Beautiful living rooms in different design styles

Beautiful living rooms in different design styles
Beautiful living rooms in different design styles

The living room is the "face" of the living space. Here, all the details and elements should be in harmony with each other as much as possible. Why is it so important? And just imagine, guests come, and which room will you take them to? Well, of course, in the living room.

Thinking through the interior, you need to pay attention to the lighting and size of the room. These two nuances play an important role. In small rooms, beautiful living rooms will turn out only in a minimalist style. But in large ones, you can roam your fantasies, choosing, for example, a classic design. As for lighting, the choice of colors directly depends on it. If the room has windows to the north, then it is recommended to prefer light warm colors, and if located on the south side, it is advisable to choose a colder palette.

Currently there are no restrictions on the selection of certain styles. In this matter, you need to be guided by personal preferences. So let's take a look at the most popular living room design styles.

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Beautiful classic living rooms are ideal for spacious rooms. Here you can use the extensivecolors, but it is better to give preference to rich majestic shades. These are brown, golden, emerald, silver, etc. The decoration must contain stucco elements, ceiling cornices, arches, niches and columns. The windows are decorated with draperies made of heavy material. A fringed lambrequin would look ideal in such a room, and gilded tassels on the curtains. The interior of the living room is complemented by large, even bulky wooden furniture with carved elements. For its upholstery, it is better to choose natural fabrics. To decorate the space, you can use various figurines, candelabra, massive candlesticks and other accessories.

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Hi-tech style is ideal for young energetic people. Its distinguishing feature is the maximum free space. A modern living room, made in this style, must be filled with appliances, since it is she who occupies the main place here. From the furniture, only the most necessary is selected: a sofa, a coffee table, a rack for equipment. The main attention should be paid to the fact that all objects should have clear and straight lines. High-tech smoothness is not inherent. Wall decoration is usually monophonic. Neutral tones, such as gray, will be the optimal color scheme. You can use black as a contrast. Metal elements must be present in the interior. However, we must remember the main rule of hi-tech - a minimum of things, accessories and colors.

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Minimalist style is a salvation for small rooms. Strange as it may sound, beautiful living rooms can be decorated even in very cramped spaces. What do you need to know to create the perfect space? The first is to completely abandon accessories. Why? And everything is extremely simple: the more small objects are in the room, the more cramped it will seem. The color scheme is only light. Wall decoration should be completely devoid of ornaments. An exception can be only one wall, thanks to which attention will be focused on a certain subject. Light tulle harmoniously looks on the windows in such interiors. It is better to refuse thick curtains altogether.

Remember that beautiful living rooms are, first of all, the harmony and compatibility of all interior components.

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