if experienced craftsmen have long determined the best options for themselves, then beginners leaf through the ratings and reviews of hand-held wood routers. We will try to summarize this information, taking into account the opinion of experts in this field and feedback from owners of equipment.

So, we bring to your attention the rating of manual wood routers. Price and quality will be the determining factors. Consider the remarkable characteristics of the models, as well as the existing advantages and disadvantages.

Difficulties in choosing

Getting to know the ratings and reviews of manual wood routers is the second. The first step is to deal with the critical characteristics of the equipment. This will greatly simplify the choicethe best device for you. So what should you pay attention to?

Vertical stroke

This is one of the most important parameters for equipment of this kind. The milling process depends on it. If this parameter is too small, then the efficiency of the tool will be low. While increasing it opens up the possibility of working with more advanced cutters.


The intelligent speed controller will allow you to choose the optimal speed of the tool. This will make it possible to avoid burns or, conversely, brakes. It is also worth paying attention to the possibility of a soft start, which is especially important for powerful equipment. This eliminates sharp jerks of the router, as well as overloading the device.

Dynamic brake

If you are wondering: "Which handheld wood router is better in terms of safety?" Then pay attention to models with a dynamic brake. Such equipment allows you to almost instantly stop the working cutter if necessary, while avoiding a lot of dangerous and unpleasant moments.

Other options

It would be useful to focus on the noise level of the equipment. Yes, all woodworking power tools make noise, but most manufacturers try to keep decibel levels to a minimum, which is extremely beneficial for the user's he alth.

It is also worth clarifying which cutters the tool can accept. The most common options are 6, 8 and 12 millimeters. As for specific equipment, here it is necessary to study the ratings of wood cutters for manualmilling cutter. Fortunately, the choice is very rich and there should not be any problems with this.

Next, we will look at specific models, focusing on value for money.

The rating of manual wood routers looks like this:

  1. Makita RP2300FC.
  2. Bosch GKF 600 Professional.
  3. Hammer FRZ2200 PREMIUM.
  4. Makita 3612C.
  5. Makita RT0700CX2.
  6. Bosch POF 1400 ACE.
  7. Interskol FM-55/1000E.
  8. "CALIBER FE-1900/12M+".
  9. Makita RP0900.
  10. Bort BOF-1080N.
  11. Wert EVR 1450E.

Let's take a look at the notable characteristics of each model.

Makita RP2300FC

In the first place in our ranking of the best manual wood routers is a model from a well-known Japanese brand. This tool can be safely called the best representative of its segment. Reviews about the router are entirely positive, but the model simply does not have any critical flaws.

Makita RP2300FC

The tool received a 2.3 kW motor. The milling cutter is able to accelerate the spindle to 23 thousand revolutions per minute. Such power could not but affect the dimensions of the device. When equipped, the tool weighs approximately 6.5 kilos, which is felt during operation.

The model took first place in our ranking of the best manual wood routers also due to the rich configuration. The manufacturer additionally equipped the tool with special nozzles for duplicating grooves of complex configuration. There is also a convenient illumination of the working surface, which helps a lot on some outings.events. All these bells and whistles make working with the equipment much easier.

As for the build quality and the materials used, there are no complaints about them. Makita has proved once again that its products can be trusted without looking back. The working platform is made of alloyed aluminum, so that it is not afraid of any load, no kinks, or any other physical impact. So the model rightfully takes first place in the ratings of manual wood routers. But the cost of the equipment is appropriate - more than 20 thousand rubles.

Bosch GKF 600 Professional

This is a manual wood edge router from the worldwide respected German brand Bosch. The model turned out to be quite compact and powerful for its class - 600 watts. The tool easily spins the spindle up to 33 thousand revolutions.

Bosch GKF 600 Professional

The build quality, judging by the reviews of the manual wood router from Bosch, is at the height familiar to the brand. The design looks monolithic, without backlash and gaps. I was pleased with the presence of a platform made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The latter is significantly stronger than any plastic and at the same time does not give an increase in weight.

Ergonomics is also at a high level. The milling cutter is comfortable to hold, and the hands do not get tired even after prolonged work with the tool. In addition, the manufacturer provided the opportunity to replace the vertical base with a proprietary floating slope. The cost of the cutter fluctuates around 12 thousand rubles.

Hammer FRZ2200 PREMIUM

In third place in our ranking of manual routerson wood is a model from a Chinese manufacturer. The tool showed itself exclusively on the positive side. This is a vivid example of a successful combination of good technical characteristics with wide design possibilities.

Hammer FRZ2200 PREMIUM

One of the best handheld wood routers for the home offers a decent spindle speed range of 9 to 22 thousand revolutions, which is enough for processing difficult materials like hardwoods. In addition, the cutter can go up to 75 millimeters, which is a significant plus when working with grooves.

I was also pleased with the delivery set, which included a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner and popular clamps for 6, 8 and 12 mm, which added versatility to the model. There is also an adjusting ring for adjusting the depth of travel and an advanced soft start that prevents jerks. The cost of the tool fluctuates around 11 thousand rubles.

Makita 3612C

The fourth place in our rating of manual wood routers is a reliable, convenient and efficient model from Makita. The tool is inferior in performance to the leader of the top, but the power of 1.85 kW is enough to solve most problems.

Makita 3612C

The engine accelerates the spindle up to 23 thousand revolutions without straining. The manufacturer claims that with daily and intensive loading of the router, it is able to work without problems for 5 years. Judging by user reviews, it is.

The model fully pays off the funds invested in it, and this is almost 18 thousand rubles.The tool does not have any critical shortcomings. The only thing that some consumers complain about is the high cost. But many understand that professional and high-quality equipment simply cannot be cheap.

Makita RT0700CX2

In fifth place in our ranking of handheld wood routers is an edge model, slightly inferior to the competing Bosch. The tool received a 710 W motor, which easily accelerates the spindle to 30 thousand revolutions.

Makita RT0700CX2

Judging by user reviews, these qualities are quite enough for processing hard and tough woods. The maximum depth that the cutter can go to is 35 mm. The platform of the model is made of transparent high-quality plastic. Yes, it is better in terms of process control, but less reliable than aluminum bases.

The ergonomic part is also in order. The tool is comfortable, and the hands do not get tired after long work. To the assembly, of course, there are no complaints. In specialized stores, the model can be bought for 12-13 thousand rubles.

Bosch POF 1400 ACE

This is a great wood router for the home. A small but nimble enough engine is able to accelerate the spindle up to 28 thousand revolutions. This is quite enough for processing finicky types of wood.

Bosch POF 1400

It is convenient to work with the tool, especially since it weighs a little less than powerful devices - only 3.5 kilos. The build quality is at the height due to the brand: no backlash, gaps or squeaks.Separately, it is worth noting the impressive package. It includes a branded case for equipment, a copy nozzle and collets for 6 and 8 mm. The tool, alas, will not pull 12 mm cutters.

Of the minuses, the owners note the lack of a soft start, although it is, by and large, not needed here. Light weight allows you to safely hold the device during launch. Also, some complained about the obvious noise. 95 decibels is still too much for the unprotected human ear. The cost of the device fluctuates around 8 thousand rubles.

Interskol FM-55/1000E

This is just the rare case when domestic equipment is a worthy competitor to foreign analogues. The model does not have a high power rating and is intended mainly for organizing home carpentry.

Interskol FM-55/1000E

The tool attracts primarily with its ergonomic qualities. In convenience, premium devices from TM Makita and Bosch can be compared with it. Here, each element is clearly thought out for the sake of ergonomics. Consumers are overwhelmingly positive about this part of the tool.

Pleased with the accuracy of the router. There are no backlashes at all, the device behaves perfectly on almost any wood. The model received only one 8 mm collet, so the rest, if necessary, will need to be purchased separately.

As such, the router has no shortcomings for its segment. The tool does its job well and doesn't make much noise. A little embarrassing highthe price of the model is 10 thousand rubles, but some are willing to overpay for extra comfort.

CALIBER FE-1900/12M+

Another domestic representative, striking in the first place with its power. The 1.9 kW motor quietly accelerates the spindle to 26 thousand revolutions per minute. This is enough to cope with any kind of wood. Torque involves working with grooves and ends without serious loads on the structural elements.

CALIBER FE-1900/12M+

The Russian inexpensive manual wood router in the ranking is significantly inferior to the other participant in terms of ergonomic indicators. Yes, it is powerful, resourceful and will grind any tree, but you can’t use it for a long time - your hands get very tired. The large kilowatts affected, for which a good, as well as a heavy engine (5.2 kg), as well as a design that was poorly developed in terms of ergonomics, were needed. The model is not very comfortable to hold in the hands, and the elbow muscles are overstrained during operation.

But the power and dimensions allow you to equip the tool with collets of 8 and 12 millimeters, which adds practicality and versatility to the technique. So the tool justifies its small cost of 5 thousand rubles.

Makita RP0900

The model is noticeably more modest in the technical part of the brand's solutions described above, but for home needs this is a great option. In addition, the cost (about 8 thousand rubles) just implies a semi-professional use of the tool.

Makita RP0900

Here we already know from othersrepresentatives of the brand high quality workmanship and reliability. The handles of the milling cutter are competently rubberized and add comfort during operation. The platform is made of die-cast aluminum, while the body itself is made of high-quality plastic.

The board is equipped with a rather nimble 900 W motor, which gives a decent number of revolutions. Unfortunately, there is no soft start. The working stroke of the cutter is 35 mm. This is less than similar models from this price category, so the tool is not suitable for specific tasks. I am glad that the stroke can be precisely adjusted.

Included in the package is a duplicate nozzle and several interchangeable cutters. The model is a frequent guest in domestic stores, so there should be no problems with the purchase.

Bort BOF-1080N

This is one of the best budget routers out there. The model comes from China, but, despite the low cost, it is assembled extremely high quality. Yes, and with the return is also in full order. The tool received a fairly powerful engine of 1.2 kW, capable of accelerating the spindle to 30 thousand revolutions.

Bort BOF-1080N

A depth of 45 mm is enough to organize some specific tasks. There is also the possibility of adjusting the speed to adapt to different woods. True, it is not as accurate as we would like, but the router still does not claim to be a professional tool.

The package includes a pair of collets for 6 and 8 millimeters. So there will be no problems with the processing of narrow grooves. For deep cuts, a special revolving stop is provided. Last in multiple passesallows you to get the perfect result.

Of the minuses, the owners note mediocre ergonomic performance. The model turned out to be heavy and uncomfortable. The same Makita or Bosch solve problems with rubberized handles or a more thoughtful arrangement of body elements. Here we have a kind of monster that you can work with, but with smoke breaks. But you can close your eyes to all the shortcomings, looking at the cost of the tool - 4 thousand rubles.

Wert EVR 1450E

Another "Chinese" that attracts first of all with an extremely democratic price tag. To buy a sufficiently powerful and convenient milling machine for 3 thousand rubles is a great success. The model received a 1.4 kW motor that accelerates the spindle to 30 thousand revolutions per minute.

Wert EVR 1450E

Pleased with the depth of cut. The cutter is able to go 50 millimeters, which is enough to perform specific tasks. Everything is good with the ergonomic part. Comfort is added by comfortable plastic handles, well-fitted on the body, plus a relatively small weight of the device - 3.1 kg.

The delivery set can be called standard. The manufacturer put two collets for 6 and 8 mm, a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner and a couple of simple cutters. In principle, there are no questions to the technical part, but the assembly of the model leaves much to be desired. No, the tool does not crumble in the hands, but some elements play, causing the body to vibrate.

Russian craftsmen easily cope with this problem and bring the design to mind with third-party devices. In addition, many masters alsoIt is advised to replace the local platform with a better one. This is not difficult, and does not cost a serious penny. After all the "upgrades" you can get a device comparable in level to models from Makita or Bosch. Yes, troublesome, but you can save at least 5 thousand rubles.

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