Rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home: an overview of the best models, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

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Rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home: an overview of the best models, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers
Rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home: an overview of the best models, features, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

Over the past few decades, the home appliance market has developed rapidly. Manufacturers began to offer customers the widest range of all kinds of equipment. But the greatest progress in engineering thought has been achieved in the field of electronics. That is why, when choosing any device, including those designed to facilitate household work, buyers have to solve a difficult task, choosing for themselves one of the most suitable options for the necessary device. This also applies to such useful and necessary equipment in everyday life as vacuum cleaners, which today are considered the most faithful helpers of a person in the struggle for cleanliness.

vacuum cleaners on the shop window

The choice of the best model in most cases is limited by materialconsumer capabilities. But at the same time, you always want that, regardless of the amount spent, the device allows you to get only guaranteed excellent cleaning results. In order for the purchase not to disappoint the owners, you should familiarize yourself with the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners and evaluate their main performance characteristics.


Until relatively recently, vacuum cleaners were offered in limited quantities. In addition, the models that were put up for sale differed in that they were bulky, noisy, and often let dust through. However, the consumer had no choice. People had to buy these models and use them.

Today the situation has changed radically. Appliances designed for home cleaning are available in such a wide range that they are even divided into several groups, each of which includes units with certain common characteristics. Among them:

  1. With bag. Manufacturers have been offering such models for a long time. Their main purpose is to perform dry cleaning in the house. Dust in such devices is collected in a special bag located inside. These vacuum cleaners work on a simple principle. They suck in the air that passes through the bag. This is where the dirt settles. After that, the air moves further and, being cleaned in a special filter, goes into the room. Vacuum cleaners with a bag are quite good and belong to the budget option. However, families with children and allergy sufferers should be careful when working with such devices.
  2. No bag. Principle of operationof this type of vacuum cleaner is similar to that which takes place in previous devices. Its main difference is the presence of a plastic container, which such models are equipped with instead of bags. Such devices are suitable only for dry cleaning. One type of bagless vacuum cleaner is a cyclone. These devices are designed in such a way that their engine creates centrifugal force. Its appearance leads to the fact that the garbage begins to move in a spiral. At this time, its particles settle to the bottom of the container, where they gradually accumulate.
  3. Detergents. These vacuum cleaners have two reservoirs. One is for clean water and the other is for dirty water. First, the device sprays moisture. He takes it from a clean container, to which cleaning products are sometimes added. After that, moisture, along with debris, is collected from the surface and sent to a second container.
  4. Robot vacuum cleaners. These units appeared relatively recently and have already gained great popularity among consumers. With the help of a robot vacuum cleaner, both dry and wet cleaning of the house is carried out. The operation of such a device occurs autonomously mainly on smooth and even surfaces.

In addition to the four groups described above, vacuum cleaners are vertical, portable, combined, construction, etc. However, based on their main functionality, each of them belongs to the classification described above.

Key Features

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention not only to the type of its work. There are many more featureswhich affect the performance of the dust extractor.

woman vacuuming carpet

Among them:

  1. Power. Two of them are indicated in the passport at once. This is power consumption as well as suction. The focus should be on the second point. After all, it is he who has the most significant impact on the cost of the device. For those owners in whose house there are no animals and carpets with a long pile are not spread out, a 250-350 W vacuum cleaner will be quite enough. There is simply no point in overpaying for a larger unit. If you need more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to select models for yourself, in the passport of which 350 W or more is indicated.
  2. The volume of work. This detail is also important. Too noisy vacuum cleaners that emit 80 dB or more bring terrible discomfort not only to those who are cleaning, but also to all other family members in the house. And this can negatively affect he alth. The best option would be devices that have a noise level in the range from 60 to 75 decibels.
  3. Filtration system. For families with small children or allergies, it is advisable to purchase vacuum cleaners in which polluted air is filtered using water. Such devices not only perfectly clean fine dust, but also moisturize the room. But if there are no such people in the house, before buying, you can only consider the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with a bag, cyclone filter or container.
  4. Dimensions. Vacuum cleaner dimensionsare directly dependent on the area of ​​available premises. So, in small houses it will be difficult to allocate space for storing a bulky unit, and working with it with a lack of space will become very inconvenient. But it is not easy for a small vacuum cleaner to cope with cleaning in a large house. That is why the owners will need to find an acceptable option for themselves. So, vacuum cleaners up to 5 kg, as a rule, are purchased for dry cleaning and for small spaces. Units weighing between 5 and 10 kg are considered full size units. Overall structures that can perform work in a significant amount have a greater mass.
  5. Complete set. Getting acquainted with the rating of good and inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home, you should familiarize yourself with the presence of nozzles. After studying the complete set of the device, each buyer must make one or another conclusion for himself, to what extent each detail is useful for everyday affairs. Ultimately, preference should be given to the model with the most popular attachments.
  6. Cord length. In the event that the cord of the vacuum cleaner is too short, cleaning with it will turn into a constant search for an outlet located in the immediate vicinity of the unit. It is best if the length of the cord is within 5-7 meters. This option will be the most optimal.
  7. Appearance. When creating this criterion, manufacturers have done their best. They offer their customers vacuum cleaners of a wide variety of designs and colors. This allows you to choose a device that will appeal to even the most fastidious consumers.
  8. Cost. As a rule, it is this criterion that becomes fundamental when buying. After all, consumers know that a sky-high price is not always a guarantee of purchasing a good product. And many simply won’t overpay just like that.

In order to choose the most reliable and budget model, consider the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners that have an excellent ratio of reasonable price and good quality. These devices, judging by the feedback from consumers, are not always produced by well-known companies. Some little-known companies sometimes offer a good product of decent quality on the market.


Introducing the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners, the design of which provides for the installation of a container. Most of these models are designed with a cyclone filter.

The biggest plus of these vacuum cleaners is the ability to thoroughly clean, no need to constantly buy consumables, as well as relatively low prices.

Samsung SC4520 (WH)

Starting our ranking of the best inexpensive bagless vacuum cleaners, the model, the price tag for which is set within 4, 7 thousand rubles. This compact vacuum cleaner, which has a container in the design, is made of high-quality plastic. User reviews claim that they are satisfied with the functionality of this model. The suction power of the unit is 350 watts. The length of the electric cord is 6 m. The unit is offered with nozzles. It is intended for small apartments. After all, the volume of its capacity for collecting dust is 1.3 liters. Noise emitted by the device - 80dB.

Many buyers choose this vacuum cleaner due to the fact that it is produced by a trusted company that supplies its household appliances to many countries of the world. The main advantages of the model are its relatively low cost, high suction power of debris, durability and ergonomics. Of the shortcomings, only an insignificant volume of the dust collector stands out, as well as the fact that sometimes the unit passes a little dust back into the room air.

Midea VCS43C2

Continues our rating of inexpensive bagless vacuum cleaners, a very compact and bright model designed for dry cleaning, the price of which is in the range of 5, 7 thousand rubles. The manufacturer indicates the suction power of such a unit, which is 400 watts. The mains wire in the design is provided with a length of 5 m. Dust collector - 3 liters. Judging by customer reviews, the device perfectly cleans the air and has dimensions that are best suited for a small apartment. This model is considered quite powerful in the line of bagless devices. Judging by the feedback from consumers, the dust container is removed from the unit quite easily and simply, and also hygienically emptied. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is small and is 4.5 kg. It is easy to cope with it even for a child or a fragile girl. The model looks quite modern due to its interesting color combination.

vacuum cleaner Midea VCS43C2

Included are nozzles designed for a wide variety of occasions. With such a vacuum cleaner, it is easy to care for wooden floors, remove wool from upholstered furnitureanimals, as well as to clean dust from the most inaccessible places. The noise level of the unit is 75 dB. Cord - 5 m. These vacuum cleaners are made in China.


The next step in the ranking of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with a container is a model, the price of which is 6 thousand rubles. This is a budget, stylish and economical device designed for dry cleaning. It can also be found in the ranking of inexpensive powerful vacuum cleaners, as the suction power of this model is 380 watts. Users note that the unit is easy to use due to its long telescopic handle. It is this detail that allows you to compensate for the short length of the cord. The noise of the device rises to a level of 78 dB. Its weight is 5 kg. Includes additional attachments.

With bag

Let's continue to consider the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with devices in which a reusable fabric or paper disposable bag is installed. This element is the bag in which the dust is collected. Such vacuum cleaners are quite popular among consumers due to their low cost and fairly good efficiency. They were created only for dry cleaning and require cleaning of the fabric bag at least once every 1-1.5 weeks. When installing disposable bags, things are easier, because they are simply thrown away as they fill up. However, this option is more costly.

Scarlett SC-VC80B02

This vacuum cleaner is in the ranking of the best inexpensive devices designed for dusting, due to its low cost, which is 4, 4 thousand rubles, and goodreviews from users who are satisfied with their purchase. The unit has a classic design, compact body and wide functionality. Its design provides two antistatic filters that protect the motor from dirt. Ease of use is provided by an indicator indicating the filling level of the bag. The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful. This indicator of his work is at the level of 350 watts. Dust collector - 2.5 l. The volume of the switched on device is at the level of 85 dB. Among the shortcomings, users highlight the presence of not very convenient nozzles.

Samsung SC5251

This model continues the ranking of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners with a dust bag. The cost of such a unit is within 5.3 thousand rubles. Users note the ease of use of the device, which is provided by its long and flexible telescopic tube. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is 410 watts. If necessary, it can be easily changed using a special regulator. Cord - 6 m, dust collector - 2.5 l. Of the minuses, users note the high noise of the device during operation, which reaches a level of 84 dB.

vacuum cleaner Samsung SC5251

Included with the vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer offers four nozzles. In addition, the unit has a universal bag, which can be easily replaced if necessary.

Philips FC8454 PowerLife

This model, which is the next step in the ranking of inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home, is named by users as one of the best in its category. Having a capacious dust collector (3 l), such a unit does not weigh much, only4.2 kg. It is equipped with a convenient tube, the material for which is aluminum. There is a power adjustment in the device, which at its maximum value is 350 watts. It also has protection against engine overheating. Wire length - 6 m. The package includes additional nozzles, one of which is designed for parquet.

With a model price of about 10 thousand rubles. it has excellent quality. Users note the compactness of the vacuum cleaner, indicating its loud operation.

With Aquafilter

Let's continue to consider the rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the home, with the help of which high-quality cleaning of the house becomes possible. These are units equipped with an aquafilter, which are most often preferred by users suffering from allergies. And if in the old days such devices were very expensive, today almost every manufacturer offers budget vacuum cleaners with this characteristic. In these models, all dust and dirt is trapped in the water container, which is why it does not get back into the room.


This model starts our rating of inexpensive vacuum cleaners with aquafilter. Despite its cost, which is in the range of 5.6 thousand rubles, the unit provides significant assistance in cleaning. In its kit, the manufacturer has provided a special turbo brush that perfectly copes with dirt. The model is equipped with multifiltration, that is, in addition to the water filter, it also has a HEPA filter. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner is 380 watts. Its cord is 5 m. The noise level characteristic is low and reaches 75 dB.The unit weighs a lot. Its weight is 85.8 kg.


This model is one of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners equipped with aquafilter. The device has a seven-stage filtration system. She, along with five high-quality nozzles and an ergonomic design, receives good customer reviews. The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful (400 W), relatively silent (75 dB), has a capacious dust collector of 3.5 liters and a weight of 7.3 kg. Its cost starts from 9 thousand rubles.

vacuum cleaner Vitec VT-1833

Among the shortcomings, users note the short length of the power cord and the unsatisfactory operation of the unit on surfaces with a long pile.

SVC 1748 Shivaki

The next in the ranking of inexpensive vacuum cleaners is a model worth about 7.8 thousand rubles. Users say that it is an excellent and stylish home assistant with a low noise level of only 68 dB. The unit is quite powerful (410 W) and has a high-quality telescopic tube. Its design includes an indicator. With it, the user can easily find out about the fullness of the tank. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 7.5 kg. It includes 4 nozzles.

Among the positive characteristics of the device is its durability, ease of maintenance and small size. Among the minuses is the problem with finding a replacement filter.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Today, such devices are becoming increasingly popular and are quite in demand in the household appliances market. They attract buyers with their autonomy andoriginality. However, such units are not yet perfect and are most of all intended as a supplement to high-quality cleaning.

BBK BV3521

This model opens our rating of inexpensive cordless vacuum cleaners. The unit is a wonderful helper around the house, the acquisition of which makes it much easier to clean the premises. Its price is within 9 thousand rubles. The unit can work offline for up to 90 minutes.

robot vacuum cleaner BBK

But in the event of a low charge, the vacuum cleaner goes to the charging station on its own, and then continues cleaning again. This appliance has a cyclone filter and a dust collector with a volume of 0.35 liters. The noise it produces during operation is only 65 dB. The device can be controlled using the remote control, but it is impossible to do this from a smartphone. This vacuum cleaner can also be included in the rating of inexpensive washing vacuum cleaners, since, in addition to dry cleaning, it also performs wet cleaning.

Polaris PVOR 1012U

Next in the ranking of inexpensive robot vacuum cleaners is this compact round device. Its cost reaches 8 thousand rubles. The device is equipped with ultrasonic and infrared sensors that allow it to recognize obstacles, build a trajectory and take into account height differences. In addition to the cyclone filter, manufacturers have also provided a HEPA filter in the vacuum cleaner.

The device is not noisy. Its maximum volume is at the level of 60 dB. The dust collector, which is quite easy to clean, has a capacity of 0.3 liters. The device works autonomously 100minutes using various programs.

Of the minuses of the vacuum cleaner, buyers note the lack of a charging indicator and the difficulty of working in a room where there is a large amount of furniture.

Clever and Clean 004 M-Senes

The next in the ranking of inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaners is the model, the cost of which is 7.8 thousand rubles. Such a mini-unit is intended for cleaning small rooms, because the dust collector of such a device is only 0.15 liters. The battery life of this vacuum cleaner is 40 minutes. The small size of the unit allows it to remove dust in places where large vacuum cleaners can not do it.

Upright Vacuums

It is far from always convenient to use a bulky device, each time taking it out of the closet and putting it back in. That is why many users leave good reviews about upright vacuum cleaners, which are popularly called electric brooms. These are compact and lightweight devices that are not suitable for general cleaning, but at the same time they will quickly remove light dirt and clean up. Consider a small rating of the best inexpensive upright vacuum cleaners.

BBK BV2526

This model, endowed with the main top features, starts our ranking of inexpensive upright vacuum cleaners. The cost of the device is about 4.4 thousand rubles. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, which is enough charge for cleaning for 25 minutes. The weight of this vacuum cleaner is 2.8 kg. Dust collector - 0, 75 l. On the handle of the unit is the power adjustment. The main turbo brush has an LED backlight,which can only be found in expensive models. Users note that the handle of this vacuum cleaner is foldable, which allows it to take up very little space in the apartment. The complete set of the model includes nozzles for crevices and upholstered furniture.

Kitfort KT-510

This model costs 8.1 thousand rubles. is in second place in the ranking of inexpensive upright vacuum cleaners. The device is powered only from the mains. Its main difference lies in its weight, which is only 1.5 kg. Despite this, the device has one of the most impressive dust containers with a volume of 1.2 liters. Vacuum cleaner filter cleaning is required after every serious cleaning. Only in this case it will show remarkable suction power, perfectly cleaning even the most fluffy carpets.

vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-510

Rotation of the main brush of the appliance is not provided. There is no switch on it when switching to hard surface. In view of this, users note that the vacuum cleaner works more noisily on a laminate or on a tile.

Construction vacuum cleaners

Any repair work is associated with the formation of a significant amount of debris. To clean it, professionals purchase construction vacuum cleaners. With their help, you can quickly and effortlessly clean up even the largest rooms. Consider a small rating of inexpensive construction vacuum cleaners.

First Austria 5545-3

Judging by the reviews, this construction vacuum cleaner has an excellent value for money. Its cost is 6 thousand rubles. The design of the device hasfine filter, which significantly improves the quality of cleaning. Power - 2, 2 kW, cord length - 5 m. The unit is equipped with a very convenient telescopic tube and has three nozzles in the kit. The 6L Aquafilter can significantly reduce the amount of dust during cleaning.

Bort BSS-1220-Pro

This is a good construction vacuum cleaner with a power of 1250 watts. Its cost is approximately 5 thousand rubles. Dust collector - 20 l.

The vacuum cleaner is designed not only for dry cleaning, but also for wet cleaning. In its kit there are 2 nozzles - for the floor and for cracks. The length of the cord for connecting to the network is 4 m.

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