Artificial trees in the interior: from simplicity to extravagance

Artificial trees in the interior: from simplicity to extravagance
Artificial trees in the interior: from simplicity to extravagance

Artificial trees are a rational and practical alternative to living plants. For this purpose, tree models in containers are traditionally used. They are easy to move from place to place. They are able to enliven the interior of any room, but are most suitable for offices and institutions. However, standard tree models will not be able to make the interior exclusive. Therefore, modern designers offer original ways to decorate rooms with the help of artificial trees.

artificial trees

Decorate pipes and other communications

If there are uncovered pipes, ventilation ducts, beams or columns in the room that disturb the harmony of the interior, they can be hidden in a quite affordable way. Artificial trees, produced specifically for a specific project, will become a unique accent in the room. For their manufacture, fiberglass, sculptural concrete and rigid polyurethane foam are used. These materials allow you to create a realistic copy of any tree with an imitation of the texture and texture of bark, foliage and flowers. Natural components (vine, branches, moss, sisal) will give ornamental plants a natural look. Moderntechnologies make it possible to produce trees that grow in different climatic zones: from the usual oak, birch, maple to exotic cacti, palm trees, lianas. Of course, this method of decoration is not easy and expensive, but the result is worth it.

DIY artificial trees

Miniature paper installations

It is not necessary to use expensive accessories in decorating the room, you can make artificial trees with your own hands from paper. Making these decorations is a great way to co-create with children. To create an original composition that imitates a real tree, you will need already unnecessary stocks of paper, various elements for decoration, glue and a cylindrical mold for the trunk (any jar will do). There are a lot of techniques for making such crafts: papier-mâché, appliqué, paper twisting method. For the finished tree, you can make a stand or sculpt a plant right on the wall. You will get an extraordinary volumetric fresco. If desired, the finished tree can be decorated with flowers from napkins or corrugated paper, beads or buttons.

Flowering artificial trees

If you have chosen decorative trees for the festive interior of your home, you should consider their design. It can be evergreen, exotic, fruit or flowering plants of various shapes and color shades. Ornamental shrubs, artificial trees and flowers will decorate the house for any celebration. It is best to decorate the room with flowering trees for a wedding, Valentine's Day,christening. The plant you already have can be originally decorated with individual flowers and buds. They are easy to buy or make yourself from paper, fabric, wire, knit from yarn, sculpt from polymer clay. This option of removable decorative elements is very rational: you need a formal setting - they decorated the tree with flowers, after the end of the festive events - they removed it and put it off until the next celebrations.

Artificial trees and flowers

Christmas trees made of fabric and felt

Christmas miniature trees have become an essential holiday accessory and souvenir in almost every home or office. You won’t surprise anyone with traditional synthetic Christmas trees, exactly copying the real ones. But artificial trees sewn from fabric or felt in the Tilda style look very unusual. Making them is quite easy. It is enough to choose the necessary materials and patterns (you can use ready-made ones or build them yourself). You can create a whole ensemble of such Christmas trees, make them different in size or color. Such compositions will decorate the house, bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to the interior and become a kind of holiday gift for people who appreciate hand-made products.

Sakura in the interior

artificial sakura trees

The Japanese attach special importance to cherry blossoms (Japanese cherry blossoms). This tree represents beauty, youth, femininity, longevity. The room, which is decorated with unusual artificial trees, sakura will give a special splendor and charm. small japanese cherry treeyou can make it yourself from any materials at hand: wire and beads, fabric, paper and even nail polish. Images of sakura will decorate any decor items: panels, lamps, vases, mirrors and many others. A wall decorated with Japanese cherry wood will become a peculiar decoration of the room. The drawing of the sakura trunk is easy to apply to the wall using stickers, stencils or decorative plaster, and the flowers can be made separately and glued to the branches. Such an installation from an ordinary and unremarkable wall will make an accent detail of the interior. Artificial trees, handmade, are able to bring unrivaled charm to your home.

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