Rating of inexpensive washing machines: overview, specifications, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

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Rating of inexpensive washing machines: overview, specifications, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers
Rating of inexpensive washing machines: overview, specifications, tips for choosing, reviews of manufacturers

It is not always true that the higher the quality and functionality of a household appliance, the higher its cost. In the following ratings of inexpensive washing machines, you will find a suitable model that does not require significant financial investments. Irreconcilable competition and an ever-growing range of offers are forcing manufacturers to reduce the cost of optional functionality, advertising and design delights. The ultimate goal is to make products as attractive and accessible to the mass consumer as possible. Such changes in the policy of companies allow you to choose a fairly high-quality unit with good characteristics at an affordable price.

Inexpensive washing machine "Electrolux"

What to look for when choosing?

Before purchasing equipment for the home, you must first study its parameters that ensure the efficiency and safety of work. In any rating of good inexpensive washing machines, washing classes are taken into account,spin and energy consumption.

This is not the whole list of parameters that can influence your choice. Initially, you should decide on the optimal dimensions and type of loading. In addition, it is advisable to calculate the required capacity, choose the best control method, and also take into account the available modes and additional features.

In order not to get confused and be able to choose the right appliance, below is a rating of inexpensive washing machines in three categories. When creating the list, the following indicators were taken into account:

  • reliability of materials used;
  • simple maintenance;
  • saving resources used;
  • functional;
  • assessment by professionals;
  • user reviews.

Ranking of the best reliable and affordable front-loading washing machines

The equipment of this segment is the most demanded in the domestic market. For such devices, the hatch for loading things is located on the front door. This configuration makes it possible to use the space of the room as efficiently as possible, and also allows you to build in a modification or use the unit as an additional stand for small utensils.

There are four models in this category:

  1. Hansa AWS.Classic European version, ideal for everyday use. Brand - Germany, production - China, estimated price - from 12.5 thousand rubles.
  2. Beko WKB. The most voluminous among these models, can be built into furniture. Manufacturing– Russia, Turkey. Cost - from 13.7 thousand rubles.
  3. Hotpoint-Ariston VMSL. The reliable unit with an option of self-cleaning, differs in stylish design. The country of origin is the Russian Federation, the price is from 14.0 thousand rubles.
  4. Candy GC4. The most popular model, according to user reviews. Produced in China, India, Russia, cost - from 12.2 thousand rubles.


In the ranking of inexpensive washing machines in terms of reliability, this modification occupies one of the leading positions. The automatic device meets all the standards that apply to modern household appliances for the home. At the same time, the “washer” is not overloaded with complex electronics and “bells and whistles” that people who prefer minimalism in the control unit and design are not used to.

It is not for nothing that this modification belongs to the main line of the Basic Line Hansa brand. In their reviews, consumers indicate that the manufacturer has focused on simplicity and functionality without any frills. In addition, the European approach is visible in the laconic design of the device and increased operational safety.

One of the best inexpensive washing machines Hansa AWS510LH is equipped with:

  • surge regulator;
  • self diagnosing problems;
  • overflow fuse;
  • child proof.

Among the minuses, the owners note a meager choice of built-in working programs (8 modes). At the same time, they note that they are quite enough for washing clothes, underwear and ordinary wardrobe items.


The rating of inexpensive washing machines continues to be modified by Beko. If the number of family members is three or more people, you will need a "washer" with a decent capacity. The unit in question holds six kilograms of dry things. The full-sized modification, in addition to the volumetric drum, pleases the owners with increased washing quality (“A”), low energy consumption and economical fluid consumption (about 45 liters on a full cycle).

The advantages of this brand, which is in the TOP rating of the best inexpensive washing machines, consumers attribute the following:

  • the presence of a removable top cover that allows you to partially integrate the modification into the kitchen set;
  • ease of operation and clear monitor;
  • child lock;
  • low noise (up to 55 dB).

A pleasant bonus from manufacturers, users consider the presence of a mode for removing pet hair from the treated surface, which is rare in units of this category. Minor disappointments include the lack of a half load and easy ironing.

Inexpensive Beco washing machine


In the ranking of inexpensive washing machines 2018 in terms of reliability, the specified unit is among the top ten variations. The stylish device is decorated in a traditional combination of white and black colors, it will optimally suit any interior. Users note simple electronic controls, a decent number of modes, including treatment for allergies and a stain removal option.

To the features of the "washer"refer to:

  • 5.5kg capacity;
  • clear and simple interface;
  • presence of a timer up to 12 hours;
  • tank balance sensor;
  • excellent assembly and reliability of all components.

An additional plus is the self-cleaning function, which greatly simplifies the maintenance and care of the unit. Among the shortcomings are a low spin category (“C”), noticeable noise at high speeds.

CANDY GC4 1051 D

Good value for money Italian-made washing machine with traditional classic design, smart controls and many different functions, from pre-wash to delicates.

The owners note the good quality of the spin, the presence of leakage protection. The budget model has excellent quality parameters, beautiful design and "advanced" stuffing.

Among the benefits:

  • wash/energy consumption - "A"/"A+";
  • number of operating modes - 16;
  • delay start - up to 9 hours;
  • selectable temperature;
  • foam quantity controller;
  • 180 degree opening sunroof.

The most popular, judging by the reviews, the model is almost no complaints.

Inexpensive washing machine Candy

Rating of inexpensive and high-quality washing machines with a narrow body

Narrow washers are in demand among residents of small-sized dwellings, in which saving free space ispressing problem. Such units with a depth of up to 400 mm fit compactly in a small kitchen or bathroom, as well as in a combined bathroom.

Below are the top three in this segment:

  1. Electrolux EWS. Reasonable price, innovative technologies. Country of manufacture - Sweden, estimated price - from 16.8 thousand rubles.
  2. Indesit IWUB. A great purchase for a small room, there is a care program for delicate items. Manufacturer - Italy / Russia, price - from 12.0 thousand rubles
  3. Atlant 40M. Long service life, manufacturer - Belarus, cost - from 13.7 thousand rubles.


In the ranking of inexpensive washing machines in terms of quality, this model is on the leaderboard. The technique optimally combines an affordable price and modern technologies. Users indicate that the unit has all the advantages of premium class household appliances. This includes excellent ergonomics, as well as the implementation of the original manufacturer's designs, ensuring the maximum level of cleanliness of the treated items.

One of the innovative moments is the personal calculation of the time for each download. This innovation makes it possible to avoid setting the required duration of the process. The machine will do this automatically, taking into account the weight of the laundry placed in the drum.

Other benefits:

  • decent volume - up to 5.0 kg;
  • low noise (up to 58 dB);
  • energy efficiency class - "A++".

Narrow model "Electrolux" with careful attitude will saveresources, usable space and family budget.


This modification is rightfully included in the rating of the best reliable and inexpensive washing machines. The technique perfectly copes with any kind of pollution with maximum safety of things. As the owners note, such features are due to the washing category “A”, the balanced speed of rotation of the drum during the spin cycle (up to 800 rpm). In this "washer" you can safely process delicate and soft tissues without worrying about their integrity. In addition, this version is equipped with a Russified control unit, electronics and LED backlight.

Among other features of the automatic washing machine in the ranking of inexpensive variations:

  • small working compartment depth - 323 mm;
  • number of built-in modes - 13;
  • protection of the body from leaks;
  • reinforced plastic drum with a capacity of 4 kg.

The manufacturer did not provide a monitor in the design, which is why all information is given out by sound and optical signals. Thanks to its excellent performance, the modification is considered one of the best in its class.


The equipment of this Belarusian manufacturer can be found not only in the rating of inexpensive washing machines. The widest range of household utensils from this company is presented on the domestic market. The narrow washer 40M102 is ideal for a family of 2-3 people.

Modification parameters:

  • capacity - 4 kg;
  • compact dimensions - 60/33/85 cm;
  • consumptionelectricity - class "A +";
  • number of built-in modes - 15;
  • control type - sensor;
  • display - present;
  • there is a sound sensor for the end of the work cycle.

Among the shortcomings, consumers note the lack of a door lock during operation and leakage protection.

Another reason why this unit was ranked in the rating of inexpensive washing machines in terms of reliability is a three-year factory warranty. This further confirms the quality of the assembly and components. Other manufacturers rarely provide warranties longer than 12 months.

Inexpensive washing machine "Atlant"

Budget top-loading models

If you don’t have the financial means to purchase more expensive models, pay attention to the rating of inexpensive washing machines 2019 with a semi-automatic design and top loading. If you approach the choice with all responsibility, it is quite realistic to buy decent equipment among the versions of Russian or Chinese manufacture. At the same time, the cost of the unit may not exceed 5-7 thousand rubles.

Rating of good inexpensive top-loading washing machines:

  1. Slavda WS. Excellent price / quality ratio, a good option for a summer residence or a hostel. Production - Russia, price - from 2.5 thousand rubles.
  2. Renova WS. Stylish design, good spin, decent performance. Manufacturer - Russian Federation, cost - from 4, 9 thousand rubles;
  3. "Assol HRV". economical,functional and efficient washer. Production - China, price - from 4, 8 thousand rubles.

"Slavda" WS-30ET

In the TOP rating of inexpensive washing machines, this modification is the most budgetary. At the same time, the device has several useful indicators. Compact dimensions and low weight make it possible to mount the unit in the smallest rooms with minimal usable space. The miniature version in question can be easily installed in a small country house or cramped dorm room, without burdening yourself with hand washing while on vacation or while studying.

The owners note in their reviews that Slavda is equipped with a reload option, which is quite practical if you need to add an item during the operation of the unit. "Stiralka" perfectly copes with strong pollution, uses electricity and water as economically as possible.

The features of the modification include the following points:

  • presence of reverse when the drum is running;
  • activator treatment mode;
  • mechanical control type;
  • availability of rinse option.

The disadvantages of this budget model include the low quality of the material for the manufacture of some elements, as well as a poorly thought out design. For example, quite a few complaints are made about poor build quality, poor hose tightness, intermittent water drain system.

Inexpensive washing machine "Slavda"


Inexpensive cargood quality takes pride of place in the ranking of the best modifications. The unit has a small mass, which allows you to easily carry and transport it to any place. A simple and productive device does not require much effort during maintenance and operation. The model has a pleasant exterior, compact dimensions, low cost.

The owners consider the following points to be the advantages of the device:

  • decent snare drum capacity - 5kg;
  • reinforced spin - about 1350 rotations per minute;
  • no plumbing required;
  • a drain pump is included.

The main disadvantages include a high level of noise during operation, as well as the need to fill the tank with water yourself mechanically. This feature is typical for most types of semi-automatic versions. Otherwise, the washer proved to be quite practical and reliable, the laundry remains clean and well wrung out.

Inexpensive semi-automatic washing machine Renova

"ASSOL" XPB35-918S

This model was included in the rating of inexpensive washing machines in terms of quality, because it has decent characteristics and a minimum cost. 3.5 kilograms of things are placed in the drum, the weight is only 14 kg, compact dimensions allow you to mount it anywhere in the room. The machine is equipped with two working modes, which guarantees the processing of delicate fabrics.

Among other technical features:

  • good susceptibility todifferent temperature regimes;
  • energy category - "A";
  • provided with a filter to catch lint and threads;
  • fast duty cycle (15 minutes);
  • low noise level.

Consumers also note the presence of a sound signal at the end of work, which is not typical for modifications of this price segment.

Other popular manufacturers

If you have not yet decided which cheap washing machines to choose, pay attention to the brief characteristics of other models.

Whirlpool TDLR 70220. This machine has 14 built-in programs, including washing office clothes, colored and delicates. Among the additional programs - delayed start, quick wash, intensive rinse. The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm.


  • efficient, quiet, economical inverter type motor;
  • capacity - up to 7 kg;
  • drum equipped with smooth control;
  • noise does not exceed 54 dB;
  • protection against emergency leaks.

Among the shortcomings is that liquid remains in the powder receiver, only two legs are adjusted in height.

Modification Ardo TL 128 LW is equipped with an electronic controller with a rotary program compartment, touch panel and LCD screen. In addition to the current operating modes, there are many additional programs, including easy ironing and antibacterial treatment.


  • energy consumption and washing category - "A" / "A++";
  • drum automatically locks up with hatch;
  • doors open as smoothly as possible;
  • Foam quantity control and imbalance stabilizer provided.

Among the disadvantages of the unit from the Italian manufacturer is the high cost and decent noise (about 59 dB in the wash mode).

The LG F-1096SD version, with its rather compact dimensions, has a decent volume (up to four kilograms), the maximum spin speed is one thousand revolutions with the possibility of lowering or completely deactivating. Built-in programs - 13, among them - "baby clothes", quick wash in half an hour.


  • quiet operation of the inverter "engine";
  • mobile diagnostics;
  • unique "6 ways to care" technology.

The main disadvantage is the loud noise level when filling liquid.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV70

In this machine, the laundry load is about three kilograms, in a certain sense this parameter is universal. The equipment has six effective programs, including washing at 80 degrees. There is an additional rinse, child protection.


  • electronic control coupled with digital monitor;
  • there are original oval compartments for different types of detergents;
  • with foam controller and drum imbalance adjustment;
  • opening hatch varies up to 160 degrees.

The disadvantages of the Korean "washer" include a low category of operation ("B"), low spinning force, notexceeding 700 rpm.

Bosch WLG 20261

Ranked among the TOP of the best inexpensive washing machines, this unit is equipped with several innovative technologies, including Eco Perfect, Water Plus, and a delay start timer. These options make it possible to save the consumption of all basic resources.

The advantages of a washing machine include:

  • child proof;
  • possibility of using reloading laundry;
  • foam and imbalance controller;
  • energy and water consumption - category "A";
  • additional option - multifunction screen.

Among the shortcomings are the noise during spinning, the lack of an automatic stop when overflowing.

Inexpensive washing machine "Indesit"

Siemens WS 10G140

The list of programs of this modification includes the fastest and quietest modes, as well as a program for delicate processing of things. Special options include faster work cycles, extra load and water savings.


  • monitor with information about the progress of programs and a delay timer up to 24 hours;
  • blocker of the working panel of the door from child intervention;
  • self-cleaning option, unbalance leveling system.

The disadvantages include a high level of noise during spinning, the lack of "easy ironing".


Many washing machines have shown themselves on the positive side. Users predominantly prefer manufacturers that have proven theirquality parameters and reliability repeatedly. Nevertheless, among inexpensive washing machines of good quality, you can pick up pretty decent equipment that will not disappoint.

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