DIY living room wall: materials, tools, shapes and photos

DIY living room wall: materials, tools, shapes and photos
DIY living room wall: materials, tools, shapes and photos

Designing a living room is an important step in decorating a home. The classic piece of furniture in this room is the wall. Thanks to modern design solutions and building materials, you can make this furniture yourself. In addition, the result will be an exquisite and unique design that will not only decorate the living room, but will also perform more useful functions. Further in the article, the reader will be told how to make a wall in the living room with your own hands.

Furniture Features

The wall will harmoniously fit into the overall design of the living room. It is not necessary to buy a ready-made furniture set, since you can make it yourself. However, making a wall with your own hands is a difficult task, as a result of which it will turn out to streamline the space of the room. As a rule, this is a modular design, so if necessary it will be possible to quickly disassemble it. To do this, you need to change the structural elements of the furniture set in places.

The main components of the wall include:

  • closet for storing clothes or bed linen;
  • TV stand or music center;
  • sideboard for dishes;
  • rack with glass;
  • book shelf;
  • a special place designed to install a home theater or computer.

However, it is better to install such furniture in a spacious room. The main thing is to decorate the interior of the room in a suitable style, therefore, before making a wall in the living room with your own hands, you need to develop its detailed drawing.

homemade wall


There are many wall options for the living room. You can make the following models with your own hands:

  • classic (straight);
  • modular;
  • corner;
  • miniature;
  • mounted;
  • U-shaped.

In addition, craftsmen can make walls of mixed construction. However, there are other less popular types of walls: a model with a bar or sideboard, a radius version and designer furniture with a built-in fireplace. Before you choose your favorite variety and make a wall in the living room with your own hands, you should pay attention to such important points:

  1. The size and shape of the design.
  2. Furniture set design.
  3. Material from which the wall will be made.
  4. Installation location and parameters of individual structural elements.
  5. Feature of wiring for connecting fixtures.
do-it-yourself wall in the living room


To make a wall, you will need building materials that include wood. They are divided into two groups:

  • massive boards;
  • wood-based panels.

When using the first option, natural wood is used: bog oak, wenge, ash, beech, pine, larch and other species. But in this case, you will have to pay a large amount, since the solid wood has a high price on the construction market. But the result is a beautiful furniture set that will last for decades.

Wood-based panels include chipboard, fiberboard, OSB, plywood and MDF. They are cheaper and easier to process than natural wood. But before you make a wall into the living room from these materials with your own hands, you need to make sure that the manufacturer has quality certificates for them. Masters recommend creating such furniture from veneered MDF - an environmentally friendly material with high technical qualities.

In addition, drywall can be used for these purposes. The result is a thin and light headset. To make a wall in the living room from drywall with your own hands, you need to prepare the following additional materials:

  • metal profiles;
  • fasteners - dowels and self-tapping screws;
  • connecting parts - extensions, angles, etc.;
  • primer and putty;
  • paint, wallpaper or plastic panels.

Combined models are also a good option. In this case, the frame and drawers are made of fiberboard or chipboard, and the shelves and facades are made ofnatural wood. Plastic, wood or aluminum are used to create fittings and legs, but it is better to buy these parts ready-made.

Required tools

The list of construction equipment that will be needed during the work is as follows:

  • tape measure, level, square and laser level;
  • screwdriver or drill;
  • Punch with drills;
  • grinder;
  • mallet;
  • chisel;
  • mounting foam;
  • cutter;
  • scissors;
  • sandpaper;
  • epoxy glue.

To make a wall in the living room with your own hands, you need to buy eurobolts (confirmates), dowels, mounting angles, minifixes, overhead hinges, awnings, decorative caps, ties, guides and metal holders for shelves.

Work plan

Before you start making a wall in the living room with your own hands, it is recommended to think over a detailed work plan. It will consist of the following time-consuming operations:

  1. Development of a project for a future structure.
  2. Purchasing the necessary building materials, fittings and tools.
  3. Assembly of the wall frame.
  4. Hull skin.
  5. Finishing.

Each of the steps should be considered in detail.

The initial step is the development of a drawing

Wall drawing

This stage is a prerequisite for the correct manufacture of the wall. On the diagram of the future design, it is necessary to indicate its general dimensions and the dimensions of each individualelement. If you ignore this preparatory stage, the risk of making annoying mistakes during installation work will be extremely high, and the strength characteristics of the furniture will suffer due to any oversight.

The development of a preliminary sketch should begin with taking measurements, taking into account the size of the room itself, in which the headset will be subsequently installed. When drawing up a drawing, the following parameters must be taken into account:

  • model height and dimensions of the largest element (for example, cabinet);
  • drawer depth;
  • the length of the headset, which should correspond to the size of the wall.

Dimensions of additional parts depend on the dimensions of the boxes. It is recommended to create a drawing based on standard shapes. It is advisable to make a wall in the living room with your own hands in one of the following standard sizes:

  • 2700х520х2120 mm;
  • 3000х450х2200 mm;
  • 3600х250х2100 mm;
  • 2800х480х1940 mm.

The first number is the total length of the structure, the second is its width, and the third is the allowable height. However, these are average indicators, so their value is also affected by the number of blocks, the design and shape of the wall. For example, classic models are more massive than modern types. Nevertheless, for each individual case, an individual wall project will have to be drawn up, since the sketch must be developed taking into account the dimensions of the room.

Assembly of the drywall frame

The specified work is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. With a laser level and a tape measure, mark the mounting lines of the supporting parts of the futurewalls and draw them with a pencil.
  2. Indicate places for additional parts.
  3. Arrange installation of concealed electrical wiring.
  4. Using scissors, taking into account the data specified in the project, prepare guides and rack profiles of the desired dimensions.
  5. Fix metal profiles to the wall using a puncher and fasteners (dowels or anchor bolts). Need to know: the distance between each part must be at least 40 cm.
  6. Build a metal frame using a cutter and self-tapping screws.
  7. Additionally fix the resulting structure to the wall, floor and ceiling.
  8. Check the quality of the frame horizontally and vertically.

The result is a strong body that can withstand heavy loads. But such a simple design is better to use for installing a TV, a niche for which should be made 10 cm larger than the frame itself: this creates additional space for wiring.

Built-in plasterboard wall

Hull skin

When the strong metal body is ready, you can proceed to this step. In order to qualitatively make a wall in the living room from drywall with your own hands, it must be sheathed and finished. To do this, cut the facing material, taking into account the dimensions specified in the project documentation. In this case, plasterboard sheets (GKL) are used for sheathing the frame.

Prepared elements must be mounted on self-tapping screws with a press washer to the metal case of the future design,driving products flush into cardboard. The distance between the screws should be approximately 20-25 cm.

do-it-yourself plasterboard wall in the living room


To strengthen the joints of the sheets, you need to glue a reinforced tape on them. You can reinforce corner surfaces with perforated corners. The sheathed frame must be primed and treated with putty. Irregularities and mechanical damage, if any, must be removed with a spatula. Having completed the described finishing work, they begin the decorative processing of the structure.

Before you decorate the wall in the living room with your own hands, you need to determine what the main color of the furniture cover will be. Designers advise choosing a shade that is not very saturated, as it will perfectly fit into the interior of the room. For decorating a furniture set, wallpaper, water-based paint, fabrics, stucco and tiles are used. The main condition is that the wall must be designed taking into account the main style of the room. If the room is dominated by dark colors, then the furniture is recommended to be done in the same palette.

Everyone can create an original wall in the living room with their own hands. In the photo, such furniture in a classic style with a TV niche looks quite presentable (the picture is shown below).

classic wall


The wall should be combined with the interior of the room, so you need to choose the right shade for it. In this case, you will have to take into account not only the design of the room, but also the color of the flooring and walls. Designers advisemake light furniture if the room already has objects of this shade. A popular option is a classic black or brown wall, which will look strict and elegant.

Thanks to modern building materials, construction of any color is possible. Moreover, a wall of bright color (for example, a red tint) goes well with a modern interior. If you plan to make a small structure with your own hands, it is better to make the wall in the living room in bright colors. In turn, designers recommend choosing a darker and more saturated color for a spacious room.

original wall

Decorative elements

A wall is not only a functional and useful piece of furniture, but also a good decorative element. The design and decoration of this design must be approached creatively. For example, cabinets and cabinets are best decorated with photo printing or a mirror, and sideboards with colored glass. Do not forget about fittings, because with its help you can give some solidity to a furniture set made in a classic style. Carved or forged handles are items that will be needed to decorate the structure.

The mini-bar built into the wall will look original. It is usually installed in one of the modules. For small rooms, options with retractable chairs are possible. In addition, sometimes craftsmen create designs with a mirror without handles. Such furniture will give the room an elegant and unique look.

Another interesting solution is the use of backlighting. To make a wall in the living roomdo it yourself with such an original decor, for this you need to use a colored LED strip.


Summing up, we can say: making a wall in the living room with your own hands is not an easy task, for which you first need to buy all the necessary materials and tools. In this case, no special carpentry equipment is required. If you carefully study the instructions given in this article, you will be able to independently make a simple drywall wall. The main thing is to pre-develop a detailed drawing, on which all the necessary data will be marked.

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