How to make a gazebo from logs

How to make a gazebo from logs
How to make a gazebo from logs

Most people today are trying to get away from noisy and dusty cities in order to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air. That is why the idea to build a gazebo from rounded logs comes to the minds of cottage owners more and more often. It is a truly unique element of the landscape. Today you can easily find a wide variety of projects of gazebos made of logs, so choosing the one that best fits into the design of your suburban area will not be difficult. In it you can spend a pleasant evening with your family or sit on a day off with a book. For people who built wooden houses, arbors made of logs are just perfect. It is they who allow you to complete the overall ensemble.

pergola made of logs

Why are round log wooden gazebos better than others?

Of course, you can build from any suitable material, but best of allchoose durable, environmentally friendly and practical. That is why it is better to build a gazebo from rounded logs, because this is a unique material that does not require additional finishing or processing. Another advantage of such a log is the fact that such a design can be placed almost anywhere. It does not require pouring the foundation.

projects of arbors from the rounded log

Wooden buildings fit into any style. They will perfectly complement the suburban area and create an additional place to relax. As a rule, projects of arbors made of logs imply various shapes: round, square, hexagonal or octagonal. And you can arrange it at your own discretion, here fantasy will come to your aid.

How are gazebo logs made?

Building material is made from pine or spruce. It is processed on the machine in such a way as to give the desired shape. During processing, grooves or bowls (there may be any other holes) are cut out in the logs, which help to easily connect them together in the future. It is very simple to build an arbor from rounded logs, it will take little time, since the size and shape of all of them are the same. It is the cylindering that makes such structures sufficiently strong and durable. Their walls have good insulating features, and the appearance is always neat and unusual.

closed gazebos made of logs

The process of creating such logs for gazebos is quite simple. Before wood processingsorted carefully. Spruce wood is considered the most expensive, because it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. First, a rough blank is created, removing everything superfluous layer by layer from the log. This process continues until the workpiece is in the correct cylindrical shape with the desired diameter. Having created grooves or bowls for connecting logs to each other, they begin the process of processing with special paints, which allow increasing the performance of the material. In addition, it helps to permanently get rid of mold, insects, rotting. To improve the fire retardant properties, the wood is treated with a special compound.

How to build gazebos from logs?

Structures from logs can be created even without the help of professionals. The fact is that all kits for a particular project are necessarily marked, so the gazebo can be assembled as quickly as a children's designer.

To build a gazebo from rounded logs on your own, you must first of all either buy a ready-made project or create a building drawing. It is on the basis of the drawings that materials will be ordered from manufacturers. In addition, it must be understood that the construction of such a structure depends on its type. Arbors are closed, semi-open and open.

Open and semi-open gazebos

Open gazebos are usually made from two materials. It can be a combination of wood and stone, wood and brick, or wood and metal. The foundation can be either concrete slabs or rammed earth. outdoorthe coating is made of wood, but in this case it is better to treat it with antiseptics and protect it from moisture. Only after that you can build walls and lay a roof. It is very important to put an open building in the shade so that in the summer you can hide from the heat.

wooden gazebos made of logs

Semi-open gazebos are created on the same principle as open ones. The main difference is the fact that in such a structure it will be possible to sit quietly even during rain. It consists of foundation, walls and roof.

Closed gazebos

Closed pavilions made of logs outwardly have the shape of a small house. Thanks to the concrete foundation and insulation, you can spend time in such buildings not only in summer, but also in winter.

gazebo houses made of logs

Stages of building a gazebo

  1. Development of the project of the future gazebo, creation of detailed drawings, according to which the construction will be carried out.
  2. Creating the foundation for the gazebo. As a rule, the so-called tape is poured, which completely freezes for about four weeks.
  3. Only after the foundation has been poured, all parts of the structure are created. Based on previously developed drawings, logs are prepared, which will then be used in construction.
  4. Assembling the gazebo. Depending on the type of gazebo (open, semi-open or closed), this process can take from several weeks to 1 month. Since all logs are marked during manufacture, such an arbor is going to be veryjust like a normal children's construction set.
  5. After the walls of the gazebo have already been erected, the installation of the roof begins.
  6. The last stage of construction involves the final sanding of wood, coating it with special antiseptic impregnation, paint and varnish to improve the performance of the gazebo and for purely decorative purposes. A finish coat is applied on top of the structure. All this work can take about two weeks, because the varnish and paint must dry well so that the gazebo can be used for its intended purpose.

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