Narrow washing machines: overview, features, specifications, types, manufacturers and reviews

Narrow washing machines: overview, features, specifications, types, manufacturers and reviews
Narrow washing machines: overview, features, specifications, types, manufacturers and reviews

Some people's bathrooms are not designed for large washing machines. In this situation, it is more expedient to select a compact narrow model. However, in this case it is easy to get confused, since there are many manufacturers on the market. First of all, it is important to note the difference in the price of the goods.

Narrow cars are sold, most often of low power. In order to decide on the choice of the desired model, it is necessary to consider the main types of devices.

narrow washing machines

Types of devices

Narrow washing machines are made with vertical or horizontal loading of laundry. Also, devices are divided by power. Models have additional features. Many devices are capable of working with delicate fabrics. However, when choosing a model, this information should be clarified. More cars can be produced with and without strainers.

Bosch devices

Produced by this company washing machines (narrow)customer reviews are mostly good. They are produced in various colors. The power of the models is on average 300 watts. Drums are used with a protective layer, so they rarely get dirty. Their capacity is about 4.5 kg of laundry. For cotton, the devices are perfect.

Another distinguishing feature of the machines is called convenient operation. You can choose the temperature if needed. Spinning in the devices does not take much time. There is a good machine in the region of 34 thousand rubles.

narrow top-loading washing machine

Model "Bosch WLK20461"

This narrow washer-dryer is appreciated by many customers for its ease of operation. The door opens wide, the handle is of high quality. It is also important to note that the model uses a powerful engine. The disadvantages of the device can be attributed only to a large vibration. Especially strongly it is felt during the spin cycle. The temperature controller in the device is of high quality. The spin speed cannot be adjusted in this case. According to the buyers, the outlet pipe is rarely contaminated. The filter of the model is durable and effective. It is offered to buy a machine at a price of 37,500 rubles.

Parameters "Bosch WLK20455"

These narrow washing machines (33 cm wide) receive positive feedback from the owners. First of all, buyers note an interesting design. The noise level during operation is 55 dB. For a machine with a power of 230 W, this is considered normal. In total, the device has six washing modes. With bed linenthe model copes very quickly.

Also, the manufacturer has provided modes for jeans and synthetics. Things are rarely stretched. The weaknesses include a long spin time. Sometimes the legs of the model are knocked down in height, they have to be set again. It is also important to note that sometimes the door after washing is problematic to open. This machine is sold in stores for 32 thousand rubles.

Reviews about "Bosch WLK20470"

This washing machine is narrow. 33 cm wide allows you to install it even in a small bathroom. The model copes well with synthetics and delicate things. However, the wool is not cleaned well. In some cases, the nozzle quickly becomes dirty. The model has a filter.

As buyers note, the tray for washing powder is provided with a volume. Direct rinsing is carried out quietly. The noise level of the model is no more than 56 dB. Also, many housewives are pleased with the child lock. The timer, if necessary, will help to postpone the wash. The machine costs in our time about 41 thousand rubles.

narrow automatic washing machine

Indesit devices

This company makes many compact models. They contain a large number of programs that allow you to more efficiently remove stains from various types of things. In particular, there are modes for synthetics, jeans, and cotton. To reduce vibration during rinsing, counterweights are installed. The legs of the machines are adjusted without problems. On average, the width of the model does not exceed 55 cm. Thus, questions with herinstallation should not occur. The downside is the high prices. Some cars are sold for 52 thousand rubles.

washing machines narrow reviews

Model "Indesit F80C3"

This is Indesit's best narrow washing machine according to customers. The model differs in the increased productivity. In total, she has five programs to choose from. The drum is used with a special protective coating, dirt does not collect on it. Branch pipes are installed with filters. If dirty water flows in the house, then this is not a problem for the specified machine. However, it is important to note that the model can make a lot of noise when spinning.

Most often this happens when the device is installed incorrectly. In this case, the legs must be twisted to the end. The counterweight of the model is installed. It is also important to note that the device uses a high-quality belt drive. There is also a system that saves water consumption. However, the machine uses a lot of electricity. The drain hose is provided with a large diameter. Spinning does not take long, and the noise level, as a rule, does not exceed 55 dB. The specified model is on sale at a price of 33 thousand rubles.

Parameters "Indesit F80C5"

This top-loading (narrow) washing machine comes with a reliable filtration system. In this case, a special protection against leaks is installed. It is also important to note that the model uses a belt drive. The electric motor is of low power. There is a protective harness on the drum.

If customers are to be believed, thenThe specified model erases jeans well. However, there are problems with cotton. First of all, the owners note that things are sometimes stretched. During rinsing, the machine may vibrate, and the noise level reaches 58 dB. The door opens without problems. The machine costs about 38 thousand rubles.

Reviews about the model "Indesit F40C9"

These narrow washing machines have good reviews from buyers. For silk or cotton, this model is ideal. You can trust her with delicate things. However, the device still has disadvantages. First of all, the owners complain about bad pipes. The control module sometimes fails. It is also important to note that car repairs are quite expensive.

The door closes very tightly, but it takes a lot of effort to open it. Rinsing may be interrupted in some cases. The noise level is within the normal range. In total, the machine has seven programmes. In particular, there are modes for sportswear and children's clothing. The model costs about 41 thousand rubles on the market.

Gorenie devices

This company produces high quality narrow washing machines. Their price is quite high, but the guarantee is good. Suitable for delicate items. Despite the compact dimensions of the devices, the drums are used for an average of 5 kg of laundry. Rubberized feet are provided for machine installation.

Also, the devices are distinguished by the "Perfect" technology, which allows you to rinse even wool. The powder compartments are verycomfortable. You can stop washing at any time. There is also a delay start system. The timer in this case is not difficult to set. Models on the market cost about 40 thousand rubles.

best narrow washing machine

Model "Gorenie W7202"

These narrow washing machines are sold with the "Speed" function. In this case, rinsing does not take much time. The anti-vibration system works well. The legs almost never go astray, the machine stands still. With a long wash, an energy saving system operates. Also, the device provides filters that help to cope with dirty water.

The drain pipe is long, and problems rarely arise with the installation of the machine. Also of the features it is important to mention good design. In the bathroom or in the kitchen, this model will look great. However, it is quite expensive by today's standards. In stores, on average, they ask for about 53 thousand rubles for it.

Parameters "Combustion W7266"

These narrow design washing machines are great even for the kitchen. The lid opens with no problem. The leakage protection system is provided for the "IP21" series. Temperature sensors are designed for high pressure, so they rarely break. There are seven washing programs in total. In particular, the manufacturer provides modes for cotton and wool. It is also important to note that the model does a great job with jeans.

Things are very rarely stretched. This is largely due to the quality of the drum.The temperature is always controlled automatically by the system. If necessary, the user can cancel the rinse. The drain hose does not take up much space. A protective harness is installed near the door. Thus, the machine closes very well. You can buy it at a price of 33,500 rubles.

narrow washing machines 33 cm

Reviews about "Gorenie W7290"

This washing machine (automatic, narrow) is suitable for almost any room. First of all, it is praised for its convenient control. A standard child lock is provided by the manufacturer. There is also a timer function. You can delay the wash time. Temperature sensors pressure can withstand up to 3 Pa.

The rinsing speed of the machine is quite high. Given this, the model may periodically vibrate strongly. Considering the disadvantages, it is also important to mention the engine. Its working power is as much as 340 W, and it consumes a lot of energy from the network. The machine works well with cotton. You can buy the model for 34500 rubles.

washing machine narrow 33

Samsung devices

This company provides many compact washing machines on the market. The range includes models with vertical loading of linen. On average, their capacity does not exceed 6.5 kg. Models vary in noise level.

It is also important to note that this company produces multifunctional devices that can remove stains from various types of fabrics. Buy a good machinenowadays it is possible at a price of 35 thousand rubles.

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